Summer 2023 Nail Trends

Summer 2023 Nail Trends – New York Fashion Week may be over, but we’re not done talking about it. Whether we’re dissecting the best looks from the runway or swooning with envy over chic street style looks, there’s plenty of inspiration to draw from the September shows, however long it takes. But it doesn’t stop at fashion. Here, we’ve rounded up the seven best nail trends we’ve seen on the runways and hope to see everywhere next spring. Whether it’s creamy nude or barbecue pink, we can’t wait to see these styles IRL. Plus, we’ve found the best products to recreate these looks at home. If Gigi Hadid can wear these, so can you.

Still it was nowhere for the metallic chrome manicure. Nail artist Holly Falcon opted for a glossy, almost liquid-looking polish at the Batsheva and Friscobra shows. Falcone isn’t the only nail artist who seems fascinated by the chrome look. Nail artist Naomi Yasuda used silver gel with a mirror effect for Tommy Hilfiger’s nail look.

Summer 2023 Nail Trends

Summer 2023 Nail Trends

Hot pink invades our wardrobes and now, our hands. Barbecue influences were seen on the runway this season, adorning the arms of models at shows like Bat Sheva, Peter Doe and more. Pink is the new neutral, people.

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For something everyone can replicate at home with minimal effort, the milky manicure is an upgraded nude. Appearing at shows like LoveShackFancy, Tory Burch, Ulla Johnson, and more, this beautiful and easy manicure is a spring must-have. Tenoverten’s founder, Nadine Abramsick, wanted a “glamorous-but-pretty nail effect” for models walking for Tory Burch.

Summer 2023 Nail Trends

Late 2000s trend to make a comeback? None other than red nails. Instead of relying on beige neutrals, models on the runways were often seen with bright reds. That extra boldness and color will be everywhere in the coming months, trust us.

It turns out that French nails don’t tend to disappear overnight. Appearing on the runways of Alice + Olivia, Tommy Hilfiger, Peter Doe, Sandy Liang and more, they’ve mastered variations of the French mane. Whether it’s a traditional manicure with white tips, or get creative with colors, this is a basic look that won’t go anywhere.

Summer 2023 Nail Trends

Summer Nail Designs For 2023 || Scroll Through Gallery

Grab your boat shoes and tennis rackets, because the preppy trend has officially made its way to the manicure. Naomi Yasuda paid homage to classic Tommy Hilfiger styles with nail sets featuring stripes, checkers and gingham patterns galore.

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Nail artists like Gina Edwards and Holly Falcon add a touch of mourning to nails, adding everything from bubbles to chains.

Summer 2023 Nail Trends

Tatjana Freund Beauty Commerce Writer Tatjana Freund is a beauty commerce writer covering makeup, beauty and hair care products and trends. 10 Summer Nail Trends You Need to Know From 3D nail stickers to the new French tip, nail designs are fancier than ever.

Nail Trends 2022: 12 Manicure And Nail Art Trends To Try

Nail art is back on the beauty scene with a vengeance and there is definitely no shortage when it comes to options. From 3D nail stickers to the reinvented French tip, to perfectly placed curls, nail designs are more imaginative than ever. With so much to choose from we went ahead and made you something concrete and took some guesswork out of your next nail session by listing some of the best summer trends.

Summer 2023 Nail Trends

Check out this Instagram post from Dayanna Issey Sapiens (@disseynails) for a summer spin

Perhaps the most popular nail trend this summer is curling. Whether strategically placed or randomly placed, swirls help bring out the drama in any new set. The best part about the trend is that there are no rules. Feel free to make each swirl as big or small or as bold and bright as your heart desires. However, if absolute perfection is what you’re after, you’ll want to use a fine brush like the one found in this Olive and June set to ensure the shapes look clean and attractive. Trying to combine contrasting colors like this pink color called Euphoric from Moon Cat with Coco and Claire’s pumpkin spice shade.

