Mesa Summer Classes 2023

Mesa Summer Classes 2023 – PANTHERS – No food delivery service during school hours. If your family throws away food, you can do so in the audience by the front door. Food waste disposal personnel should be on the emergency contact list. Please note that this is a district policy and security issue.

OHS students are reminded that all students must carry their ID card at all times during school hours (all school years). So if you need one, stop by the Careers Office and ask Ms. patty 307; Before/after school or during nutritional breaks/lunch breaks. For ShortDay 5/6 and/or Athletics students, an appropriate sticker is required for ID. Thank you for your help.

Mesa Summer Classes 2023

Mesa Summer Classes 2023

After school credit for everyone who takes or needs to take Mr. Peil’s is now in room T-10 on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 to 5:00 pm. Additional dates will be added later in the semester. If you have any other questions, Mr. skin.

Nfll: Class Schedule & Updates

Be wary of seniors who have not yet completed a financial assistance application. All California seniors must complete the FAFSA/CA Dream Act. Santiago Canyon College hosts a Cash for College Workshop that includes an overview of the FAFSA/CA Dream Act application (use phase) and application for application. This is a great opportunity to meet this essential requirement. Register as soon as possible using Google Classroom or the QR code on the flyer posted on campus. The workshop is on Saturday, January 21st from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. It will be here at Orange High School.

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Mesa Summer Classes 2023

Are you interested in a career in health care? Interested in completing your California Career Pathway designation? How about earning college credit? Please come to Room 309 on Wednesday, January 18th during lunchtime. Seed. Sanchez will be announcing information about the Medical Core program. Find out how to earn 10 credits toward high school graduation, earn college credits, and launch a career in health care! Bring a packed lunch. Don’t mess with it!

Attention readers! If you need a work permit: Stop by the College and Career Center (room 601) or the Curriculum and Career Center (room 307) to get a work permit.

Mesa Summer Classes 2023

Bicycle And Pedestrian Program

VSA presents New Year’s Eve Spirit Week! Today is the neutral color of the Year of the Cat, Thursday is a floral dressing or traditional Vietnamese costume (or any other culture’s costume to celebrate the Lunar New Year), Friday join us for a luck at the restaurant! Check out Instagram @orangehighvsa for more information.

Did you know that while many countries celebrate the Year of the Rabbit in 2023, Vietnam is especially celebrating the Year of the Cat? Want to know more facts like this one about the Lunar New Year? Be sure to stop by Room 601, where tables with decorations and information provided by the Vietnamese Student Council are available seven days a week!

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Mesa Summer Classes 2023

Every 2 seconds someone in the US needs blood, and there has been a national blood shortage since this pandemic! To address this issue, the Red Cross is holding a campus blood drive on Wednesday, February 1st! Items like free t-shirts, snacks, drinks, and volunteer hours are available, so check the campus flyer to see if you qualify for a donation. Then stop by Room 921 to register! Registration closes next week, so it gets even better!

Mesa Arts Center

¬° Hello Panteras!!! Think fast. Do you know what SHH stands for? Spanish Honor Society here at school! “Sociedad Honoraria Hisp√°nica” Join us at T-7 on Monday, 1/23 to find out more about this wonderful club. There will be games and snacks!

Mesa Summer Classes 2023

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