Summer Weather Forecast 2023

Summer Weather Forecast 2023 – Lewiston, Maine, August. 2, 2022 // — Every year since 1818, the Farmer’s Almanac has provided weather forecasts that help people plan ahead. This year, with extreme summer weather ravaging the country, and concerns over rising hot oil prices, Farmers’ Almanac is issuing its winter forecast earlier than ever. The 2023 Farmer’s Almanac, which hits store shelves Aug. 15, warns readers that this winter will be full of shivering, shaking and shoveling.

The 2023 Farmers’ Almanac hits newsstands and shelves August 15, but is available online at

Summer Weather Forecast 2023

Summer Weather Forecast 2023

Great? The heat is said to bother warm weather seekers in the Southeast and South Central states, but a real tremor could put people to sleep in the Great Lakes, Northeast and North Central states. According to the almanac, the north central states are predicted to be very cold, (perhaps 40° below zero!)—especially in mid-January.

What ‘triple Dip’ La Nina Means For Weather In Your Area

Western parts of the western region of the country are expected to be spared from severe tremors, with warm temperatures forecast in the northwest and milder temperatures in the southwest.

Summer Weather Forecast 2023

The Farmers’ Shovel Almanac shows that winter is shaping up, especially in the eastern part of the country. In some regions that may mean snow, but in others it brings mud and mushrooms.

January 2023 looks very stormy for many regions, including Texas and Oklahoma, where snow is forecast for the first week. Unfortunately, a dry winter is forecast for the southwestern states, which won’t help the drought.

Summer Weather Forecast 2023

Summer Weather Forecast Wetter In Some States And Territories, Average In Others

A year-round guide to great living 2023 The Farmer’s Almanac provides a 16-month weather forecast from September 2022 to December 2023. The new 2023 version has many revised features including weather maps for four seasons

Last year, the almanac forecast winter storms for 2021-2022, specifically: a nor’easter in late October and video of unusual storms during the last week of April (parts of Montana, Wyoming and the Dakotas) in its 2022-2023 winter outlook that brought heat, rain and Predicts drought weather. This video and associated map images are also available online at (Based on, NWS CPC data)

Summer Weather Forecast 2023

La Niña will return for a third straight winter this year, driving warmer-than-average temperatures in the Southwest and along the Gulf Coast and Eastern Seaboard, according to the U.S. Winter Outlook released today by the Climate Prediction Center – part of the National Weather Service. From December 2022 to February 2023, it is forecast that the southern Ohio Valley, Great Lakes, northern Rockies, and Pacific Northwest will remain wetter than average.

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Winter Forecast 2022/2023

“The climate prediction center’s hardworking forecasters produce timely and accurate weather forecasts and short-range forecasts,” said Michael Farrar, director of the National Center for Environmental Prediction. “Supercomputers are enabling us to have more detailed forecasting capabilities, which we will roll out in the coming years.”

Summer Weather Forecast 2023

Forecasters, in conjunction with the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS), continue to observe severe drought persisting in the western United States through late 2020, as well as parts of the central United States where water levels are not low. Presence.

“About 59% of the country is now in drought, but parts of the western United States and the southern Great Plains will be the hardest hit this winter,” said John Gottschalk, director of the Climate Prediction Center’s Operational Prediction Branch. . With the La Niña season still in place, the drought could extend to the Gulf Coast as well.

Summer Weather Forecast 2023

Old Farmer’s Almanac 2022/23 Winter Forecast: A Winter Of 2 Halves…

U.S. Its 2022-2023 winter outlook for temperatures map shows the highest likelihood of average weather across western Alaska and the central Great Basin and southwestern Southern Plains. Milder temperatures are favored from the eastern Pacific Northwest to the western Great Lakes and Alaska Panhandle. ()

The 2022-2023 US winter precipitation outlook map shows average precipitation in western Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, the northern Rockies, the Great Lakes, and the Ohio Valley. Drier than average conditions are forecast for parts of California, the Southwest, the Southern Rockies, the Southern Plains, the Gulf Coast, and the Southeast. ()

Summer Weather Forecast 2023

This weather map of the United States for the November 2022 through January 2023 drought outlook predicts a drought that will spread across the West, Great Basin, and central to southern Great Plains. ()

Summer Outlook: Most Of Us Will See Above Average Temperatures As Western Drought Continues

Climate models provide probabilities that temperatures and precipitation will go up, around, or down, and the extent of drought is expected to change in the coming months. Snowfall patterns do not indicate that snowfall is often unpredictable up to a week in advance.