Summer 2023 Nail Trends

Hot Nail Trends For Summer 2022

There are some things in life that are not good in 3D and nail art is no exception. 3D nail decals can easily take a simple gem to another dimension (pun intended). Their main appeal is the fact that unlike many other nail trends, there doesn’t have to be a lot of skill involved – and with so much variety available in the sticker world, the hardest part is figuring out which one to go with. Try adding subtle pearls like these pearl stickers from Play Beauty for a subtle and subtle look. If you really want to dive headfirst into the third dimension, craftily placed crystals are a great example of the magic stickers can provide, these polar light crystals are sure to do the trick.

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Long gone are the days of transparent nails signaling a lack of creativity or just plain boring. An explosion of soft gel manicures and more elaborate nail art gave way to bare nails taking on a whole new look. Nail technicians are ditching the color base coat in favor of using clear tips as a blank canvas to showcase their creations. If you want to try this trend for maximum impact, try pairing a clear nail with a shiny metallic color, like this rich gold color from Zoya. And while most nail salons are well-stocked with clear gel tips, if you’re the ambitious type and want to consider jumping on the trend yourself, Epsnail has clear advice in every shape and size you can think of.

Summer 2023 Nail Trends

This is not your mother’s French tips! And we mean this in the best possible way. After a definite break in the mainstream, the French tip is back and reimagined in the most fun and exciting way. Whether it’s a deep French or a complete color change to an intricate design, you’d be hard-pressed to find many nail enthusiasts sporting a white square French manicure. Add your own creative and unique spin on things by swapping classic white for a fun summer color like All Fun and Games by Essie. Finishing the look with a stunning top coat is essential; OPI Infinite Shine Gloss Top Coat is sure to do the trick.

The Unexpected Nail Trends Set To Be Huge In 2022

No, it’s not your mind playing tricks on you, the negative space above the nail should be there and isn’t it amazing? The moon nail trend allows you to play with colors and shapes that we haven’t really seen before. Don’t be shy, feel free to use this space to add an unexpected pop of color to your manicure, like this deep red from Chanel’s La Vernis collection. If you’re going to leave things exposed, a fun pink base coat like OPI Infinite Shine Long-Wear Lacquer, Neutral, and Nede will definitely do the trick while keeping your half moon looking super glowy.

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Summer 2023 Nail Trends

You used to have to wait until you got a brand new manicure before trying out tons of colors and designs—but not anymore. Manicure fanatics are increasingly going beyond color and design to a single uniform and using them all on one hand in large numbers. If you’re looking to play it safe it might be best to start with colors within the same family. Start with a soft color like Gucci Vernis À Ongles nail polish and play with other neutrals in the same shade and color family. If you want to dive head first into the world of changing colors and designs to save time, try picking up a few packs of press on nails like these from Glamnetics, they’ll make sure you don’t spend your entire day at the nail salon. And the fact that they’re reusable means you can switch combinations from time to time.

Chrome Finish Nails Check out this post on Instagram Shared by Michelle Humphrey 💅🏽 (@nailsbymh)

Summer 2023 Nail Trends

Nail These Spring Summer Manicure Trends

There’s something about the metallic/chrome finish that instantly elevates things and gives it that much more edge. So it’s no surprise that the Chrome trend took off the way it did. Sure a silver or gold chrome gem is a show stopper but there’s something almost otherworldly about a blue/green chrome finish like this siren color from ILNP that almost guarantees someone will see you coming from a mile away. Take your chrome-like finish to the next level with Winifred Chrome Dust by Magpie, this premium chrome dust is not only easy to apply but can transform any nail color for a completely chromatic look.

Check out this post on Instagram shared by Marble Mayhem Maria – Camarillo Nail Artist (@egostrokenails).

Summer 2023 Nail Trends

If you’re a kid of the ’90s or early 2000s, there’s a good chance you have at least one childhood memory that involves marbles in the schoolyard.

The Coolest Spring Nail Colors And Trends 2022

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