Spring 2023 Forecast

Spring 2023 Forecast – Winter is now underway, but long-term forecasts have revealed jet stream patterns for the spring of 2023. An early look at spring weather patterns suggests that a weaker La Niña will continue to influence. High-pressure systems in the Pacific Ocean drive weather changes in North America, creating impacts in the lower Atlantic Ocean.

But it’s not that simple. The current active cold ocean phase of the equatorial Pacific has reached its peak. It is expected to decline rapidly by the end of the winter of 2022/2023.

Spring 2023 Forecast

Spring 2023 Forecast

Although the cold ocean anomaly (La Niña) has dissipated, its effects may still persist in the global weather circulation. Long-range weather forecasts see this as well, with La Nina changing the jet stream from winter to spring 2023.

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Meteorological winter includes the period of December-January-February. We are about to end the first half of the first month of winter. The second half of December seems to bring the force of Winter, especially to North America.

Spring 2023 Forecast

Below are temperature anomaly forecasts for the southern United States and Canada. This period includes the week before Christmas. You can see a widespread cold front as cold air moves south and east from the northern United States.

We are now seeing a strong start to Winter due to pressure patterns. Below you can see the ECMWF weekly forecast pressure anomalies for the same period. A strong blocking pattern has taken over circulation in the Northern Hemisphere.

Spring 2023 Forecast

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A strong high pressure block extends from the North Atlantic/Greenland region to the Canadian North Pacific. This caused a severe disruption of the jet stream, exposing colder air from the Arctic region and allowing it to flow farther south than usual.

Looking forward to the rest of Winter, we’ll be checking out the final season forecast soon. A powerful high pressure system in the North Pacific Ocean is the main driver of North American weather patterns. In response, low pressure persisted over Canada, and the jet stream shifted to the northwest of the United States and eastern Canada.

Spring 2023 Forecast

In North America, the latest ECMWF forecasts show cooler average surface temperatures over much of western Canada extending into the northern United States. Warmer-than-normal temperatures are expected across the southern United States, while weaker anomalies are expected toward the northern Midwest.

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The southern and central United States will look warmer than usual, while the Northwest and Midwest will be cold. But such weather patterns will also support a cold front spreading across the central and eastern US, as will happen later this month.

Spring 2023 Forecast

The forecast anomaly for North America shows a more typical La Niña-type pattern than Canada and the United States. More rain is expected in western Canada and the northwestern and eastern United States. Drought prevails in the southwestern United States.

Looking at the probability estimate of the surface temperature over Europe, we see a warm pattern. Most of the continents are in the warmer temperature range. However, average temperatures may be higher in the west/southwest. The United States will be cold in the second half of December, and Europe is expected to have a short cold period with a cold front.

Spring 2023 Forecast

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If we look at the precipitation forecasts, we can see signs of dry precipitation in mainland Europe. However, more rain is expected in the Mediterranean and far northern Europe.

But what is driving this Winter pattern and how will it affect Spring 2023?

Spring 2023 Forecast

One of the main triggers for this winter is the tropical La Niña event in the Pacific Ocean.

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In the image below you can see the most recent ocean temperature anomalies in the Pacific Ocean. Watch for colder-than-usual water in the tropical Pacific. It was a ripe La Niña event, driven by the trade winds, extending across the equatorial Pacific Ocean.

Spring 2023 Forecast

The presence of a cold La Niña has been a key feature of the weather since late fall and will continue into the spring.

La Nina is another name for cold ocean temperatures in the tropical Pacific. The actual ocean-atmosphere system is called ENSO (El Niño Southern Oscillation). This is the region where the tropical Pacific Ocean alternates between cold and warm phases.

Spring 2023 Forecast

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Tropical trade winds (winds that sweep around the land near the equator) usually start or stop certain phases when they mix sea levels and change ocean currents.

