Nyu Calendar Spring 2023

Nyu Calendar Spring 2023 – Join us in person or via Zoom for a short workshop with Annabelle Gutierrez (Postdoctoral Fellow in the Library of Latin American, Caribbean, and Indigenous Studies). The presentation introduces the services provided by the Gutiérrezcan Subject Library and highlights some of the finding points, an excellent example of finding tools for primary, secondary and tertiary sources for researchers and students interested in Latin American, Caribbean and Latino studies. The workshop was sponsored by CLACS, the Department of History, the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, and KJCC.

Annabelle Gutierrez is Assistant Curator/Associate Faculty in the Library’s Department of Research and Research Services. She is the library liaison for the Department of Latin American, Caribbean and Indigenous Studies. Annabelle holds an MA in Latin American Studies from San Diego State University, an MLIS from San Jose State University, and a BA in Spanish Literature with a minor in Latin American History from the University of California, San Diego. She was previously an assistant librarian in the Department of Research, Teaching and Outreach at San Diego State University.

Nyu Calendar Spring 2023

Nyu Calendar Spring 2023

Annabelle is a postcolonial Latin American, focused on diasporic and immigrant groups from Latin America and the Caribbean on the US-Mexico border. Annabel’s current ethnographic research on Haitian immigrants in Tijuana uses qualitative mixed methods consisting of surveys and open-ended interviews. His research in Latin American studies intersects with anthropology, history and Spanish. She is the recipient of a Tinker Field Research grant for her initial research on the kitchens of Haitian immigrants in Tijuana. Her academic library research interests include reference and user services, instruction, open access and diversity, and integration into libraries and higher education. . This workshop is open to NIU students and NIU alumni. MEIS alumnus Geoff Porter will talk about his post-doctoral experience and discuss opportunities in the private sector. It addresses the following questions: What career opportunities exist in the private sector for graduates with experience in Central and North Africa? What fields, careers and positions are open to Kevo graduate profiles? What are future employers looking for in the private sector? What are the aspects of these options?

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Nyu Calendar / Schack Institute Of Real Estate Certificate And Continuing Education: Spring 2021 Information Session

Dr. Geoff D. Porter is the founder of North African Risk Consulting, North African Risk Consulting. North Africa Risk Consulting advises clients on the geopolitical risks of Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia and their impact on the investment environment. In addition to managing the North African Risk Advisory Service, Dr. Porter is employed by the Counter-Terrorism Centre. United States Military Academy at West Point, USA, where he previously worked as an assistant professor from 2013-2016. Dr. Porter is also an Associate Professor of Political Science at Fordham University. Prior to founding North Africa Risk Consulting, Dr Porter was Director of a leading political risk consultancy for the Middle East and Africa. Earlier in his career, Dr. Porter was a professor of medieval and North African history at Trinity College in Hartford. He received his bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees from NIU.

Nyu Calendar Spring 2023

Requests for disability accommodations must be sent to [email protected] by April 4, 2023. A good faith effort will be made to fulfill the request. “Serra Maestra: Cuba and Panama’s Third World and the Struggle for the Panama Canal,” by Mary Pensak (Ph.D., New York History).

Contact Dantae Garee Elliott at [email protected] to access the paper and zoom link. Always feel free to contact if you have any questions.

Nyu Calendar Spring 2023

Clacs Ma Presentations

In January 1976, Panamanian leader Omar Torrijos landed at the Jose Marti International Airport in Havana and met Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro for the first time. Even though the two were old friends, they embraced. Their admiration testified to the two men’s mutual respect: each saw himself as a champion of Latin American anti-imperialism in the face of American tyranny. More precisely, they shared the common goal of reclaiming territory that had been under American control since the founding of their republic. Torrijos has led an international campaign to gain sovereignty over the US-controlled Panama Canal Zone, while Ctro has repeatedly called for the return of US-held territory in Guantanamo Bay. Torrijos’ crusade led to the signing of an agreement in late 1977 that ceded the canal to Panama, an achievement Castro saw as a victory for anti-imperialism everywhere.

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Several critical factors contributed to the success of the Torrijos movement: the 1976 trip to Havana marked Panama’s alliance with Third World interests and international organizations, a movement of which Cuba had long been a self-proclaimed ally. face This strategic alliance with the CTRO is nothing more than gaining the support of the colonial world. He also eased tensions between Cuba and the United States in order to achieve Panama’s own nationalist goals. The effectiveness of this approach was contributed by the global mood between the Soviet Union and the United States, the focus of American foreign policy under President Jimmy Carter, and the subsequent clear commitment to the human rights and sovereignty of other countries. The Vietnam War. Taken together, these factors demonstrate the influence of the Cuban Revolution on the eventual transfer of the Panama Canal, as well as the importance of Panama to the emerging Third World non-aligned movement in the context of Cuba’s unwilling but inflexible economic dependence. The Soviet Union. It also examines how Cuban, Panamanian, and American leaders understood themselves and their countries during the Canal negotiations and how these identities intersected with the closing of the Panama Canal. Older versions are not supported. To make sure your browser user data is secure. Update to the latest version.

Nyu Calendar Spring 2023

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Nyu Calendar Spring 2023

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Nyu Calendar Spring 2023

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Nyu Calendar Spring 2023

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Nyu Calendar Spring 2023

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Nyu Calendar Spring 2023

Student Gov’t Seeks Changes To Nyu Academic Calendar

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Nyu Calendar Spring 2023

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Nyu Calendar Spring 2023

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Nyu Calendar Spring 2023

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