Good Summer Reads 2023

Good Summer Reads 2023 – Start planning your 2023 summer library project by attending one of our statewide summer library project roundtables/collaborative trainings!

Join Indiana State Libraries for this training, where you’ll learn about and receive an update on CSLP’s 2023 “All Together Now” Summer Reading Program, followed by a panel discussion on programming ideas.

Good Summer Reads 2023

Good Summer Reads 2023

What does it mean? Bring your show ideas! Each participant should bring at least one project idea to share with the group. Program ideas may or may not be related to the “Together Now” CSLP theme and are suitable for any age. We want to hear what your library is up to and what excites you!

K5 Summer Reading List

Start with TALK: Texts and Learning for Kindergarten. Learn how to quickly navigate the online toolkit to find promotional materials and partnership tips to help you reach parents you might not see at the library about school readiness activities they can do at home. Learn how to use the MCLS TALK portal to text patrons and keep them informed about upcoming library events. 1 hour / 1 LEU

Good Summer Reads 2023

This webinar is for Indiana public libraries interested in or planning to join the Indiana TALK pilot group.

Moderators: Jodi Krahnke, Director of Youth Services, and Angie Martin-Schwarze, TALK Program Assistant – Ypsilanti Regional Library, Michigan

Good Summer Reads 2023

Your Reading Guide 2022 2023

TALK is now available in Indiana with funding from an IMLS National Leadership Grant in partnership with the Indiana State Library and the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services. TALK was originally developed and tested by libraries in Washtenaw County, Michigan, distributing IMLS/LSTA funds through Michigan libraries, and many Michigan public libraries are using TALK to reach people who may not be able to see while telling stories in the its interior parents. Learn more about the service, tools, and how texting can be used to help improve school readiness in your community.

: For all recorded webinars, you will need HR or your library administrators to create a certificate for you, as they can verify that you attended.

Good Summer Reads 2023

.Exception: Each Preparatory Kids Manual and Readers of All Ages Advisory 101 should automatically generate a certificate upon completion of the course.

Youth Services Training Opportunities And Resources

This course is designed to provide an introduction to library services for public library staff working with youth. Whether you’re already working in a library or starting a new youth services position, this content will help you consider why youth-focused library services are important, how to collect the right materials, and the types of services and programs that you can use. offer your customers and the importance of dissemination.

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Good Summer Reads 2023

This lesson introduces the six skills and five practices of Every Child Ready to Read and offers some suggestions for using them in storytelling. It discusses the communication of these messages to parents and gives participants the opportunity to plan their “messages” to parents. 2 hours – 2 LEU

This course covers best practices for reader queries of any age, as well as tips for adapting reader queries to teenagers. Ideal for new library staff or anyone looking to update. 2 hours – 2 LEU

Good Summer Reads 2023

Summer Reading Is Here!

ALA/Association of Public Libraries’ On-Demand Webinar Site – This site contains webinars on a variety of youth service topics. While some require a fee, many are free.

Webjunction’s Supercharged Storytimes Course: This self-paced course provides training on how to consciously apply research-based practices to improve early literacy skills in young children participating in library storytimes.

Good Summer Reads 2023

“A Teen Walks Into a Library” class presented by the Colorado State Library in partnership with Arapahoe Libraries (CO). This is an excellent introductory level training for working with teenagers in a library. The videos used in this course provide real examples of situations you may encounter and how to handle them. This is great for people who are just starting to work with teenagers and any library staff who might encounter them.

Big Summer Read Hume Libraries

Safe Zone Project – From the website: “The Safe Zone Project (SZP) is a free online resource that provides courses, activities, and other resources for educators that facilitate safe zone training (Sex, Gender, and LGBTQ+ Education courses) , as well as those who want to explore these concepts for themselves. SZP, co-founded by Meg Bolger and Sam Killermann in 2013, has become the go-to resource for anyone looking to add some safety zones to their lives. your library group Suggest that someone familiar with the LGBTQ+ community be involved in leading any face-to-face group training.