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Summer Weather Forecast 2023

Its Climate Prediction Center updates its three-month outlook every month. Additional updates will be available on November 17.

A weather forecast helps people plan what is likely to happen in the coming months and minimize the impact of weather on lives and livelihoods. Tools like and provide clear tools to better understand and plan for climate-driven risks. Empowering people to anticipate what is possible for efforts to ‘build a climate-ready country’, weather forecasts and winter safety tips are important. La Niña peaks as winter 2022/2023 begins After that, it will slowly begin to break down while affecting the winter climate. But we’re already seeing signs that after 2023, El Niño may occur a few years later. It can completely change the climate of the next year.

Summer Weather Forecast 2023

Weather Network Releases 2022 2023 Winter Season Forecast

The world’s climate is strongly influenced by large-scale changes in sea level. This is why we monitor these issues, because they can have a significant impact on the climate. Especially in winter, when the forcing system is very strong.

First, let’s take a quick look at how these ocean disturbances change the global climate. We will then look at how this will affect winter 2022/2023 and why the upcoming El Niño event is so important.

Summer Weather Forecast 2023

El Niño and La Niña are opposites of ENSO, which stands for “El Niño Southern Oscillation.” This region of the equatorial Pacific alternates between warm and cold regions. Phases change usually every 1-3 years.

Winter Forecast 2022/2023* First In Depth Look At Winter And How The Weather Patterns Will Develop Under The New La Nina Influence » Severe Weather Europe

ENSO strongly affects tropical precipitation, pressure, and energy exchange between the ocean and atmosphere. We see a large change in energy in the hot zone with each step increasing or decreasing.

Summer Weather Forecast 2023

The figure below shows the ENSO components in the tropical Pacific. Regions 3 and 4 are east and west of the Pacific Ocean. The main region is a combination of regions 3 and 4, shown as the Niño 3.4 region in Fig.

Each phase of ENSO affects the pressure and climate in the tropics in different ways. This affects the global circulation over time, changing the climate around the world.

Summer Weather Forecast 2023

Are You Ready To Shake, Shiver, And Shovel? Farmers’ Almanac Releases An Extreme Winter Forecast

Each phase (cold/warm) begins between summer and early fall and lasts until spring. But some events like winter season can last for two or three years.

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The cold part of ENSO is La Nina, and the warm part is El Niño. Apart from temperature, one of the biggest differences between these regions is their structure, which can be seen below as high speed (H) and low speed (L) regions.

Summer Weather Forecast 2023

During El Nino, the pressure in the Pacific Ocean is low, the region experiences more rain and stronger winds.

Australian 2022/23 Severe Weather Season Outlook

But during La Niña, the Pacific equatorial pressure increases and creates stable conditions and fewer storms. These changes over time cause global warming, which affects the climate in all parts of the world.

Summer Weather Forecast 2023

The image below from NOAA Climate shows the long-term spread of the ENSO phase, which is still active.

Low pressure in the eastern Pacific causes high winds and good weather. At the same time, winds are increasing in the western Pacific, causing more frequent thunderstorms, less power, and more rain.

Summer Weather Forecast 2023

Summer 2022 Outlook

Thus, ENSO has a strong influence on tropical precipitation and pressure, which in turn affects the response patterns of the ocean to the atmosphere. Through atmospheric ocean circulation, ENSO affects global climate.

We see global changes in forcing patterns during ENSO phases. But it’s often strongest at the top of its role.

Summer Weather Forecast 2023

But how does ENSO change between cold and warm periods? The simplest answer is that it comes from a complex relationship between pressure, wind and ocean currents.

Noaa Seasonal Outlook: Here’s What December, January, And February Might Look Like

Global trade winds often roll over the ocean surface and change ocean currents to initiate or terminate an ENSO phase. Trade winds are steady and stable winds, which blow directly (and towards the equator) in all parts of the world.

Summer Weather Forecast 2023

This process is best seen in the animation below, showing the regularity of ocean temperatures from summer to fall.

ENSO’s cooling resumes in August as the trade winds intensify. As a result, you see cool waves across the equatorial Pacific Ocean as winds push the surface of the water westward.

Summer Weather Forecast 2023

Summer Forecast 2022: Sizzling Summer Ahead

The latest analysis of the world’s oceans below shows the challenges of the cold oceans in the tropical Pacific An active La Niña spans almost the entire equatorial Pacific.

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