Summer Slaughter 2023 Lineup

Summer Slaughter 2023 Lineup – My family has a tradition this summer where we rented a boat and stayed for three months. The boat resides on Kravdad Lake in the middle of a small town called Ayadora, about three hours from our town. Growing up was fun; We go fishing, exploring, diving and hiking. But now I’m 17, I can’t fit in a double bed designed for 6-10 year olds, and I had to share a small space with my parents and little brother for 90 days. The worst part is that there is practically nothing to do here as all the water in the lake has dried up in four years.

Isadora was a tourist town. It was full of little shops and restaurants, my favorite being a little sandwich bar with everything a boy could dream of. We would get huge sandwiches and then eat from shore, stuffing our eyes and bellies as much as we could.

Summer Slaughter 2023 Lineup

Summer Slaughter 2023 Lineup

Crodad Lake was beautiful until it wasn’t. Now it’s miles and miles of dirt, a huge hole with nothing but rocks and the carcasses of dead lake animals. The boat literally lives on a miserable pile of dirt and rocks.

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The first year after the lake dried up, everyone acted as if nothing had changed. But the pretend game could only go on for so long, and every business either moved or closed for good. Isadora residents packed their bags and left. For a long time, tourists stopped visiting and the landowners who depended on tourism eventually closed down.

Summer Slaughter 2023 Lineup

Could have changed my parents mind about living on this horrible boat. I just want to sleep today. Before leaving for the trip I downloaded some movies on my iPod so I wanted to be under the fan with my favorite actors. But of course today was the day my little brother decided to explore the lake and look for “lake monsters” (his words, not mine). Since my parents didn’t want to take her, I was the babysitter and we biked around Crawdad Lake in the hot sun to look for things that weren’t there anymore.

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Summer Slaughter 2023 Lineup

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A silver pus of jelly began to flow from the broken thermometer onto the surface of the strange mercury-like beads of mud where the tentacle dug its fingers out of the dirt. The bubbles seemed to pop out of their own accord and gather around the swollen, shiny surface.

Frankie started screaming and looked at me with wide eyes as her finger suddenly began to crack and swell. Silvery black veins ran under the skin from the tip of the finger to the wrist. Now it makes no sense to call it stupid, the situation has gone beyond coincidence and is seriously worrying.

Summer Slaughter 2023 Lineup

“You really think it’s going to fall?” He cried out, fell to his knees, and looked at his hand in disbelief.

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I wasn’t so sure and I wish I had never made such a rude comment. The black silver tendrils that extended beneath the surface of the skin continued to thread and spin, but slowed somewhat and pooled in a necrotic form. The tip of his finger turned completely black and dry, turning into coal and exploding at any sudden movement.

Summer Slaughter 2023 Lineup

The houseboat was humming lazily as ever, watching us like a sloop at the far end of the lake. My bike guarded my brother’s bike, got stuck in the mud and it took more than enough effort to get it out, especially given the change in conditions. Frank still didn’t have the ability to go back.

I looked at the jelly, maybe to find some sign of what was going on, or something rational or sensitive that I could tap into to tell me what was going on. It throbbed there, continuing to ooze silvery pus as its tentacles shriveled back to dirt, burned to mud, or spilled its contents to the surface. The silver bells began to move by themselves, circling towards us.

Summer Slaughter 2023 Lineup

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I took off my shirt and wrapped it tightly around my arm and wrist and lifted it up. I didn’t know what her finger or hand would look like in her package, but I knew I had to get her back to some sort of civilization.

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Frankie gripped my neck, his hands tightening like a trap. I walked back to the bike and my little brother. We rode my bike together and suddenly came from the mud pit to the lakeside and his bike sank into the dirt.

Summer Slaughter 2023 Lineup

Frank was ahead of me on the road. How the heat didn’t bother him was beyond him. I have already lost some of the magic of my childhood.

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I smelled the remains of the surrounding lake. The good stuff was gone, but that awful smell remained. Dead fish, rotting lake weeds.

Summer Slaughter 2023 Lineup

“Hey!” I called He threw the bike in the mud and it will definitely be my fault when our people see it. But he didn’t listen. Instead he runs into something he sees sticking out of the mud.

Whatever he does, I find it difficult. So I put my bike next to him and got behind him.

Summer Slaughter 2023 Lineup

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When I caught Frankie, he was bent over something. “Check it out,” he said.

I bent down to see. There was something coming from the ground, all right. But I didn’t know what it was.

Summer Slaughter 2023 Lineup

It would make more sense if we were closer to the ocean. All I could compare it to was Medusa.

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“Long jellyfish,” I offered helpfully. Frankie nodded. It had a jelly-like consistency but stretched out like tentacles. It was so clear that you could almost see the mud underneath. I wondered how Frank had seen the devastation from so far away. In any case, only a part of it could be seen.

Summer Slaughter 2023 Lineup

“I wonder how big it is,” Frankie said. He looked around, found a stick, and began digging near the object.

“What are you saying.. He’s not alive, look..” Frankie poked him gently with the jelly stick.. It didn’t indicate that he had touched him. But I felt he was alive. Didn’t want to be near him.

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Summer Slaughter 2023 Lineup

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He pointed out. The area that touched the jelly felt open. Silver glittered in the sunlight and flowed from it. Where did it come from? As far as I could see the jelly had no veins.

My brother, once a ten-year-old boy, reached out and fingered the silver liquid before I had time to call him an idiot. But he suddenly retreated, screaming in pain. “It’s burning!” He cried, dipping his finger in the mud to clean it.

Summer Slaughter 2023 Lineup

“Maybe the old chemicals,” I whispered. Pollution is a plausible explanation for the lake drying up. “Come on, let’s find a sink and wash our hands before they fall.”

Summer Slaughter Tour News, Tour Dates And Music

So to help people get into the Halloween spirit and feed a few people for the Ottawa Food Bank, a group of workers and drunks have come together—i.e.

Summer Slaughter 2023 Lineup

But you may want to pursue an activity at home. Maybe you’re one of those people who likes something big and different, like a horror family or something.

Coloring book pictures to print out and enjoy coloring for hours. Clocks. I’m looking at you, so you better enjoy it…and make the house dustier. This is an allergy death trap.

Summer Slaughter 2023 Lineup

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These are some snippets and highlights. Go to our podcast page for the full story (or click here). So… spoilers ahead.

Have fun with all your friends! Color with kids! Put Nana’s fridge! They are in style and context all year round!

Summer Slaughter 2023 Lineup

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