Winter Internships 2023

Winter Internships 2023 – A GIFT scholarship will allow you to live and work in another country while receiving guidance from its team of professionals.

Are you looking for a challenging and rewarding internship in an exciting new location? South Korea-based GIFT offers fully funded scholarships to qualified candidates.

Winter Internships 2023

Winter Internships 2023

If you are an international student and you are interested in cultural communication, but you still have some doubts about studying abroad, then this is your chance.

P&g Internship 2022

The deadline for the summer application is May 15, 2022. Also, the training will start from July to August 2022. The results will be announced in June 2022.

Winter Internships 2023

The deadline for winter applications is the end of November 2022. The training will start from January to February 2023. The results will be announced in December 2022.

Students can work online. Visit the GIFT training website for more details. To apply, visit the GIFT training website. Click here to access their website.

Winter Internships 2023

Internships Abroad 2022 / 2023 Full Guide To Find & Apply

GIFT organizers have been arranging full training support in South Korea. Interns live in college dormitories on campus and receive food and textbooks. All expenses related to travel, visa assistance, insurance, and accommodation will be covered by the GIFT program. GIFT, an international non-profit organization headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, is seeking to hire an enthusiastic professional to work with research and communication to help advance the organization’s mission to share al Korea’s industrial and technological culture. Interns are responsible for writing emails, sending letters to GIFT members, helping volunteers and interns with various tasks, and working on other projects from time to time. It means living in a host country where your teachers come from a culture with different views on many things such as social values, cultures, and languages. Submit your application through the SMU OnTRAC Portal (Year 2 – Year 4) or this Google Form (Year 1) now!

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Social entrepreneurs are changing the business environment by creating viable, self-sustaining businesses with social and environmental services. The Entrepreneurship Program will challenge you to do different businesses: use marketing, business and management principles to solve social and environmental problems such as food waste, access to water in the area, care for the elderly and others. You will work as an intern with innovative local social enterprises at the forefront of solving these problems.

Winter Internships 2023

The internship is held under the DBS Entrepreneurship Program for Internship Impact, and is a joint program between the SMU Institute for Social Innovation and the DBS Foundation. Students selected for this program will receive competitive benefits of up to SGD$1,250 during the 4-5 week winter training period. The internship will be for 5 weeks between December 5, 2022 and January 6, 2023.

Stripe: Jobs University

How is it different from working in a corporate office, or is there even a difference? Here are some testimonials from our previous team.

Winter Internships 2023

Students should also consider the following before applying for the program. Make sure you follow these steps:

We continue to send requests to participating social businesses. Positions may be filled before the closing date of November 12, 2022.

Winter Internships 2023

Fully Funded Gift Internship Program In Korea 2022

Winter 2022 Applications Now Open! Apply through the SMU OnTRAC portal (for years 2-4) or this Google form (for years 1)!

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Isa52 is growing fast as a startup and will enter new markets in 2020, namely India and Myanmar. In addition, isa52 will be looking to raise funds in June/July 2020.

Winter Internships 2023

Summer Partner Program The new principle of creating impact in society is going global. The new generation of social innovators are gifted with many skills such as technology adoption, great communication, and business thinking. These skills give them…

World Health Organization (who) Internship Program 2022 2023

Diana Koh Social Change Program The Diana Koh Social Change Program for NPO Internships supports Singapore Management University (SMU) graduates who have successfully accepted an internship offer from a non-profit organization (NPO).

Winter Internships 2023

Tote Board Social Capital Internship 2022 SMU Tote Board Social Capital Initiative Internship Program 2022 The Tote Board Social Capital Initiative (TBSC) Initiative at SMU was established with the support of the Tote Board to promote social capital through a number of activities, one of …

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