Summer Set 2023

Summer Set 2023 – Italian fashion brand Prada collaborated with AMO to create a large house-like paper showroom for its Spring Summer 2023 menswear show.

Taking place at the Fondazione Prada in Milan, AMO – the research studio of Dutch architecture studio OMA – transformed the space into a mansion with walls, windows, floors and curtains made from heavy rolls of raw paper.

Summer Set 2023

Summer Set 2023

Spreads of chocolate paper covered the floor, with the edges of each chocolate sheet exposed and slightly curved.

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The white scroll opened to form a series of rooms with ten meter high walls, doors and windows that looked like they had been drawn by children.

Summer Set 2023

“We wanted to create an atmosphere that conveys gentleness and humility in the context of today’s increasingly aggressive world,” said OMA project architect Giulio Margheri.

“We took the idea of ​​a simple house, as drawn by a child, and enlarged it to the size of the Deposito, the space at the Fondazione Prada that hosted the fashion show.”

Summer Set 2023

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Paper scrolls are arranged at different heights to create large doors that lead to the rooms below and remain, at the end of the raw edge, to the metal frame system that spans the ceiling of the Fondazione Prada.

A large opening, shaped like a quadrilateral window, penetrates the paper-lined walls of the showroom and gives a glimpse of the next room.

Summer Set 2023

A model peeks out from behind a large opening in the front wall of the paper wearing a patterned knit jumper, a plaid gingham coat, a denim play coat and tiny leather shorts adorned with zips.

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Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, Prada’s creative director, combine contrasting materials, styles, fabrics, silhouettes and cuts to create an expression of choice for the wearer.

Summer Set 2023

“For the Prada fashion show, we always work with materials that are not too expensive,” says Margheri. “Today, the idea of ​​luxury is questioned when there is a shortage of fuel, materials and food.”

“Paper is a simple material; it is the basic surface on which we architects express our ideas. In this project, we wanted to explore its quality as an architectural element, but in a fun and naive way.”

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Summer Set 2023

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The guests sat in two rows along the walls of the paper room on solid chairs made of corrugated cardboard.

A single large paper curtain with a gingham print—matching the red gingham coat seen next to it—is placed near windows throughout the space.

Summer Set 2023

Red and white printed curtains run from the top of the paper wall to the floor and are accordion folded to mimic the neatly gathered fabric.

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Prior to the performance, invitations are sent to guests via paper envelopes, which are folded neatly into the envelope and feature relevant performance details printed on the back.

Summer Set 2023

The jacket-cum-invitation is made of Repap – a material derived from rock dust and resin – and is joined with stitches.

Prada has been a long-time collaborator with AMO and has seen Koolhaas’ designs show space for the fashion house since 2004.

Summer Set 2023

Ddaylight Saving Time. Clock Set To An Hour Ahead March 12, 2023. Concept Of Spring Forward, Summer Time. Web Banner Of Alarm Clock With With Green Foliage With Call To Switch To

For Raf Simons’ debut collection as creative director, the research studio created a series of geometric rooms covered in faux fur that served as the backdrop for the Autumn Winter 2021 menswear show.

For Prada’s Autumn Winter 2022 show, AMO installed cinema seats and tunnel runways referencing the spaceship in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, to Fondazione Prada. The same set will be used again for the Prada womenswear show in February 2022. .

Summer Set 2023

Click here to read the Chinese version of this article on our official WeChat account, where we publish daily architecture and design news and projects in Simplified Chinese.Scotland, June 2022: Sunderland from Scotland, the original waterproof golf brand sets a new bar in waterproof golf with the Spring Summer (SS23) collection featuring Evergreen and Black Cheetah and Gold for new women.

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In all men’s golf waterproofs with a Lifetime Waterproof Guarantee, the s.Whispedry Pro-Lite jacket has been introduced in Evergreen with a sleek black finish and is feather-light, breathable and waterproof with stretch. s.Valberg Highly technical is now available in attractive Evergreen / Black / White colors with 4-way stretch panels in high impact zones to promote freedom of movement throughout the swing and black waterproof zips. It’s finished with silver retro reflective trim and branding and a groove cleaner on the elastic pocket cable. The most popular s.Matterhorn jacket has been given an injection of a new Black / Evergreen / White combination.

