Slcc Summer 2023

Slcc Summer 2023 – Salt Lake Community College currently has 10 campuses in Salt Lake County. The university announced on Nov. 10 that all physical locations will be closed on Fridays for the 2023 summer semester. (Autumn Lucas)

Beginning with the summer semester of 2023, all physical locations of Salt Lake Community College will be closed on Fridays, with the exception of the South City Children’s Center.

Slcc Summer 2023

Slcc Summer 2023

The change, which affects only the summer, was announced to university staff in a Nov. 10 email. The Friday closure applies to both students and staff, with full-time employees having to split their 40-hour work week into four. working remotely on days or Fridays. The decision on which option to implement is agreed upon between the employee or team and their manager.

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The email mentioned slow operations on summer Fridays for the change, as well as the possibility of improving staff morale, implementing “efficiency protocols” to reduce energy and water use, and performing maintenance that does not affect university operations.

Slcc Summer 2023

“We wanted to make this announcement as soon as possible so our staff and departments can now make plans and think about the implications,” the email concluded.

Some staff members, like Jennifer Saunders, dean of the School of Applied Technology and Technical Professions, agree with the idea.

Slcc Summer 2023

Slcc Fashion Institute Will Depart Its Downtown Location For South City Next Year

“It makes sense to look at different hours during the summer,” Saunders said. “From the reports I’ve seen, the degree program will have little impact on planning or delivery. Nothing needs to be reorganized or rescheduled.”

“I don’t think limiting student access to resources outweighs the potential benefits,” said Angela Belnap, interim associate dean for health at the School of Health Sciences. “This is especially true for objects that cannot be duplicated at home.”

Slcc Summer 2023

Belnap cites reliable internet, medical simulation labs, study areas and quiet rooms as examples. He also said the schedule change could affect students’ work schedules.

What To Expect

“I think it’s a benefit for students to have campuses open,” Stringham said, “especially considering SLCC is a school with a lot of underserved students.” Being able to help people like that … is a benefit of closing the campus.”

Slcc Summer 2023

An email announcing the schedule change said the university will conduct a survey at the end of the summer semester to get feedback from full-time staff and students and “measure the success of the pilot.” In March, the education sector will raise tuition fees by 4 percent and student fees by 5.62 percent. The new rates will take effect in the spring 2023 semester. (Steve Speckman)

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Salt Lake Community College will join six other Utah public colleges in raising tuition in 2022.

Slcc Summer 2023

Hearing And Speech Center Parking Lots

Beginning in the summer of 2022, SLCC will raise tuition by 4%, which will add $138 per two semesters of 15 credits. The Utah Board of Higher Education also approved a $25, or 5.62%, increase in tuition for SLCC students.

“I and other students represented the Student Fees Committee from October 2021 to February 2022 to recommend an increase in student fees for the next academic year,” Simons wrote. “Increasing tuition fees and fees was shared with students at the “Truth in Education” event held in March.

Slcc Summer 2023

Peta Owens-Liston, SLCC’s assistant director of public relations, said the university is doing some work to deal with tuition increases. This includes raising the minimum wage for SLCC workers from $12 to $14 effective July 1.

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“Part of SLCC’s mission is to provide affordable access to education, so our leadership is very conscious of maintaining that and being sensitive to the pressures of our students,” Owens-Liston said.

Slcc Summer 2023

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, SLCC maintains its child care program through a combination of payments and grants from institutional funds and federal grants. SLCC President Denis Huftalin told the Tribune that he is trying to find other locations to cut costs.

Last year, SLCC shifted the funding source for some services, including the student newspaper, ID card, recycling and costs associated with running the Gender and Sexuality Student Resource Center, from fees to tuition, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

Slcc Summer 2023

Slcc’s Writing And Reading Center Is Back

SLCC reinstated the application fee, which is now $20. The school previously waived the fee during the COVID-19 pandemic, then $40.

