Missouri Winter Forecast 2023

Missouri Winter Forecast 2023 – 8 The First Alert Weather Team expects a fairly seasonal winter with average snowfall and wide temperature variations.

National Weather Service offices across the region have declared this week as Winter Weather Preparedness Week. The 2021-2022 winter got off to a surprisingly warm start, with December warmer than average November. We then switched to a cooler and more active pattern in January and February.

Missouri Winter Forecast 2023

Missouri Winter Forecast 2023

The winters of 2021-2022 and 2020-2021 were both La Niña years, and this trend is expected to repeat for the 2022-2023 season. La Nina is when the water over the equatorial oceans is cooler than average. A third year of La Niña is extremely rare, but conditions should begin to ease during the “neutral phase” of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation, or ENSO.

St. Louis Winter Weather, Snowfall Outlook 2022 23

In typical La Nina years, we see a wavy jet stream. The jet stream helps propel systems in their path and often separates warm air from cold air, placing mid-Missouri in a “war zone.”

Missouri Winter Forecast 2023

While central Missouri is in a “war zone” between warm and cold air, it is generally above average in temperature and below average in precipitation in the south. Temperatures are below average in the north and above average precipitation is likely.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) winter outlook for the year favors this pattern, but does not provide a very strong signal for central Missouri.

Missouri Winter Forecast 2023

La Niña Is Strengthening, Potential Winter 2022 2023 Impacts

In an average year we see about 15 to 18 inches of snowfall and expect to be in the 15 to 20 inch range for the winter season. Additionally, snowfall has become common in March and April. We are likely to continue this trend, especially as we begin to transition into a “neutral” ENSO phase.

The temperature will often struggle! We are likely to see a large temperature shift from above-average to below-average temperatures, giving us an increased risk of snowmelt and blizzards.

Missouri Winter Forecast 2023

The best way to prepare for winter is to stay up to date! 8 Trust trusted sources like the First Alert Weather Team for honest and straightforward forecasts that ignore the hype you’ll inevitably see on social media.

Kendra Kent’s 2022 2023 Winter Prediction

Download the 8 First Alert Weather app on your smartphone and enable notifications. Go to your settings and make sure to turn on “8 Alerts” to receive exclusive video updates from the First Alert Weather Team.

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Missouri Winter Forecast 2023

Are you ready for winter? 8 Stay up to date with the First Alert Weather team with the First Alert Weather app. To get exclusive video updates from the team when changes happen you go into settings and make sure “8 Alerts” is turned on. Screenshots to guide if needed 🙂 pic.twitter.com/p0aQDulT5y — Matt Beckwith (@Matt) November 10, 2022

Also, it’s always a good idea to have an emergency kit in your vehicle before the winter weather hits. When winter weather inevitably hits, take proper precautions such as slowing down and giving extra space between your car and the cars around you.

Missouri Winter Forecast 2023

Farmers’ Almanac Winter Forecast For Illinois 2022 2023

Trust 8 First Alert Weather to give you storm mode coverage before, during and after a winter storm. It’s a promise and commitment we take seriously.

This week is Winter Weather Preparedness Week! Today’s theme is terminology so it’s time to review Storm Mode! Ahead of winter weather, the 8 First Alert weather team goes into storm mode. Thankfully it’s never guaranteed #MidMoWx #MoWx #MoWinterPrep pic.twitter.com/okLzvbWNuA — Matt Beckwith (@Matt) November 7, 2022 We’re moving away from the chilly part of fall and straight into the teeth of winter. Our Weather First team has a look at what to expect as it gets colder.

Missouri Winter Forecast 2023

ST LOUIS – The leaves have fallen and put our watches back. We know it’s going to be cold now and we’re going to have some cold rain soon.

Get Ready For A Frigid And Snowy Winter In Minnesota

But what exactly is expected this year? Is the map below the most accurate prediction we can give you this season? Are Woolly Worms and Persimmon Seed Seasonal Important?

Missouri Winter Forecast 2023

Winter has the most variables that have a certain amount of weight. The Weather First team will do their best throughout the season to keep you informed of how each storm will affect our area.

