Nyu Spring Break 2023

Nyu Spring Break 2023 – Congratulations on your admission to Liberal Studies at New York University. We look forward to having you join our community of students and scholars next spring. Congratulations on your excellent academic credentials: Only more than 105,000 applicants to NYU have the opportunity to enroll in Liberal Studies, and you should be very proud to be among them.

Academic advisors are available to support you throughout your time in Liberal Studies, helping answer questions you may have about course selection, degree requirements, academic options, leadership and service opportunities, and more. Feel free to contact us with any questions at [email protected].

Nyu Spring Break 2023

Nyu Spring Break 2023

The Liberal Studies Core curriculum allows you to explore NYU’s best offerings with the benefits of a traditional liberal arts college. Small classes and individualized advice encourage you to tailor your NYU experience to your goals and interests. The interdisciplinary academic foundation provided by our liberal arts curriculum and the classes you choose from NYU’s other colleges and programs will prepare you for transition to your chosen degree program as a junior.

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As a liberal studies student, you complete your major requirements and take courses in your major field of study during your first four terms. After successfully completing the LS core curriculum, you will transfer to another NYU participating school to complete your final two years at the university. Your academic advisor guides you each semester through course selections to prepare you to transition into your desired major.

Nyu Spring Break 2023

In the spring semester, you will enroll in the first three core LS classes: Antiquity, Global Works, and Arts and Cultures through Society: Antiquity, Writing as Discovery, and a fourth class/elective in consultation with your academic advisor.

Your mandatory summer semester completes your first-year curriculum requirements and includes three core LS courses (12 credits) in a special 10-week summer session: Arts and Cultures at the Crossroads, Work in Global and Society in a Changing World, and Writing as Critical Research. LS Core classes are scheduled for 10 weeks, from late May to early August. With the guidance of your academic advisor, you may choose to take the fourth class in the summer, which is a 6-week session. This program should provide students with a full month of summer vacation before the start of fall. Take advantage of this time to recharge for the semester!

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Nyu Spring Break 2023

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Arts and Cultures at the Crossroads, Global Tasks and Society in a Changing World, Writing as Critical Inquiry

In the first two semesters, you will take primarily liberal studies classes to establish a foundation in the liberal arts while meeting the graduation requirements for most NYU programs. We’ve compiled course descriptions to give you an idea of ​​what’s covered in some of the classes you might take in Liberal Studies.

Nyu Spring Break 2023

Writing as Exploration and Writing as Critical Inquiry focus on the elements of expository writing, argument presentation, and inquiry to equip you with the communication skills necessary for each field.

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Art and Cultures and Global Works and Society is based on the study of great works from antiquity to the Enlightenment. In arts and cultures, you study literature, art history and music; Course examples include Death, Divinity, and Power in Ancient World Cultures and Global Arts at the End of Performance. In Global Works and Society you will focus on philosophy, religion, political and social theory and history; Sample courses include Mythic Origins of Philosophy and Science and Politics, Ethics, and Epistemology in Antiquity. The sequences provide an introduction to the critical analysis and synthetic thinking skills necessary for successful studies in all academic disciplines.

Nyu Spring Break 2023

In addition, your curriculum will include a number of elective courses that can be chosen from Liberal Studies and other NYU schools. Your advisor will guide you in choosing from NYU’s extensive offerings, including Microeconomics, Power and Politics in America, Middle Eastern Cultures, Introduction to Psychology, Environmental Studies, Chinese Language, and hundreds more! These options are designed to help you choose a career or work in a specific field.

New Student Orientation begins in late January and continues through the first three weeks of the semester! We welcome you to NYU with activities that introduce you to liberal studies, the university, and the city. Begin your undergraduate education with a liberal studies convocation. Make a difference in your new home by volunteering on a day of service. Your New York University journey begins here.

