Uvu Fall 2023 Timetable

Uvu Fall 2023 Timetable – People on the autism spectrum are sexual, but they generally haven’t learned the skills needed to be successful in romantic and romantic relationships. Featuring a woman on the autism spectrum sharing a first-hand perspective, this session will shake up some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding autism and the concept, discussing the potential of using ABA to teach skills and the challenges that come with teaching and the concept. offering these skills. strategies and resources to help parents and clinicians initiate conversations about relationships and sexuality with their families and clients.

Join us for a panel discussion featuring personal and professional experiences and perspectives on Utah’s sex education laws and how autism has affected our state. Learn ways to advocate and raise awareness about this important health issue.

Uvu Fall 2023 Timetable

Uvu Fall 2023 Timetable

The sexual landscape can be difficult for many autistic youth to navigate on the precipice of adulthood, yet vital skills for navigating sexuality are rarely included in students’ Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). In fact, it is not unusual for parents to be told that these sensitive topics are not the responsibility of the IEP team. This presentation will review how sexuality falls into the three broad adaptive domains (conceptual, social, and practical) and provide participants with steps on how to incorporate sexuality skills into the IEP with supporting legal arguments.

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Unpublished data from the US Department of Justice indicates that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are up to seven times more likely to be sexually assaulted than their neurotypical counterparts. In 86% of cases, the attacks are committed by a stranger. Therefore, it is important to teach this population the skills of consent and honoring consent, which are critical not only in preventing and dealing with sexual coercion, but also in facilitating safe non-sexual interventions. This proposal combines practical considerations for teaching consent as well as practical strategies for facilitating interactive interactions of consenting students with emerging art.

Uvu Fall 2023 Timetable

In this session we will discuss why it is important to teach awareness and skills around puberty and sexuality to each age group on the autism spectrum. In this section, we’ll explore resources for parents and professionals entering the field, including careers, information resources, professional communities, and standards of practice. At the end of the presentation, attendees will be able to articulate why puberty and sexuality education is vital to the healthy development and community participation of people with autism and identify appropriate resources for their specific situation based on the guidelines and considerations outlined in the presentation . . Questions and discussions are welcome and encouraged.

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People with disabilities experience abuse at a much higher rate than people without disabilities. This presentation will explore practical strategies to promote abuse prevention and foster healthy relationships for all, especially those with disabilities. Why should abuse be so big and what should someone do if they discover a bad relationship?

Uvu Fall 2023 Timetable

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Join us in celebrating and elevating the voices of queer and neurodiverse students. This board will highlight students’ lived experiences at the intersection of LGBTQ+ identity and disability. Discussion topics will include ways to find community, the coexistence of pain and joy in queerness, and protective factors supporters can support.

This presentation will highlight the importance of teaching sexuality-related skills to students with autism spectrum disorders early in life. It will assess how to break down complex skills into manageable pieces, which will facilitate the proper targeting of complex skills. We will specifically discuss skills related to independence, autonomy and survival.

Uvu Fall 2023 Timetable

Please note: This is a 2 hour session. People with disabilities experience abuse at a much higher rate than people without disabilities. This presentation will explore practical strategies to promote abuse prevention and foster healthy relationships for all, especially those with disabilities. Why should abuse be so big and what should someone do if they discover a bad relationship?

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Neurodiverse people, especially autistic people, are more likely to identify as LGBTQ+. Having an adult host is also known to be a protective factor for LGBTQ+ youth. This acceptance is especially important for people who exist at the intersection of multiple marginalized identities. This forum will address your questions about LGBTQ+ identity and neurodiversity and provide ways to create a supportive and affirming environment.

Uvu Fall 2023 Timetable

Sex education helps autistic people develop healthy relationships, meeting their personal needs and recognizing them in safe situations. However, we often find ourselves unprepared to discuss the issues of sexuality education. Join us in conversation with leaders in the field to have an open and meaningful dialogue about autism, sexuality, and self-advocacy.

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People with disabilities are often left out of conversations and teachings about sex education. This is difficult because people with disabilities experience higher rates of victimization and exploitation. Dr. Join Peter Gerhardt as he shares a life perspective on approaching sexuality and autism.

Uvu Fall 2023 Timetable

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Autistic adults present unique barriers when seeking employment. They combine to navigate people with autism in finding support for employment, their potential and continued employment, and parents and professionals who support their studies and career achievements. Join the panel discussion to hear from autistic people and practitioner experts about the current state of autism work, learn about what is currently working and discuss ways to improve outcomes in the future.

Students with disabilities, including autism, face many challenges in the transition to adulthood after they leave the school system. Much research has been conducted to identify services and experiences that support a successful postsecondary transition for students with disabilities. In this session, we will discuss key predictors of post-secondary success and post-secondary transition resources available in Utah. This session will provide relevant information and knowledge for professionals and families.

Uvu Fall 2023 Timetable

People on the autism spectrum are more likely to experience destructive thoughts and have a higher risk of death by suicide. In this memorable session by Charlie Garlick, Dr. Kirby will provide an overview of current research evidence on suicide risk in the autistic community and information from autistic people and mental health providers who have been interviewed as part of ongoing research studies. His research is done in collaboration with members of the autistic community, working together on suicide prevention for the autistic community.

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The covid-19 pandemic has limited face-to-face instruction for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and increased the use of telehealth by clinicians and researchers. Since children with ASD have different levels of ability to attend to instruction delivered through telehealth, it is important to research, develop, and use effective teaching strategies that lead to generative learning in this new educational format. This presentation will discuss current research on telehealth instruction, including reviews of the two most effective instructional methods: the instructional matrix and didactic feedback.

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Uvu Fall 2023 Timetable

Marette draws from personal experiences caring for multiple family members who are on the spectrum and combines it with the clinical science of compassion fatigue to present some real tips for recharging when you’re experiencing caregiver burnout and fatigue.

Autistic youth attend college and receive postsecondary degrees at much lower rates than their neurotypical peers. However, students are looking at local universities with ongoing graduation goals and plans. Come hear from autistic students who have found ways to overcome the many obstacles they face in college and find out what helped them succeed.

Uvu Fall 2023 Timetable

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Promoting freedom is very important. As individuals have more freedom, they can generally access things in their environment that are more desirable. This session will discuss various strategies to promote independence in people with ASD, including creating activity schedules to promote self-care and independent play skills and using scripts and icons to encourage communication in play and other activities.

The number and variety of ABA providers in our state is growing. It can be difficult to identify a provider who is a good match for a specific patient. In this session, I will review the key indicators of quality services and how to identify the behavior analyst that fits your needs. Topics will include program strategies, management structures, scope vs. scope of competition vs. scope of practice, social validity and ethical norms.

Uvu Fall 2023 Timetable

An autism diagnosis is a family affair and affects each family dynamic in different ways over time. Due to the nature and complexity of the diagnosis, parents may experience high levels of stress associated with expenses, marital complications, mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, and other aspects of life. While this may seem overwhelming, connecting with other parents who share similar experiences can reduce stress. Hear parents share stories of their family’s experiences and the ways in which adapting and coping can bring joy and understanding to autism in family life.

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We will discuss the importance of relationships, how relationships are formed and maintained, and specific recommendations on how to help people with autism identify and make connections. This session will highlight the vital role of individual preferences, comfort and consent when working in this area

Uvu Fall 2023 Timetable

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