Rts Bus Schedule Fall 2023

Rts Bus Schedule Fall 2023 – Starting Monday, May 17, the Regional Transit Service is launching its redesigned public transit services, including changes to all routes, as well as an on-demand service , loop-to-loop that can be ordered up to 12 hours in. forward.

According to RTS spokesman Tom Brede, this is the first time RTS has overhauled the entire transit system in more than 40 years.

Rts Bus Schedule Fall 2023

Rts Bus Schedule Fall 2023

RTS is changing and renumbering 30 bus routes and adding an on-demand service similar to Uber Pool. Brede said most current customers will have to think about learning the new route numbers.

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The RTS overhaul includes 30 new tracks. The working hours will be from 5 am. to midnight on weekdays, and from 6 a.m. to midnight weekends.

Rts Bus Schedule Fall 2023

Bus routes are frequent every 15 minutes, from 6am. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday. After 6 p.m. on these days, the running times of frequent bus routes change to every 30 minutes.

Infrequent buses are scheduled to run every 30 minutes from 6am. to 6 p.m. and every hour thereafter from Monday to Friday.

Rts Bus Schedule Fall 2023

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Brede said customers can expect consistent routes, after years of odd deviations and small changes that have proved ineffective over time.

According to Brede, the fastest way to learn the new system is to call the RTS customer service team at 585-288-1700, and they will help you plan your trip.

Rts Bus Schedule Fall 2023

From May 10 to May 30, the RTS Customer Service team will be available from 5 AM to midnight seven days a week. Starting May 31, the team will be available from 6am. until 7 p.m. seven days a week.

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Customers can also visit reimagine.myrts.com and review the Old Way vs. New Way guide, which is also available in Spanish.

Rts Bus Schedule Fall 2023

Through an application called Transit – available in the Apple App Store and Google Play – customers can set up an RTS Go account to buy tickets online and plan their journeys.

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RTS On Demand is a new service that seeks to fill transportation gaps by launching a fleet of Americans with Disability-compliant vehicles that customers can register to reach areas outside bus routes.

Rts Bus Schedule Fall 2023

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With RTS On Demand, there are seven zones, and customers can book trips from 1 minute to 12 hours in advance, as long as the starting point and the ending point are within the same range.

Brene says the benefit of RTS On Demand buses is that they can pick up riders anywhere in the zones, even as close to your driveway.

Rts Bus Schedule Fall 2023

If the On Demand service is ordered by a rider who wants to complete a trip after using regular RTS buses, the service is $1.

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To book a ride on demand, customers must download the RTS On Demand app, available in the Apple App Store or Google Play. Customers can also call the RTS customer service line.

Rts Bus Schedule Fall 2023

After creating an account, users reach the home page – which contains a map with the seven zones – and press the “New Free Tour” button at the top. Like other ride-sharing apps, users then enter when and where they want to be picked up (within that same area) and where they want the ride to go. let go

To move to other On Demand Zones, customers can wait for RTS buses at the following connection points:

Rts Bus Schedule Fall 2023

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Natalia Rodríguez Medina is a bilingual reporter covering the Puerto Rican and Latino population for the Democrat and Chronicle in partnership with Report for America. Follow her on Twitter at @nataliarodmed or email her at [email protected]. You can support her work with a tax-deductible donation to Report for America. The cost of one of the regional transit services 10 electric buses can take between three and four hours. RTS plans reach 20 this year as they work to reduce emissions. The next entrants will have larger batteries to extend the range. But officials say hydrogen fuel cell buses may ultimately be the best option.

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And with $5 million in state funding recently announced by Gov. Kathy Hochul, they are about to find out.

Rts Bus Schedule Fall 2023

The transit authority found that Rochester’s climate — particularly its long winters — limits the range an electric bus can travel on a single charge. RTS has operated 10 electric buses over the past two winters.

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“They worked well,” said Bill Carpenter, head of RTS, but he estimates the range drops to about 30 miles on hot days, and 100 miles on cold days.

Rts Bus Schedule Fall 2023

As a result, in winter an electric bus cannot operate on about 70 percent of RTS routes because the routes are too long, officials said. The battery is less efficient in temperature, he said, and the AC and heater take a lot of energy.

So they ordered electric buses with bigger batteries. And with the $5 million, they will buy two full-size hydrogen fuel cell buses, some smaller ones and a fuel system.

Rts Bus Schedule Fall 2023

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“If we have electric, we’re either going to need more buses or battery technology to improve a lot to make the routes we have,” Carpenter said. “Hopefully, hydrogen could be a zero-emissions solution to that problem.”

The supply time is faster, measured in minutes, instead of hours with electricity. And the range is approaching diesel. At least that’s what RTS was told.

Rts Bus Schedule Fall 2023

RTS began working toward a zero-emissions fleet in 2017, with funding announced by then-Governor Andrew Cuomo. It made more money two years ago, setting a goal to electrify the fleets of RTS and other large public transport companies in the state until they reach zero emissions by 2035.

Bus Deployments: An Overview

The state set the same goal for school districts that continued with electricity. Gates-Chili recently acquired some electric buses. And officials broke ground last month on an electric bus facility in Batavia.

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Rts Bus Schedule Fall 2023

All this will require the replacement of hundreds of diesel-electric buses – each of which emits the equivalent emissions of 20 petrol cars.

Supply chain disruptions and labor shortages are major challenges to achieving that goal. And then there is cost.

Rts Bus Schedule Fall 2023

Regional Transit Service (rts) Archives

An electric bus is twice as expensive as a diesel bus. A hydrogen bus costs about three times as much, Carpenter said.

RTS has run 10 electric buses over the past two winters, and the findings have officials looking for options. The head of the RTS, Bill Carpenter, says that they either need more buses, or that the battery technology needs to be improved. That has RTS investigating hydrogen fuel cell buses as a possible better fit.

Rts Bus Schedule Fall 2023

Maintenance and fuel costs are much lower. The gasoline time is faster with hydrogen, measured in minutes like diesel, instead of hours with electricity. And the range is approaching diesel. At least that’s what RTS was told.

Location Map Of Rts Link Woodlands North Station & Ciq Building (image: Lta)

If RTS can run on hydrogen and perform well, Carpenter said it could be a model for the rest of the country. But it will take some time. At the earliest, the fuel cell buses will arrive in December 2023.

Rts Bus Schedule Fall 2023

“We’re committed to a zero-emissions solution,” he said. “It’s figuring out what’s going to work best for our community.”

To find out, RTS talks to researchers at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and the New York fuel cell company Plug Power, which has a large and growing footprint in the area.

Rts Bus Schedule Fall 2023

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“We want to have a better understanding of (alternative fuel buses) before we build our campus infrastructure.”

Brian Sharp is a business and development reporter at WXXI. He has been covering Rochester since 2005, working most of that time as an investigative reporter with the Democrat and Chronicle. His career as a journalist spans almost three decades.

Rts Bus Schedule Fall 2023

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