Hct Summer Playoffs 2023

Hct Summer Playoffs 2023 – The best Hearthstone players from China, Europe, America and the Asia-Pacific region came to sunny California this week to decide who will take home the HCT Summer Cup. What you’ve got covered here is a full live blog updated throughout the tournament with media and behind-the-scenes coverage of HCT Summer.

“I don’t know what to say,” said Raphael “Bunny Haport” Peltzer after defeating A86530 in the HCT Summer Grand Finals. “It’s a dream to go to the World Championships. It feels amazing to qualify for it, and of course to win one of the three championships feels amazing too. The trophy will be something to look at in our home, though. I must speak. To the head of the house where he can go.”

Hct Summer Playoffs 2023

Hct Summer Playoffs 2023

Bani Hopour plans to attend HCT Italy in the future, and then spend a month finishing a PhD in computational chemistry.

Hoej On The Hct Spring Championship And Beyond

It’s time for the grand finals between Raphael “Bunny Hopport” Peltzer and Copper “A83650” Koski! Why are you still reading? Enter here!

Hct Summer Playoffs 2023

Sunday 7/1, 4:30pm PST – We’ll have the European Championship! @a83650 takes the series against @killinalldayhs 3-0 and into the grand final! #HCTSummer LIVE: https://t.co/SWPQb7Syil pic.twitter.com/9rlVvhJZrC — Hearthstone Esports (@HSesports) July 1, 2018

When Kacper “A83650” Kwieciński first started playing Hearthstone he didn’t think he would be very good, so when it came time to create a BattleTag he simply wrote random numbers. Fast forward to today where he finished off the HCT Summer Playoffs bracket with a convincing 3-0 win over North American David “Celineld” Acosta in the semifinals. A83650 is now awaiting the grand finale of Viper and Bunny Hopport.

Hct Summer Playoffs 2023

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“I feel like I’m on top of the world right now,” Kleinaldi said after his quarterfinal win over Jenso “Jenso” Park. That’s what I wanted to do here, to qualify for the World Cup.”

Yes, the win solidified his spot at the 2018 HCT World Championship later this year, with A83650, his next opponent in the HCT Summer Bracket.

Hct Summer Playoffs 2023

“You can never predict something like this,” Kleinaldi said. “A lot of things have to go the right way. I have to come out on top in the playoffs and then I have to win here against good teams. That’s something you can’t really expect. I’m very happy. !

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The last day of HCT Summer has begun! Fans flocked to the Blizzard Arena at 8:00am to get a good seat for the upcoming action. As A83650 Cube Warlock takes on Wu “XiaoT” Juwei’s Spiteful Druid to start the game, let’s take a moment to reflect on the decks that saw success yesterday.

Hct Summer Playoffs 2023

The standards of the Summer League are incredibly diverse and more classes have been banned than any other HCT tournament in history!

Things looked great in Game 1, during the deciding game between Calinalday and Kenta “Safety” Sato. However, the brilliant eleven summoned Shadowwalk and turned the tables, setting the temperature for what would become a very interesting match. Closed on Saturdays.

Hct Summer Playoffs 2023

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“I really put that game away,” said Glenalday, who managed to pull one game back and get out of Group D. That, but I won some bad games and now I’m here!”

“I think nerves make me play better,” Marco “Tourna” Castiglioni said in his interview after winning the China Regal. “I feel a lot of pressure, you know, adrenaline. I think it makes me play better and helps me focus.”

Hct Summer Playoffs 2023

Torna’s knockout victory against China’s Qu “Rugal” Yixian meant that all four European players from HCT Summer were eliminated from the team. “I was worried about the game I played against Regal, but the win shows that anything can happen in one game!”

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“The light on stage is so bright! That’s why I wear glasses. I got free glasses with my prescription, so I put on the glasses,” Wu “Blood Trail” Zongchang explained after a fierce battle with A83650.

Hct Summer Playoffs 2023

While Bloodtrail may be out of the tournament now, he already plans to participate in the HCT Germany Online Qualifier in August.

“I just feel better. I’m really relaxed.” Turbin “Viper” Wahl spoke about their victory over Tansoku in the decisive Group A match in his post-match interview. Tansuku nearly pulled off a swinging sweep to make it 5-all.