Nyu Spring Break 2023

Winter Term 2023 Class Schedule

Freshman Experience Liberal Studies Advisory Groups offer first-year students the opportunity to establish a small community during orientation and during the first semester. Advisory groups provide a welcoming and supportive environment to build relationships with your peers, your academic advisor, and student leaders, as well as learn important information about advising and enrollment. Specifically, your new student experience will include:

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For students living on campus, look for an email from Residential Life and Housing Services that provides information about your housing assignment and move-in instructions in early January. For more details and deadlines, visit Next Stop NYU

Nyu Spring Break 2023

NYU’s Spring Welcome hosts over 200 events for new and returning students! Welcome activities take place during the first few weeks of the spring semester, offering a series of special events, information sessions and get-togethers for all students to start the new semester. Recommended activities will be highlighted in your advisor’s welcome materials, although you are welcome to attend as many as possible.

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During the summer and fall, we will be in touch to help inform you of opportunities, expectations, and deadlines, preparing you for your enrollment in NYU Liberal Studies. Be sure to check your NYU email account regularly and keep an eye out for messages from your advisor. Additionally, throughout the fall semester, you will receive the monthly Spring Into LS newsletter. As medical students at NYU Long Island School of Medicine, you will learn the basic and clinical sciences that underpin all medical education while gaining a fundamental understanding of health systems. Science: The study of how health care is delivered, how health care providers work together, and strategies to provide safe and high-quality patient care.

Nyu Spring Break 2023

Our curriculum emphasizes the establishment of integrated care pathways, patient care planning that outlines the necessary steps to treat patients with specific clinical conditions across multiple medical disciplines, and improves communication and collaboration between primary care providers and hospital specialists in the community.

As a student in our program, you will earn your medical degree faster and at a significantly lower cost than students at other medical schools. Check out our academic calendars. As a graduate, you are ready to transform the way medicine is practiced.

Nyu Spring Break 2023

What You Need To Know About The Nyu Stern Mba Program

In the first phase, students spend 46 weeks completing interdisciplinary pre-clerkship courses that cover basic science concepts in biology, anatomy, and physiology. Learn about the behavioral and social aspects of medical practice and develop the skills you need during your internship to interact with patients and other healthcare providers.

Our language acquisition course introduces you to the fundamentals of science with case-based clinical learning exercises. Subsequent courses on organ systems take place in a dynamic mix of small and large group sessions to encourage active learning.

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Nyu Spring Break 2023

In the afternoon, you will participate in comprehensive length courses. Includes training in clinical skills with a focus on integrating the structural content of anatomy, histology, pathology and radiology; Health Systems Science Topics; and Continuous Ambulatory Practice Experience (CAPE). You will also receive peer support and peer faculty during the Learning Community: Social Sciences, Humanities, Ethics and Professionalism (SHEP) meetings.

Facility Hours Set For J Term

Throughout the first phase, you will engage in problem-based learning cases, small group discussions, large group lectures, seminars, clinical skills training, clinical simulations and evening teaching experiences.

Nyu Spring Break 2023

You have the opportunity to participate in research. This may include completing literature reviews in the relevant area of ​​study; Apply basic statistical analysis and current data; maintain a laboratory notebook with records of experiments and research notes; and attend lectures and laboratory meetings. If you choose to participate in research, present your research findings and prepare an abstract for submission to an appropriate expert meeting.

You have time to explore personal interests or participate in tutoring sessions to improve your performance in areas of study that are difficult for you.

Nyu Spring Break 2023

Event Calendar — Aperio Philanthropy

This program represents the first phase of the NYU Long Island School of Medicine curriculum. All students progress through the first 46 weeks of medical school instruction on the same timeline. Students participate in longitudinal courses at first level, including health systems and population health, learning communities, CAPE, and practice of medicine, as well as organ systems courses.

In the second phase, students spend 49 weeks participating in orientation and core office rotations at NYU-Long Island Langone Hospital and our clinical training centers. They complete a structured Capstone 1 course to prepare for Level 1 of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), the 3-part exam required for medical licensure, also known as the “Boards.” In the second phase, students develop the clinical judgment necessary to diagnose diseases and treat patients.

Nyu Spring Break 2023

Students participate in core internships in several areas: internal medicine, neurology/rehabilitation, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, primary care, psychiatry, and surgery. While all trainers have specific goals and expectations for each intern, most training depends on their needs

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