Nau Spring Break 2023

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Students were deep in the Klein Library on the first day of the spring 2022 semester at Northern Arizona University in this documentary photo. File by Jake Bacon, Arizona Daily Sun

Nau Spring Break 2023

Nau Spring Break 2023

The fall semester of the 2022-2023 academic year begins next week for students at Northern Arizona University (NAU), and as students return to campus, the school prepares for the new year.

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NAU organized a meeting Monday morning about the upcoming academic year, the first school at the school, with an event designed to reflect on the past year, as well as to discuss the goals for the next year. According to university president Jose Luis Cruz Rivera.

Nau Spring Break 2023

Cruz Rivera, who heads the university for the second year, began to outline his plans and goals during his speech.

Last year, the university focused on three main goals: developing leadership and team structure, developing a strategic plan with priorities that would distinguish NAU from other public universities in Arizona, and finding ways to bring the university to the higher education market and demonstrate its value. . . He said the university had been “very successful” last year in meeting its goals, citing projects such as the creation of multiple boards, a new constitution, the Senate, the Access2Excellence initiative, TrueBlue summer Fridays and the pilot program. .

Nau Spring Break 2023

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Cruz Rivera also laid out NAU’s 2025 Strategic Roadmap, approved by the Arizona Board of Governors (ABOR) in June, and highlighted the university’s efforts on seven priorities for the next three years.

The university is in the process of identifying the project according to the priorities outlined in the plan and received a total of 108 applications.

Nau Spring Break 2023

“If we can move forward with the priorities we have set for ourselves in this plan, it will not only serve our students and their communities well, but also serve as a blueprint for great high schools and other universities across the country. “It’s like striving to better serve your people.”

Nau Student Found Dead On Campus

This year’s work will also focus on three areas: implementation of the roadmap, development of comprehensive operational elements and mapping of the “new NAU”, although the objectives of the ABOR are not yet defined.

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Nau Spring Break 2023

Among the operational items mentioned by Cruz Rivera are compensation, faculty and staff evaluations, housing and safety, implementation of common curricula and resources to support student mental health.

NAU’s new chapter is looking at ways to use online programs and websites across the state to better serve the needs of students. It includes an analysis of its registration manager.

Nau Spring Break 2023

Branded Coffee Cart Extends Jazzman’s Brand At Nau

Like last year, NAU will work to prove its worth, as Cruz Rivera said, “the value of higher education is under attack.”

“Unless we can change the narrative through our actions and demonstrate success, it will continue to undermine our ability to do our work and get the necessary resources, public or private, to advance it.”

Nau Spring Break 2023

Universities are trying to position themselves as a source of labor when new employers learn of their plans to relocate to Arizona.

Top Recruit Colin Sahlman May Not Race For Nau This Fall

“We have two to three years to prepare to be a platform for all these new companies to be well-trained, engaged thinkers who can help them get the job done,” he said. Their “.

Nau Spring Break 2023

A “more detailed vision” for the university this year will be announced later this September, Cruz Rivera said, referring to the September ABOR meeting and his Sept. 30 appointment as chairman.

On Monday, August 15, NAU also announced its COVID-19 response plan for the academic year. As with other K-12 schools in the region, efforts are focused on CDC recommendations based on the Cacanino County community level.

Nau Spring Break 2023

Northern Arizona University Announces Second Draft Of Strategic Road Map

“In the two and a half years since the epidemic began, we have learned a lot and can now use proven and effective means to reduce and control the virus and its consequences,” the statement said. “… As always, we will closely monitor the terms of consultation with our regional and regional partners, monitor case work and follow CDC guidance, making appropriate adjustments as necessary.”

Universities encourage, rather than require, face masks in most places on campus, with the exception of “health and medical facilities” where face masks are required. The NAU campus will continue to be “mask easy” and will be providing free N95 masks to the campus community at an information desk in the Student Union and Du Bois Center

Nau Spring Break 2023

The Fieldhouse will not offer testing for the fall semester, ending the university’s voluntary testing program. Those who have symptoms can be evaluated by campus health services. NAU will continue to collect and monitor wastewater samples at its facilities in Flagstaff.

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Nau Women’s Basketball Record Book By Nau Athletics

Both students and university staff are encouraged to follow the CDC’s guidelines for loneliness and exposure. Colleges and employees who test positive will work with their manager to prepare for remote work during the isolation period.