In the NOAA Climate image below, you can see typical circulation patterns during cold ENSO ocean events. Air descends over the eastern Pacific Ocean, creating stable, dry weather. Conversely, in the western Pacific, air rises, pressure drops, frequent thunderstorms, and more precipitation in the western Pacific.

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Spring 2023 Forecast

ENSO has major effects on tropical convection patterns and oceanic atmospheric systems. Through this subtle feedback system, it transmits weather effects throughout the world.

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We typically see changes in global pressure patterns during the occurrence of ENSO phases, each of which has unique effects on global weather.

Spring 2023 Forecast

To better understand ENSO events, we’ve created a video showing ocean temperature anomalies from summer to fall 2022.

ENSO cooling resumed in August after a cold wave formed in the equatorial Pacific. And in September, the wind blowing from the east gets stronger.

Spring 2023 Forecast

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The ECMWF analysis and forecast ensemble below shows the forecast for the eastern ENSO region. La Niña conditions (below -0.5) prevail during winter. However, the weakening of La Nina is expected to begin soon, and there is a significant shift to a warm phase as we move deeper into spring.

Looking at the ocean anomaly forecast map, we can see the ECMWF forecast for the neutral zone in the equatorial Pacific. This indicates a more rapid breakdown of La Niña in January-March, but weather effects are expected to last until spring.

Spring 2023 Forecast

Usually, the first effect of this ocean anomaly can be seen in the changing jet stream. A jet stream is a large, powerful stream of air (wind) about 8-11 km (5-7 mi) high.

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It flows from west to east in the Northern Hemisphere, affecting its pressure and force systems. It creates the weather on Earth that we see every day.

Spring 2023 Forecast

Historically, a strong blocking high pressure system over the North Pacific has been the most typical effect of the cold ENSO phase. The figure below shows the average pattern over the past few winters with an active La Nina phase.

A strong high pressure system in the North Pacific helps develop a low pressure area over Alaska and western Canada. It directs the jet stream downward between the two pressure systems, as shown by the blue line.

Spring 2023 Forecast

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This effect usually translates well into spring. So we usually see high pressure systems persisting after the North Pacific winter.

You can see the average position of the jet stream during a La Nina winter in the image below. You can also see weather patterns in the United States and Canada as the polar jet stream takes a different route.

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Spring 2023 Forecast

A moving jet stream will bring cooler temperatures and storms to the northern and northwestern United States. But it generally produces warmer, drier weather in southern and eastern states.

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So the jet stream can actually split the United States into two weather poles. Colder and wetter events are more common in the north of the country as the jet stream directs storms and cold weather systems there.

Spring 2023 Forecast

We focused on the two main (or most commonly used) seasonal models for this early viewing forecast. ECMWF from Europe and CFSv2 from USA. Graphics are from ECMWF and CPC/NCEP.

These forecasts show the average picture of the three months of meteorological spring (March-April-May) and indicate the prevailing weather conditions. Although the model is very accurate, it does not mean that this kind of weather will continue for three months straight. It just shows how weather patterns look 40-60% of the time.

Spring 2023 Forecast

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The pressure pattern predicted by ECMWF below shows a typical La Niña high pressure system in the North Pacific. A low pressure system is located west of Canada, and another high pressure system is located in the Greenland region. A jet stream flows between high and low pressure systems, as seen in the previous segment.

We also see the North Atlantic in the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) mode, with blocking over the North Atlantic Ocean. It generally favors colder seasons in mainland Europe.

Spring 2023 Forecast

The global air mass temperature forecast below separates North America into two parts. Colder than normal conditions are expected in Western Canada. Thanks to the jet stream, there is a good chance that cold air will move south, across the northern United States, from the Midwest to the northeastern United States. Warmer-than-normal conditions are expected in the southern United States.

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Temperatures are also above normal in Europe. However, due to the high pressure system in Greenland, we did not see very positive anomalies.

Spring 2023 Forecast

If we look closer to Europe, we can see that the surface temperature is above normal. As

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