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Good Summer Reads 2023

List of Interactive Film Webinars and Scripts for Interactive Film Experiences, curated by Sarah Pearson, Minerva PL, OH – 1 hour / 1 LEU

Sarah Pearson-Minerva PL, OH / Caitlyn Clark – Oak Bluffs PL, MA / Patricia VanArsdale – Hussey-Mayfield Memorial PL, IN / Mary Harrington and Deborah Dwyer – Phoenix PL, AZ

Good Summer Reads 2023

Best Beach Reads Of All Time For Summer 2022

ALSC: Professional Tools for Librarians Serving Youth – A collection of resources organized by topic, from access and advocacy to summer reading and technology.

YALSA: Professional Tools for Librarians Serving Youth: A collection of resources organized by topic, from youth development to engagement and more.

Good Summer Reads 2023

Children in Trauma Bibliography – This bibliography was created by Dr. Megan McCaffrey, Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Governor State University. By subject, the bibliography includes books that address trauma such as domestic abuse and bullying; grief and loss in general; illness, anxiety and depression; the epidemics; poverty; etc.

Summer Reading Challenge

1000 Books Before Kindergarten – 1000 Books Before Kindergarten is a national initiative. If you are interested in starting a project at your library, this link will take you to some helpful resources that the project has to offer.

Good Summer Reads 2023

StoryWalk – StoryWalk is sponsored by the Kellogg-Hubbard Library in Vermont and the name is a registered service mark; you can use it, but you must credit the creator. Read more about this and other useful information to start your own journey on the FAQ sheet created by the original library. Additional resources can be found on the Move to Libraries webpage.

Feeding Your Community: Summer Meals in Libraries – CSLP and USDA Webinar. Public librarians share with a group of librarians across the country how they creatively partner and implement Summer Food Service Programs (SFSPs). Learn the basics of SFSP and ideas on how to get involved. With summer fast approaching, it’s time to start planning your vacation and clear out those long-forgotten stacks of books that have been sitting on your nightstand waiting to be opened. If you’re like me and love nothing more than sitting in the garden with a good book, or prefer the warmth of the sun on the beach after a seemingly endless winter, you’ve come to the right place.

Good Summer Reads 2023

Summer Reading & Supply Lists

I have been a librarian for many years and thought I could recommend a good book to readers around the world. I decided to share my list of the best summer reads of 2023 for those of you who want to find great books and exciting new authors.

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Summer is the time when the gobble as if they were outdated. Since the pandemic, I’ve found myself really enjoying audiobooks. I listen to audiobooks on my morning walks and they make chores more enjoyable.

Good Summer Reads 2023

I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite books over the years that are great summer reads. Part two of this post will highlight the books I’ve added to my Summer 2023 reading list that I can’t wait to get my hands on. Let’s dive deep into the best reads of summer 2023.

Ccps 2022 Summer Reading Lists

NOTE: As a librarian, I hope you will consider checking these books out at your local library or supporting your local bookstore by purchasing one there. I’ve included Amazon links in the descriptions of the books mentioned below, and if you buy from the links below, I’ll earn a small commission for free.

Good Summer Reads 2023

I can’t remember a book like Chemistry Lessons by Bonnie Garmus. We follow the amazing scientist Elizabeth Zott from the late 1950s and early 1960s as she explores a hyper-masculine world where women were expected to stay at home and be mothers.

Her refusal to be a “submissive woman” was met with disapproval by her male contemporaries in scientific laboratories and the workplace. Everyone but Calvin Evans.

Good Summer Reads 2023

Hawkesbury Library Rewards Readers This Summer 2023

You’ll be hearing about chemistry classes for years to come. It’s easily one of the best books of 2023.

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee, recently turned into an Apple program, tells the story of multi-generational Korea from the 1900s to the 2010s. Perhaps the most fascinating part of this incredible novel is that Lee Min-jin was able to capture a period of history that rarely made it into mainstream publication, namely the Japanese invasion of Korea and the subsequent treatment of the Korean people in Japan.

Good Summer Reads 2023

One of my favorite reads this past summer was “Malibu Rising” by Taylor Jenkins Reid, the story of the fabulous Riva family. Throughout the day we followed the Riva brothers

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