Iu Calendar Fall 2023

Iu Calendar Fall 2023 – 39°10′02″N 86°31′17″W / 39.167222°N 86.521389°W / 39.167222; -86.521389 coordinates: 39°10′02″N 86°31′17″W / 39.167222°N 86.521389°W / 39.167222; -86.521389

Indiana University Bloomington (IU Bloomington, Indiana University, IU, or simply Indiana) is a public research university in Bloomington, Indiana. It is Indiana University’s flagship campus and, with more than 40,000 students, its largest campus.

Iu Calendar Fall 2023

Iu Calendar Fall 2023

Indiana University is a member of the Association of American Universities and is classified as “R1: Doctoral Universities – Very High Research Activity”.

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It has a number of schools and programs, including: Jacobs School of Music; Ludi School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering; O’Neill School of Public and Frontal Affairs; Kelly School of Business; School of Public Health; nursing school; School of Optometry; Maurer School of Law; School of Education; media school; and the Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies.

Iu Calendar Fall 2023

The university has an extensive program of sorority life, with more than 750 sororities on campus, and approximately 17 percent of undergraduates join the Greek system.

Indiana’s athletic teams compete in NCAA Division I and are known as the Indiana Hoosiers. The university is a member of the Big T Conference. Since it does not have a mascot, each team is known simply as the “Hoosiers”.

Iu Calendar Fall 2023

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Indiana’s faculty, staff, and alumni include nine Nobel Prize winners, 19 Rhodes Scholars, 17 Marshall Scholars, and five MacArthur Scholars. In addition, students and alumni have won six Academy Awards, 49 Grammy Awards, 32 Emmy Awards, 20 Pulitzer Prizes, four Tony Awards, and 95 Olympic medals (51 gold, 21 silver, and 23 bronze).

Construction began in 1822 on what is now known as Seminary Square Park at the intersection of Second Street and College Avenue. Classes began on April 4, 1825.

Iu Calendar Fall 2023

The first teacher was Baynard Rush Hall, a Presbyterian minister who taught all grades from 1825–27. The first year he taught twelve lessons and was paid $250. Hall was a classicist who focused on Greek and Latin and believed that the study of philosophy and the classical languages ​​was the foundation of the best education.

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He graduated from the first class in 1830. Between 1820 and 1889, there was a legal-political battle between IU and the University of Virginia over which was the legitimate state university.

Iu Calendar Fall 2023

In 1829, Andrew Wylie became the first president, serving until his death in 1851. The school’s name was changed to “Indiana College” in 1829 and “Indiana University” in 1838.

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Wiley and David Maxwell, president of the board of trustees, were devout Presbyterians. They spoke of the school’s non-sectarian status, but were largely staffed by fellow Presbyterians. Presidents and professors were expected to set a moral example for their charges. After six successive ministers, the first layman to become president was a young biology professor, David Starr Jordan, in 1885.

Iu Calendar Fall 2023

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Jordan replaced Baptist theologian Lemuel Moss, who resigned after a scandal erupted over his relationship with a female teacher.

Jordan (president 1884-1891) improved the university’s finances and public image, doubled its enrollment, and established a selective system similar to that of his alma mater, Cornell University.

Iu Calendar Fall 2023

The growth of the organization was slow. In 1851, IU had about one hundred students and seven professors. IU admitted its first female student, Sarah Parke Morrison, in 1867, making IU the fourth public university to admit women on an equal basis.

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Mathematician Joseph Swain was IU’s first born president, from 1893-1902. He founded Kirkwood Hall in 1894; Gymnasium i m 1896, later called Assembly Hall; and Kirkwood Observatory in 1900. Construction of Scice Hall began in 1901. During his presidency, the number of students increased from 524 to 1285.

Iu Calendar Fall 2023

In 1883, IU awarded its first doctoral degree and played its first intercollegiate sport (baseball), foreshadowing the school’s future status as a major research institution and power in collegiate athletics. But there was another event that year that was more immediate: the original campus on Seminary Square burned to the ground. The college was rebuilt between 1884 and 1908 on the far eastern edge of Bloomington. (Today, the city has expanded eastward, and the “new” campus is still downtown.) One challenge was that Bloomington’s limited water supply was insufficient for its 12,000 population and we could handle the university’s expansion. The university commissioned research that led to the construction of a reservoir for its use.