Hct Summer Playoffs 2023

Fountainhead, September 8, 1971

Saturday 6/30, 2:00 p.m. PST – Best events like this, @Glory__HS sweeps the series and sweeps the Wolves. #HCTSummer Live: https://t.co/SWPQb7Syil pic.twitter.com/avRnyWzDS9 — Hearthstone Esports (@HSesports) June 30, 2018

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China’s Gao “Wolf” Yang was easily one of the favorites to compete domestically based on his consistent results throughout the HCT Summer. That is no longer the case as Japan’s “Jalal” Sato of Kenta put on a stunning performance to beat the Wolves with a 3-0 victory. The Glory will meet this afternoon in the Eastern Conference finals in the Group D decider.

Hct Summer Playoffs 2023

David “The Dog” Caro eliminated China’s Regal, who was injured against Taunton Druid, to set up a Group C decider against Italy’s Torna.

Same Dog, New Tricks: Dog On Control Decks

Snow Arena has come to life! Devoted fans looking for a more immersive experience immediately staked their claim to the tables at the front of the stage and have since been climbing the stairs and setting up their decks with a little something borrowed from the set’s action.

Hct Summer Playoffs 2023

Miracle Rogue lives up to its name. @a83650 quickly turns it around and takes a 2-1 series lead against YuYi! #HCTSummer LIVE: https://t.co/SWPQb7Syil pic.twitter.com/1VD1QK3Ppx — Hearthstone Esports (@HSesports) June 30, 2018

Speaking of stage action, China’s Li “Yu Yi” Daisheng was knocked out of the tournament by Poland’s legendary A83650. A83650 faces Taiwan Blood Trail again in the Group B decider.

Hct Summer Playoffs 2023

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Japan’s Shohei “Tansuko” Omura started the day by knocking out Brazil’s Lucas “Rhys” Guerra and taking the win with even Warlock. He faces German Wiper to find out who will join XiaoT in the Group A playoff spot.

Fans have claimed their seats and settled in for Saturday’s first game. It’s time to start demolishing the field for the HCT Summer Championship! The Grandmasters 2022 Call of Duty concluded last week, the final tournament of the series, where sixteen of the season’s best players competed for $150k and a spot in the World Championship. In a new article, Esports Charts will tell you about the end of this big series on HearthstoneSports, and how many viewers this last tournament attracted.

Hct Summer Playoffs 2023

The final tournament of the Grandmaster Series features the top 4 players from the first season in each region, as well as the top 4 ranked players from the last three Masters tournaments in 2021 and the first three tournaments in 2022. Victory mode with 1 ban in the first week, followed by trio mode in the second week, and last hero standing mode with 1 ban in the third week.

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Based on the results of the three weeks, the top eight players advanced to the event qualifiers. The team leaders were Bani Hapour (Team Leavid) and French e-athlete xBlyzes. Both went to the Grand Final, where xBlyzes won 4:3. He won $22.5K and earned second place in the 2022 Hearthstone World Championship, while Bani Hapur earned $15K for second place.

Hct Summer Playoffs 2023

The 2022 Hearthstone World Cup will be held in December. There, the winners of the xBlyzes, Grandmasters 2022 last year will play Pascoe, Jarla and Ghalib from the Season 1 Playoffs, DeadDraw, Posesi, Levik and Habugabu from the Summer Championship, and the top-4 players from the China Gold Series. .

The competition broadcast accumulated approximately 992K hours of viewing and delivered 8.1K average viewers. The biggest audience for the last year was 15.2K people for the grand final between xBlyzes and Bunnyhoppor. Meanwhile, almost all the games in the 5 most popular matches of the tournament attracted more than 13K viewers each.

Hct Summer Playoffs 2023

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Grandmasters 2022 Final Year is exclusively broadcast on YouTube in six languages. The most popular of them is English, which accounts for 70% of all hours watched in the competition. Korean, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish are the most popular languages. Thai television made the smallest contribution to the event’s viewing hours, less than 0.1%.

The Grandmaster 2022 final year featured two regional Grandmaster 2022 Season 1 events and two of the top 5 Hearthstone tournaments of the year. These three Battlegrounds Lobby Legends events and the 2022 Asian Games South Korea National Qualifiers are followed by peak audiences. At the same time, the last year in 2022 became the longest Hearthstone tournament.

Hct Summer Playoffs 2023

The history of the Grand Masters Series began in the spring of 2019. The first tournaments were drawn

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