Nau Spring Break 2023

Students who test positive are advised to self-isolate or go home for solitude and engage in active conversation with classmates who test positive. They can use college notification requests to notify teachers and find ways to continue their academic work while in isolation.

Cruz Rivera wrote in a statement: “It is important that all of us at NAU actively participate and exemplify a community of care that defines our culture, respects the choices of others, and helps preserve ourselves and our community. Our broad spectrum must be healthy,” he wrote in Cruz Rivera’s statement.

Nau Spring Break 2023

Social Media Posts For Northern Arizona University

More information about COVID in Coconino County, including testing and vaccination locations, can be found at

Classes at the NAU Flagstaff campus were canceled for a second day in an effort to “relieve the effects of the ongoing winter storm.”

Nau Spring Break 2023

The Flagstaff Unified School District (FUSD) announced Tuesday afternoon that its school will continue to be closed on Wednesday, January 18 at …

Covid Plans Outlined At Nau Convocation

The Flagstaff Unified School District announced Sunday night that there will be a two-hour delay beginning Jan. 2 due to winter weather.

Nau Spring Break 2023

FUSD and other schools – including FALA, NPA, SFdA and FJA – will have a two-hour snow delay on Tuesday morning.

The CCC found new leadership and property tax reallocation through 2022 as NAU developed a number of programs aimed at expanding access to higher education.

Nau Spring Break 2023

Academic Calendar 2020 2021 1

Student-made food boxes will be sent to the Galapagos Islands to help reduce the number of endangered species.

Students were deep in the Klein Library on the first day of the spring 2022 semester at Northern Arizona University in this documentary photo.

Nau Spring Break 2023

20 Copyright 2023 Arizona Daily Sun, 1751 S. Thompson Flagstaff, AZ 86001 | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Do not sell my information | Cookie Options With the addition of 10 players to the Northern Arizona football program, Lumberjacks coach Chris Ball and the rest of the coaching staff have reached the point of recruiting since the season ended a month ago.

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Nau Partners With Mexican University To Offer Students Cross Cultural Entrepreneurial Experience

Of the 10 signees in the national signing period as recently as Wednesday, five arrived in Arizona, three joined the Lumberjacks from Texas and two from Flagstaff, California. The Lumberjacks brought in nine from high school, with one transferred from an elementary school in Mississippi.

Nau Spring Break 2023

Six players will join Jerry Partridge’s defense, while two will line up on defense, two at linebacker and two at defensive end. Offensive tackle Aaron Pflugrad added four on the first day of the signing period, one at quarterback and three at receiver.

The rest of Northern Arizona’s 2022-23 signing class will be announced on Feb. 1, the first day of the regular signing period.

Nau Spring Break 2023

Soccer In Flagstaff And Nau Basketball Preview

After spending time in the fall building momentum and working on a new team, the Lumberjacks men’s tennis team announced their spring schedule this week with familiar opponents and new foes on the roster.

The Lumberjacks are coming off a 19-9 record last season when they went 6-2 in the Big Sky before losing in the semifinals of the Conference Championship to Montana. Looking back, the Lumberjacks will play 12 home games in Flagstaff and will be on the road for 14 with four ITA-ranked teams on the schedule. For most men’s tennis matches, 12 home matches will be played in one season.

Nau Spring Break 2023

The Bulldogs went 14-17 last season, ending a struggling record with a 4-3 loss to Farley Dickinson in the Northeast Conference championship game.

New Scholarship Program Offers Free Tuition To Some Az Students Who Enroll In State Universities

Northern Arizona will host Arizona Christian for two games on January 21st. Northern Arizona plays two more games next weekend against Mesa Community College and No. 65 Denver.

Nau Spring Break 2023

Northern Arizona and Denver met last season in Denver, with the former losing 5-2. The Lumberjacks drew twice with Facunda Tumoza and Eban Strucker-Meads winning their matches and Matej Ziomber and Daniel Dillon taking third. Ziomber took his team’s second point with a 3-6, 6-3, 7-5 win at the fourth spot over Denver’s Peter Salei.

The Lumberjacks will be on the road throughout February, starting their eight-game run in Las Cruces against New Zealand.

Nau Spring Break 2023

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