Montco Summer Classes 2023

Montco Summer Classes 2023 – At Montco, we want to make sure you’re set up for success from the first day of class to the day you graduate.

Find resources, videos, and information on topics ranging from how to navigate the board, finding your courses, purchasing your textbooks, getting technical support, logging into Montco Connect, and more.

Montco Summer Classes 2023

Montco Summer Classes 2023

If a question is not answered in the list below, please contact the Student Services Team (SSRC) who can assist you via online chat or email at ssrc@.

Montco Commissioners Vote To Advertise 2023 Budget With 8% Tax Increase

The University will not require students or staff to be vaccinated at this time. However, as a primary school of vaccines, we encourage you to get your vaccinations.

Montco Summer Classes 2023

Montco does not require masks indoors as of June 15. All applicable cleanup and removal regulations will remain in effect.

What should I do if I test positive for COVID-19 or come into contact with someone who has COVID-19?

Montco Summer Classes 2023

Band Program / Montco Band

If you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or have tested positive for COVID-19, let us know at covid19questions@ and we will provide you with instructions on next steps.

Montco Connect is a communication platform that includes a companion mobile app. In addition to providing links to systems important to students, faculty, and staff (eg, Blackboard, payment center, teaching, or email), Montco Connect provides access to online groups, personal assignments and messages, calendar, academic profile, and more.

Montco Summer Classes 2023

You can log in to Montco Connect by going to and clicking on Log In located in the upper right corner. Or feel free to bookmark a link. for easy access or download the Montco Connect mobile app in the Apple or Android store.

Crave Montco Month

Learn about Montco Connect and how to configure your profile settings in the Caregiver or Applicant Quick Start Guide

Montco Summer Classes 2023

To become a Montco student, you must first apply to the university. After you apply, you will need to follow the steps on the Freshman Checklist before meeting with your advisor who will register you for your first class at Montco.

A meeting with your academic advisor is mandatory if you are a new student without a degree or higher. At the end of the planning session, your advisor can help you with class registration.

Montco Summer Classes 2023

Montco Losing $62m In School Funding Every Year Due To Hobbled Fair Funding Formula

Your academic advisor is determined by your program of study. If you are an enrolled student, you can find your advisor by logging into MySuccessNetwork through Montco Connect. MySuccessNetwork also allows you to schedule online counseling sessions.

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Your student’s academic planner will be your guide to success at Montco. Working with your advisor, you will plan, select, and take courses that will help you complete your degree. Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to graduation.

Montco Summer Classes 2023

The Student Service Resource Center (SSRC) team is available to assist you via online chat or email at ssrc@. The team is available Monday-Saturday.

Classes & Camps

Montco offers students the option to spread their tuition payments through our payment plan. Find out if you qualify.

Montco Summer Classes 2023

Financial aid at Montco is a great resource to help you pay for college. Completing the FAFSA tells you if you qualify for aid. You may be eligible for federal grants, PA state grants, scholarships and awards, federal work study, loans and tax credits!

You can choose online in Montco Connect by going to Tools >> Finance >> My Payment Center.

Montco Summer Classes 2023

North Montco Tech Seeking Clinical Setting For Allied Health Program

It is important to note that financial aid may be affected by changes in your course schedule. Adding, dropping, or dropping a course may affect your financial aid.

Montco’s dates and deadlines website shows when you have to pay for a class, when you can drop a class without penalty, the last day for a full refund and more.

Montco Summer Classes 2023

Watch this video to learn how to add/drop/cancel your course. Be sure to follow the dates and deadlines to change without penalty.

Montco Parents Speak Out About Child Abuse At Horsham School

To access your courses, go to Montco Connect > Self-Service > Curriculum. You will then see an option to click on Plan & Schedule. This will list all the courses you are currently enrolled in.

Montco Summer Classes 2023

Your lessons will also be recorded in Blackboard, or you can view the Blackboard Lessons widget in Montco Connect. You should also check your Montco email for any information from your instructor.

Don’t see your courses on the board? Do not get nervous! Lessons may not be available until the first day of classes.

Montco Summer Classes 2023

Summer Session 3

If you don’t see a course listed, make sure you’re registered. If you are registered and do not see your lesson after the first day, please contact your instructor.

