Uconn Academic Calendar Fall 2023

Uconn Academic Calendar Fall 2023 – The UConn School of Education allows students to pursue a highly respected degree, focus on the concentration of their choice, and continue their learning through a dynamic graduate program. All within a vibrant and diverse community. Application deadlines are outlined below. If you have any questions, please email us.

Interested high school students should apply through the UConn Undergraduate Admissions Office. You will be given the opportunity to choose B.S. in the research major.

Uconn Academic Calendar Fall 2023

Uconn Academic Calendar Fall 2023

If you are already at UConn and are interested in applying to a professional program in the fall of 2023, please apply using the PharmCAS portal. PharmCAS is a university application service. If you are a transfer applicant, submit your transfer application to UConn and submit it to PharmCAS. The PCAT exam is not required.

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Deadline: The deadline for all students applying to the UConn School of Professional Program is January 4, 2023. All applicants must submit their application using the PharmCAS portal. For transfer students, additional undergraduate transfer applications must be submitted to UConn by April 1st.

Uconn Academic Calendar Fall 2023

You can complete your Pharm.D. professional program application if you meet the following criteria:

UConn School of Pharm.D welcomes applications for its first professional year. program. Transfer applicants are individuals who have never been enrolled at UConn, who have completed higher education at an institution outside of UConn, and who wish to enter a professional doctoral program directly. Applicants who have received a previous degree from an institution other than UConn are considered transfer students under this definition and must complete an undergraduate transfer application at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Uconn Academic Calendar Fall 2023

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To be eligible, transfer students must have completed professional/pre-professional courses at a locally accredited, degree-granting institution of higher education and must meet all application requirements for both the University of Connecticut and the University of Connecticut.

Transfer students must submit their application to the University of Connecticut Transfer Admissions Office by April 1st.

Uconn Academic Calendar Fall 2023

If you have any questions about transfer applications or apply to UConn, please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

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You can apply for UConn transfer admission using the online application. Be prepared to submit the following additional documents to the Undergraduate Admissions Office by the April 1 deadline.

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Uconn Academic Calendar Fall 2023

Note: Application for UConn is a separate process from PharmCAS application for School of

The University’s Undergraduate Transfer Admissions Office is responsible for assessing transfer credits. You can search for transferable courses by selecting a Connecticut institution from the list on the Transfer Course Equivalencies website.

Uconn Academic Calendar Fall 2023

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If you have already met the program’s prerequisites, you will not be admitted to the pre-professional program. Applicants transferring to pre-professional programs must complete no more than one year of college-level study as a program prerequisite.

B.S. Study in a pre-professional program or UConn ACES does not guarantee eventual admission to the school.

Uconn Academic Calendar Fall 2023

A personal statement should be a clear, well-written essay and should clarify your educational and career goals. It is limited to approximately 1 page (4500 characters including spaces). A personal statement is an important part of the application process because it can add a dimension that cannot be obtained from transcripts, application forms, or letters of recommendation. A well-written personal statement is an opportunity to convey a more complete perspective of who you are as an individual. Include background and previous experience related to professional programs. The admissions committee looks for evidence of commitment, motivation, and compatibility with the goals of the professional program. (See PharmCAS instructions for details.)

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By the fall semester, you must submit transcripts of all college work you have completed, including UConn transcripts and official transcripts of work done at other institutions (including college courses taken in high school). We strongly recommend that you submit official transcripts in Semester 2 and update them when they are finalized to avoid missing important deadlines. Applicants who have completed courses at international universities must have their foreign transcripts assessed by one of the foreign transcript evaluation services. Do not send foreign transcripts directly to the school.

Uconn Academic Calendar Fall 2023

As part of the application, two recommendation letter forms are required and can be used as part of the PharmCAS application. At least one of the two recommendations must be from an academic professor or teaching assistant.

