Uh Manoa Summer 2023

Uh Manoa Summer 2023 – High school juniors are preparing for a future in medicine through a medical screening and summer treatment program offered by the University of Hawaii (UH) Manoa Outreach College.

The five-day course at the John A. Burns School of Medicine () introduces high school students to health care by learning CPR, sewing, how to take vital signs, general anatomy lab demonstrations and computer anthropomorphism.

Uh Manoa Summer 2023

Uh Manoa Summer 2023

“At first we used to knock on the door three times, introduce ourselves to the patient and ask about his condition. Then we diagnosed the patient and provided follow-up and treatment based on what we learned this week,” said Honolulu native Kelly Li.

College Opportunities Program Offers Second Chance At Uh Manoa Admission

Although Li is still in high school, she was happy to narrow down her potential career options to focus on pursuing her desired career.

Uh Manoa Summer 2023

“After all the different workshops, I was able to figure out what I liked or didn’t like,” Li said.

California native Lauren Froerer and her family are vacationing in Hawaii for a few weeks and thought it would be a great opportunity to enter the program.

Uh Manoa Summer 2023

Visitor’s Guide 2022 2023 By Office Of Admissions, University Of Hawai’i At Mānoa

“My mother told me about it (the program) and I was interested in learning about health. I also thought about going to school here so I thought I’d get a better idea of ​​what it’s like,” Froerer said.

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Applications for the summer program are now being accepted through June 1. For more information, contact Noelani Ching at [email protected] or call 808-692-0948. The application is available on the UH Outreach College website. Hawaii high school seniors and others who have already earned a high school diploma can get a second chance at admission to the University of Hawaii at Mānoa through the College Opportunities Program.

Uh Manoa Summer 2023

The program seeks applicants who do not meet the minimum requirements for admission to UH Mānoa, may be financially disadvantaged, need structured university admissions, and can serve as good role models for communities not represented at UH Mānoa.

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This free six-week summer program, which runs from July 2, 2023 to August 11, 2023, includes living on the Manoa campus and enrolling in classes designed to improve academic and social skills.

Uh Manoa Summer 2023

Room, board, textbooks and tuition fees are covered by the program. Participants who successfully complete the summer program requirements are accepted to UH Manoa and enter the first year of the university program in the fall.

During their first year at UH Manoa, students enroll in college programs and participate in program activities. Students benefit from the “one-stop” counseling services of the program office for matters related to course registration, career planning and exploration, financial aid, on-campus employment, and a variety of other concerns. Please note that all university expenses for the first year and beyond will be the student’s responsibility.

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Uh Manoa Summer 2023

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Interested students should visit the College Opportunities website at https://www.hawaii.edu/cop for an online application and more information about the program. Presentations can be made to high schools or community organizations by submitting a request through the following link: https://forms.gle/NvRTYtfb2sgDJGRw6.

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Uh Manoa Summer 2023

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