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Your program has both on-campus and online starts listed in your location/room assignment. In this example, the first day on campus is Monday, September 13th in Parkhouse Hall, room 336. The online class takes place on September 1st.

Montco Summer Classes 2023

You will attend distance learning through Blackboard, our learning management system. To access the system, log into Montco Connect and select the Blackboard icon from the Quick Links menu.

Montco Sends Out 16,000 Defective Ballots

Don’t see your courses on the board? Do not get nervous! Lessons may not be available until the first day. However, you can confirm your course plan in self-service at any time.

Montco Summer Classes 2023

Yes, you can use your financial aid to buy textbooks! Books must be purchased from the virtual bookstore through book booking. An email notification, with instructions, will be sent to eligible students when your reservation is available.

Access Montco (student) email through Montco Connect. Once you find the link, bookmark the page. You can also download the Outlook app to your mobile phone.

Montco Summer Classes 2023

Montgomery County Approves Union Contracts Featuring Salary Hikes In 3% Range

Yes! The university sends you important emails through this email address and it is in your best interest to check your inbox daily. Whether it’s a financial aid announcement, payments, registration reminder, or a snapshot of campus events, you’ll want to tune in. Sign in to Outlook.

Yes. With a few clicks, you can merge students’ email addresses with their mailbox. Follow the steps for Outlook or contact customer support at helpdesk@ or 215-641-6495.

Montco Summer Classes 2023

On July 5, the university moved student email accounts from Gmail to Outlook. If you applied to the University before 5 July 2022 and have not registered for a course, you will still have access to the Gmail account you originally set up. However, once you enroll in a course, your email will be moved to Outlook.

Conicelli Sponsors The North Montco Car Show!

We ask all students to verify your personal information such as address, email address and phone number. It is important that we have up-to-date information to ensure that we can contact you if necessary. To view your profile data, simply go to your user profile, review your information and, if correct, select verify for each field. Click the pencil icon to edit information or click the “X” icon to remove old information.

Montco Summer Classes 2023

The time frame for adding/dropping may depend on your semester and session. See the registration calendar or contact your advisor.

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For the change of major to take effect in the current semester, you must submit the request before the end of the semester. Changes to the main dates for each semester can be found on the Dates and Deadlines webpage. Any significant changes received after the deadline will be effective the following semester.

Montco Summer Classes 2023

Montco Bikes 31

At Montco, we believe that everyone should have access to a quality education at an affordable price. That’s why we developed the Student Success Center so that students have a wide range of support services, all in one place. Whether you need housing, child care, meals, tutoring, career guidance or counseling, senior or disability services, mental health and wellness support, the Student Success Center can help. Check your study material.

Yes, parking tickets are required for students to park on campus. Submit a parking pass application online in Montco Connect under Resources > Apply Parking Pass. We will post your parking pass to the address you have provided.

Montco Summer Classes 2023

Your student ID is now digital and accessible online. The digital ID is an official ID for the university image and gives you access to campus facilities and services. All images submitted are used for internal purposes only.

Fy2023 Budget Conversation

If you do not yet have a student ID, the online MyPhoto system is now public and you can upload your photo directly to Montco Connect under Quick Links > Submit Virtual ID Photo.

Montco Summer Classes 2023

Check-in services will be offered in a hybrid fashion – both on campus in Parkhouse Hall and College Hall on the Blue Bell campus and in South Hall (room 234) on the Pottstown campus or available virtually through the Student Resource Center (SSRC) ) online chat or at ssrc@.

Cafeteria – CafĂ©Montco To support the needs of Culinary Arts and Pastry students, departments, and programs, the College Hall cafeteria kitchen will transition to these programs and cease offering food service for the start of the 2023 semester beginning Wednesday, May 21 .

Montco Summer Classes 2023

Summer Blood Drive

Montco Market, a grocery store offering fresh and frozen food, beverages and snacks, is now open in Parkhouse Hall, the Health Sciences Center on the Blue Bell Campus and North Hall on the Pottstown Campus. Food options are available at all hours of the day. Learn more.

Fresh and frozen vending machines are available in North Iceland

Montco Summer Classes 2023

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