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All applicants whose first language is not English, or whose first language was not English while attending high school, must submit official results of the academic version of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or TOEFL. IELTS minimum score of 7.5 is required. Information about this test can be found on the IELTS website. The minimum acceptable score for TOEFL (internet-based) ranges from 102-109, with a minimum speaking subscore of 25. Individuals who do not take IELTS or TOEFL, or who have taken these tests and scored below the minimum requirements, will not be considered for admission to professional programs.

Uconn Academic Calendar Fall 2023

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Criminal background checks are conducted on all students admitted to Pharm.D. program. This is due to the specifics of work in society. In some cases, applicants may contact the National Association of Boards to determine if criminal activity prevents them from participating in a curriculum-based practice experience or from obtaining a license to practice in a particular state. Aug, Monday 30. Fall Semester Starts Monday, Sept. 6 Labor Day – no classes Tuesday, Sept. 7 Deadline to Submit Petitions for Credit by Examination Monday, Sept. 13 Courses dropped after this date will have a “withdrawal” on the academic record indicating the withdrawal. W” is displayed. Last day to add or delete courses without additional signatures. Pass/Fail Course Placement Deadline (Bachelor only) Monday, September 20 Last day for students to make up incomplete or missing grades (Bachelor only) September 21 (Tue)-September 27 (Mon) ) September (Fri) Test for credits in the test 24. Deadline to take the transfer test and submit the final lesson plan for the Fall 2021 semester 9.28 (Tue) To add courses, the dean’s signature is required. It is due on Monday the 25th to the faculty’s students. The Winter 2022 and Spring 2022 semesters through the Student Management System will begin on Monday, November 1st. Last day for course cancellation Last day to convert pass/fail courses to letter grade (students only) November 21-1, November 27 Thanksgiving Day December 3 (Fri) Degree candidates are awarded their degrees Fall 2021 This is the last day to submit copies of thesis and dissertation for submission and related documents to the registration office for degree audit. Students are encouraged to file a defense at least two weeks prior to this deadline to allow for an audit. Defense must be announced two weeks prior to defense (PhD students). (For master’s students only) December 10 (Fri) Last day of fall semester classes December 11 (Sat) – December 12 (Sun) Reading Day Monday, December 13 Final exams are on Thursday, December 16 ) starts at Reading Day Sunday, December 19th Final exams will end on Sunday, December 19th. Fall 2021 Graduation Date Wednesday, December 22 Semester grades are Friday, December 31 at 4:00 PM Plan B Master’s final day to submit final exams to the Registrar’s Office for degree audit (Master’s students only) )

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Tuesday, January 18 Spring Semester begins on Monday, January 24. Deadline to submit petition for credit by examination Monday, January 31 Courses dropped after this date will be marked with a “W” for withdrawal on the academic record. Last day to add or delete courses without additional signatures. Pass/Fail (undergraduate only) Course Placement Deadline Monday, February 7 Last day to make up grades for preschool or absenteeism (undergraduates only) Tuesday, February 8-Monday, February 14 Graduation Credit Test February 11 Sunday (Friday) Deadline to submit exam applications and final study plan submissions for the Spring 2022 degree transfer Tuesday. February 15 Friday, February 25 Course additions require the signature of the Dean. In the middle of the semester, progress reports are given to undergraduate students. March 1 application deadline. 2022 summer semester final exams (recommended to submit the final study plan by the end of the spring semester) March 13 (Sun) ~ March 19 (Sat) Spring break March 21 (Mon) Students enrolled in the 2022 summer and fall semesters Administrative system start March 26 (Sat) Emergency end Class replenishment date March 28 (Mon) Deadline for course withdrawal Deadline for converting pass/fail elective courses to letter grades (undergraduate students only) April 22 (Fri) Submission Final copy of dissertation and dissertation for submission and related documents for degree audit at the registration office for degree conferment in spring 2022 due date. It is good for students to defend

Uconn Academic Calendar Fall 2023

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