In 1902, IU graduated 1,203 undergraduates; All but 65 were Hoosiers. There were 82 graduates, including part-time students. The curriculum emphasized the classics as suited to the man and contrasted with Purdue’s service curriculum, which assumed it was directly suited to farmers, industrialists, and business.

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Iu Calendar Fall 2023

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The first IU Extension office opened in Indianapolis in 1916. In 1920/1921 support was given to the School of Music and the School of Commerce and Finance (which later became the Kelly Business School). In the 1940s, Indiana University opened extension campuses in Kokomo and Fort Wayne. The controversial Kinsey Institute for Sexual Research was founded in 1945.

During the Great Depression, Indiana University fared much better than most public schools, thanks to the leadership of its young president, Herman Wells. He collaborated with Frederick L. with Hovde, president of IU’s in-state rival, Purdue; They came together with the Indiana delegation to Congress and listed their highest priorities. For Wells, it was about building a world-class music school, replacing dilapidated facilities. As a result of these efforts, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) built one of the finest facilities in the country. He added matching funds from the state legislature and opted for a full-scale fundraising campaign among the alumni and business community. In 1942, Wells stated that “the last five years have been the single greatest period of physical plant expansion at the University in tire history. Fifteen new buildings have been constructed during this period.

Iu Calendar Fall 2023

In 1960, the IU stud body elected Thomas Atkins, an African-American from Elkhart, Indiana, as its state president. White crowds protested the result by waving Confederate flags around campus and allegedly blamed Atkins’ victory on “a bunch of beatniks.” When the protesters approached the women’s dormitory on campus, they were met with “embroidery of cosmetic bottles, old shoes and other items.”

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) contains many spaces and historical buildings dating back to the restoration of the university at the end of the 19th century. The campus rests on a bed of Indiana limestone, specifically the Salem Limestone and the Harrodsburg Limestone, with outcrops of the St. John’s Limestone. Louis.

Iu Calendar Fall 2023

“Campus River” is a stream that flows through the campus. Part of Bloomington’s Holy Creek,

It was formerly named after David Starr Jordan, Darwinist, ichthyologist and president of IU, later Stanford University.

Iu Calendar Fall 2023

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Many campus buildings, especially the older central buildings, are made of locally quarried Indiana limestone. The Works Progress Administration built the main part of the campus during the Great Depression. Many campus buildings were built and most of its land acquired in the 1950s and 1960s, when the first soldiers arrived under the GI Bill and the Baby Boom saw the university grow from 5,403 in 1940 to 30,368 in 1970. Some buildings on campus. subject to similar extension. As building-by-building additions were built on the exteriors of existing buildings, the exterior surfaces were incorporated into their new interiors, making this extension visible in the architecture of the affected buildings. An example is the chemistry and biology buildings, where it turns out that the two inner walls of the latter’s library are built as a limestone exterior. Bryan House is the university president’s traditional home on campus.

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Nine ancient buildings are included in the National Historic Area, called Old Cresket. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

Iu Calendar Fall 2023

It is the Collegiate Gothic-style Stud Service Building (1906–1908); Indiana University Museum (1905); Maxwell Building in Richardson’s Romanesque style (1890, 1907–1908); Ow Hall (1885); Willie Hall (1885); Kirkwood Hall (1895); Lindley Hall (1903); Rose Well House in the Gothic Revival style (1908); and Kirkwood Observatory (1900).

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The Sample Gates serve as the gateway to the Indiana University campus and Old Crescent. It is located between Franklin Hall and Bryan Hall.

Iu Calendar Fall 2023

After several unsuccessful attempts to create an arched transom for the campus, in 1987, Edson Semple donated funds to build a portal arch, based on a 1961 design proposed by Eggers & Higgins.

The Indiana University Movie Theater opened in January 2011 in the former University Theater building, which was built in the 1930s.

Iu Calendar Fall 2023

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The Bloomington campus also has a biology research castle in the Biology Building that is accessible to the public, and one of its highlights is the corpse flower (Amorphophallus titanum), named Wally.

The 1979 movie Breaking Away was filmed in Bloomington and on the IU campus. It also included a response to the annual Little 500 bike race. The IU campus also has trails that many use for biking and running. Bloomington and surrounding areas have nearly 1,200 miles (1,900 km) of trails.

Iu Calendar Fall 2023

) The Indiana Memorial Union (IMU) is the second largest stud union in the world. In

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