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Summer Set 2023

The s.Nevada windbreaker is made from a 3-layer bonded 4-way stretch fabric. It’s very windy and rainproof while still being soft. A stunning tri-color design featuring bold sleeve zips with coordinating zips, s.Nevada’s new colors for SS23 are Black / Evergreen / White.

The popular men’s thermal golf collection sees Evergreen / Black / White added to the s.Anton Padded Gilet and Black / Evergreen / White to the s.Zermatt Padded Jacket. Constructed with strong, soft nylon that retains heat to protect the body while being lightweight and breathable. It’s combined with stretch side panels for added movement. The s.Aspen midsole is updated in a new Black / Evergreen / White colorway, protecting against the elements with Teflon-coated interlocking stretch and breathable fabric. s.Arizona Midlayer is a strong color block design made with 4-way fleece performance fabric. This mid layer is waterproof and windproof while ensuring better thermal insulation, breathability and freedom of movement, the addition of Evergreen / Black is added for SS23. The s.Everest Hybrid Hoodie is very stylish in Black / Evergreen / White, more than a middle layer with a soft style zone for thermal insulation, hooded collar and fleece made of fabric with 4 ways about this hoodie is showerproof and windproof. It has 2 front pockets, a tie and a two-tone sporty half zip. Finally the g.Hamsin sweater is lined up which is both waterproof and windproof with a bionic finish and also has an Evergreen / Black color option.

Summer Set 2023

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The waterproof s.Killy golf jacket is made from lightweight polyester technical fabric, incorporating mechanical stretch and designed with stylish panels, looking effortless in black and gold new for SS23. The soft and luxurious s.Whispedry Tech-Lite featherlight jacket has an elegant new offering in black tonal cheetah print with gold waterproof zip.

For the popular women’s thermal golf collection s.Arosa thermal water repellent mid layer adds a stylish new option to the Cheetah Black / Gold mix. A new black Cheetah design fabric has also been designed into the s.Tania gillette with a stunning gold zip. The s.Zonda quilted sweater is introduced in Black / Gold, the black sleeves have a subtle golden glow that shimmers through the finest black cotton thread. Meanwhile, the s.Nira fleece, a slim design with contoured lining and discrete in-seam pockets, is made from smooth fabric on the outside with warm fleece brushed on the inside. The s.Nira jacket is both shower and windproof and has also been introduced in Black / Gold. Free shipping on all US orders. Worldwide shipping available. Free shipping on all US orders. Worldwide shipping available.

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Summer Set 2023

“You may not know, but the Ancient Greek poet Sappho shaped what you want. She is the one who makes you believe that it is better to think about the movement of light on the face of a lover than to deal with power. She was the first person to recognize love as a bitter force. She is who knows that those who seek goodness are truly beautiful.

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Sappho was a connoisseur. His words change the way people see the world because he sings about a different world, one that prioritizes self-knowledge, eros, and the indefinable ecstasy of nature, even the unappreciated wonder of the apple that stays away from the top of the leaf. He prioritizes values ​​that have become important today, and he does so without forgetting to explore the contradictions that plague humanity.

Summer Set 2023

Sappho’s poem not only reminds us that the search for spectacular moments is incompatible with respect for the environment. They also give details about the hardships women have to endure.

Of the nine books he wrote, only one poem survives. The rest of his output is just in fragments because misogyny is not a new invention. But even a few—very few—sentences become incandescent to revive the most weary readers. So it’s no wonder they’ve captured the imagination of those trying to build a new world, from Gertrude Stein to Julie Mehretu, from Natalie Clifford Barney to Judith Chicago.

Summer Set 2023

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Professor Emanuele Lugli teaches art history at Stanford University and writes about the history of painting, gender, politics and science.

On April 5, I made an abstract collage with gold and black. This image has been in my head for days and I knew I had to download it. I sent it to the team knowing that it would be a collection of color guides. On May 2nd, my daughter called me to tell me she was going to be Sappho for Halloween. I immediately asked, “Sopo Sappho?”. He quickly replied, “You are here to take care of Mother”.

Summer Set 2023

On May 19, Professor Emanuele Lugli conducted research and lectured on Sappho. It is

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