Chief Meteorologist Scott Connell took a look at this year’s pattern and spoke with the National Weather Service about what it could mean in the coming months.

Missouri Winter Forecast 2023

Farmers’ Almanac Not Looking Pretty For Winter In Michigan

You may have seen us share the map below in some way or another almost every year. Whether it’s snow, sleet, freezing rain, rain or a mix of all these…it’s all just a matter of degrees.

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This is the major problem with any winter forecast, and sometimes these changes are not apparent until 12-24 hours before the storm arrives.

Missouri Winter Forecast 2023

We think of December, January and February as winter in meteorological terms. Our average temperature during this period is around 35 degrees, with January being the coldest month in St. Petersburg. Louis area.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac Bold Winter Forecast For North Dakota

We average 16.6 inches of snowfall for the season, which in this case is calculated for the entire calendar year. Liquid precipitation (via melt) is only 8 inches over a 3-month period.

Missouri Winter Forecast 2023

So, with all this information, what does every meteorologist on the Weather First team think will happen this year?

Scott: I think most seasons are average, temperature-wise. We’ll have two cold snaps and most of our snow will come in mid-January and early February. Our coldest temperature all season is around 0 degrees.

Missouri Winter Forecast 2023

What Will Winter Look Like In Missouri, Kansas: Noaa Outlook

Anthony: We’ve had pretty wide spreads lately when it comes to temperatures, and I think winter is no different. As a result of the large spread, I think we could reach a minimum winter temperature of -7 degrees. I’m not a fan of snow, so I only “wish” for 9 inches (or less) for the season!

Tracy: Based on our rain events this year, I’m hoping we’ll get some significant snowfall. No doubt we will have some very dry weeks, I think when we do get snow it will really fall. I definitely love winter, so I want extreme cold and snow!

Missouri Winter Forecast 2023

Gary: While it’s hard to ignore the La Niña pattern, it’s still hard to get away from what’s been happening here and in the Midwest for the past 4-5 years. It is very cold, but not humid. When we have moisture, it’s very warm and we don’t really get snow. I think it’s more likely that we’ll have two separate high snowfall events (4 inches+) this year. But I still expect us to continue somewhat of the recent drought. For the first time in four years, there was no snow in November in the state. At least it’s a sign that we have something different. But as winters have persisted in recent years, we may not be rid of snow chances until March.

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Farmers’ Almanac: South Dakota Will Spend Winter In The Freezer

Jim: A “triple dip” La Nina should be a pattern where we see this extreme view from above average to just below average throughout the season. Below average snowfall while our drought continues, relatively speaking, around 0 degrees in the low season.

Missouri Winter Forecast 2023

Please continue to follow this article in the coming months. You can hold us accountable and check when winter is (hopefully) over in March.

What kind of winter season are you looking for? Let us know what you think. No matter what kind of winter we’re experiencing, expect your Weather First team to keep you informed and updated! Winter is here! Will the winter be harsh for your area? Will it be a snowstorm? Take a look at the official winter forecast with a summary of

Missouri Winter Forecast 2023

Blog: Winter Comes Soon. Winter Weather Too?

In general, yes. A large part of the country will be dealing with bone chilling cold and lots of snow! Meanwhile, there are regions where a traditional snowy winter never seems to come. Read more with our winter weather map and winter forecast.

Below is a general winter weather map from the 2023 edition of The Old Farmers, now in its 231st year.

Missouri Winter Forecast 2023

For the winter of 2023, most of the United States will be colder than normal this winter, although the summer of 2023 will be warmer than normal.

Winter Weather Outlook

What shapes climate? Last solar cycle 24 had the lowest solar activity in over 100 years. We are now at the beginning of cycle 25, which is expected to peak around July 2025 and activity will also decrease, which historically means, on average, cooler temperatures on Earth. In addition to a neutral to possibly weak El Niño, the main climate influences will include the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO), a neutral to positive North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) and a negative Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO). Oscillations are ocean-atmosphere patterns that can have long-term effects on climate.

Missouri Winter Forecast 2023

The upcoming winter is forecast to be “wet and mild” – with lots (mostly) of rain and temperatures rising upwards

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