Information on tuition, fees and grants can be found on the SLCC website. Financial aid offices are located on all four SLCC campuses. Salt Lake Community College’s Library Square Center, pictured, now houses the school’s Fashion Institute. Next year, the program will move to the South City campus. (Alexi Zollinger)

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Slcc Summer 2023

Salt Lake Community College fashion students will join their peers as the Fashion Institute prepares to move from the Library Square Center to the South City campus next year.

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Modje Sakaki, program manager at the Institute of Fashion, said she is excited about the next step, adding that fashion students thrive wherever they study. “Having a new, state-of-the-art facility definitely adds to the mix,” he said.

Slcc Summer 2023

Construction on the facility began Sept. 19 in the north wing of the South City campus, in the area that houses the campus’ childcare center before moving to the Tim and Brenda Huval Day Care Center outside the main building.

The move has been underway since 2019 and is now scheduled to be completed by the summer of 2023, according to Taleia Wallace, redevelopment project manager. He emphasized that there should be no obstacle for fashion students other than relocation.

Slcc Summer 2023

Slcc Summer Bridge

The fashion program has grown significantly since moving to Library Square in 2010, Sakaki said, adding that other programs formerly housed at Library Square (such as interior design and legal studies) are now located at the Taylorsville Redwood and South City campuses. respectively. .

For Sakaki, the transfer is a natural path to the program in the School of Arts, Communications and Media, located on the university’s South City Campus.

Slcc Summer 2023

“[We’re] the only program left at Library Plaza…it was logistically and financially feasible to move the program,” he said.

New Jordan Campus Student Center To Open Next Year

As the program prepares to make the move, Sakaki said he’s been impressed by the university’s support. “I have seen the great commitment of the college to providing access to all students in this program,” he said.

Slcc Summer 2023

In addition to helping the program, Sakaki believes the move will improve student safety, citing concerns about students leaving classes after dark and starting to walk on and around State Street.

The future of Library Plaza is murky because the university does not own the building and has leased it for the past decade.

Slcc Summer 2023

Helpful College Information Links

The renovation of the new facility is planned to be completed by March 31, 2023. More information about the University’s Institute of Fashion can be found on its website. The first building, delayed by the pandemic, is expected to open in 2023.

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(Leah Hogsten | Salt Lake Tribune) Salt Lake Community College’s Juniper Canyon Campus will break ground on March 12, 2021, on 90 acres in Herriman.

Slcc Summer 2023

Salt Lake Community College’s plan for a new campus in southwest Salt Lake County has been delayed a year by the coronavirus, as state dollars earmarked for the first building disappeared in the economic downturn caused by the pandemic.

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SLCC is breaking ground on the Herriman campus this summer with plans to open its first building in 2023, thanks to $32 million in restored funding under a funding bill signed Thursday by Gov. Spencer Cox. The new campus offers classes for mature and rising high school students in the communities surrounding SLCC and the University of Utah.

Slcc Summer 2023

Enrollment at the new campus will begin at 2,125 students in 2023 and grow to 6,750 students in 2025, the college told the Legislature in session earlier this month.

SLCC President Denis Huftalin said the campus will have 12 programs between the community college and the U.S. by 2025. Students can earn SLCC associate degrees and high school diplomas right here in the US.

Slcc Summer 2023

Salt Lake Community College Awarded $100,000 For Student Scholarships In Surgical Technology

The two organizations have worked together to identify programs for high-demand fields in Utah such as teaching, software, business and nursing, he said.

The 90,000-square-foot classroom building, slated to open in 2023, will be the first of many, Huftalin said. The master plan of the square is designed to connect with the existing road system in the city. The plan will be adjusted based on enrollment and program needs.

Slcc Summer 2023

While there are no geographic restrictions on who can take Herriman’s courses, she said she hopes students will primarily come from the surrounding communities.

Slcc Announces All Physical Locations Will Be Closed On Fridays In The Summer

“The goal is to help people stay in Herriman and not have to cross the entire valley to get to the U.S.,” he said.

Slcc Summer 2023

This availability reduces traffic and eases the load on full-time students

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