Smc Fall 2023 Schedule

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There is a growing consensus among Malibu political leaders from all sides of the spectrum that Santa Monica College’s decision on the fall ballot is a very bad move for Malibu.

Smc Fall 2023 Schedule

Smc Fall 2023 Schedule

Craig Foster, the city’s lone member of the Santa Monica-Malibu School Board is campaigning against the budget crisis.

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Foster said the five city councilors also oppose Measure SMC, a $375 million housing bond proposed by Santa Monica College to appear on the Nov. ballot. 8 in Santa Monica and Malibu.

Smc Fall 2023 Schedule

In Santa Monica, the bond issue will replace long-term restrooms and an “old” office, improve the Veterans Success Center, add and expand health program offices, and build a substation for the SMC. Police Department.

But in Malibu, the $375 million bond issue on the new Malibu SMC satellite campus, financed by an earlier bond issue and set to open next year, has nothing to do with it.

Smc Fall 2023 Schedule

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There is also a vague proposal to provide $20 million of Measure SMC bonds to build a Community-Based Activity Center at Malibu High School.

Speaking at a meeting of the Malibu Measure M Bond Oversight Committee last week, Foster called it an “insult” to Malibu taxpayers.

Smc Fall 2023 Schedule

“For the Malibu High School Performing Arts Center, we were able to do it ourselves and keep 100% of our fixed income,” Foster said. “So they say angrily, ‘Well, $20 million is better than nothing,’ but paying $125 million of Malibu residents’ money to get a $20 million share from Santa Monica College is one of the reasons I found this out.

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At the same meeting, Malibu Mayor Paul Grisanti said he wants SMC to pay for a joint performance center by the university and Malibu High School to be located at Malibu High.

Smc Fall 2023 Schedule

Grisanti pointed out that, like Foster, $125 million flows from Malibu to Santa Monica College and only $20 million comes back for Malibu projects.

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“They came up with a number that they talked about in the community and things like that,” Grisanti said, “and it was explained to them that it wasn’t really a contribution to what we looking for.”

Smc Fall 2023 Schedule

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Measure SMC would raise property taxes in Santa Monica and Malibu by 2.5 cents per $100 of assessed value each year.

KBUU News in Malibu reported that there has been no vocal support for the bond elsewhere in Malibu and a source could not be found who spoke in favor of the bond in Malibu.

Smc Fall 2023 Schedule

Not a single name from Malibu endorsed it, although the Malibu-Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce was cited as proof.

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Foster, who announced earlier this summer that he would not seek re-election to a third term on the SMMUSD School Board, said he will urge Malibu voters to Opt out of Santa Monica College’s financial investment and create a Malibu school-only charter. down the line.

Smc Fall 2023 Schedule

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Smc Fall 2023 Schedule

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Smc Fall 2023 Schedule

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Smc Fall 2023 Schedule

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Smc Fall 2023 Schedule

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The Genius group is up more than 200% after being named the F.B.I. Director investigates proposed short term In the spring, Santa Monica College offers online, hybrid and international courses. Most of the special programs and student support services will be offered online and online in spring 2023. Visit the Covid-19 Updates for the latest information.

Smc Fall 2023 Schedule

Financial aid is used to pay tuition fees, books, transportation, room and board,

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