Funimation Winter 2023

Funimation Winter 2023 – Funimation will have more than 20 exciting new series and returns on its streaming platform in the new year. Simulcasts from Japan will be included

Enter the 24th Ward, a man-made island within Tokyo Bay. Its three characters: Shuta, Ran, and Koki, are best friends since childhood, but after a fatal incident, everything changes. A year later, meeting for the first time, they receive a mysterious phone call. Another line is a familiar voice – from a friend who is expected to die. Together, they must save their home.

Funimation Winter 2023

Funimation Winter 2023

High school student Wakana Gojo cares about one thing: making the Hina doll. With no one to share his obsession with, he has trouble making friends—or even conversations. But after the school’s most popular girl, Marin Kitagawa, reveals her own secret, she discovers a new purpose for her sewing skills. Together, they will make her cosplay dreams come true!

Top 10 Animes To Watch In 2023

Suddenly summoned to a fantasy world and married to a princess, Kazuya Souma ascends the throne as the new king after giving impressive advice to the royal family. To rule the kingdom, he is taking an unconventional (and very humane) course of administrative reform. In the realm of dragons and goblins, will this unique path of revolution be effective? (official example)

Funimation Winter 2023

It’s Komichi Akebi’s first year in high school and he has his heart set on one thing: the sailor uniform of Robai Private Academy. As the next chapter of her life approaches, she dreams of the exciting new experiences she will have – school lunches, classes, club activities, and of course, lots of friends! Wearing his favorite clothes, Komichi felt ready for anything.

War for Paradise Zero in Shiganshina as the Jaegerists took control. After being heavily damaged by a surprise attack led by Eren, Marley quickly takes action to return the favor. With Zeke’s true plan revealed and the soldiers forced under the new rules, this fight can be fought on two fronts. Is Eren determined to finish his half brother or does he have his own plans? (official example)

Funimation Winter 2023

Here Are All Demon Slayer Episodes From Every Season And Where To Watch Them

It all started as a typical old school, bad, old boy, old boy, meet cute love plot, one of them falls in love, etc. etc. But even though Miyano is a self-proclaimed boy love expert, he still doesn’t quite understand…it’s himself. Which means it’s Sasaki to make sure things are happily ever after…!

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When the three kingdoms are destroyed by evil spirits and monsters, four heroes who are less than the same must unite to fight the most cruel enemy in the kingdom. Together, the heroes uncover a devious plan as they share the joys and sorrows of battling a mysterious organization bent on destroying them and their empire.

Funimation Winter 2023

In Neo Tokyo, a group of disaffected youth form a gang that fights each other in a sport called Extreme Baseball. One night, two children – Haru Shirogane and Taiga – meet the strongest person in the world, Shun Kamiya. Together, the three join forces to play this game against the mysterious man who began to take control of all their clans. Can they defeat him before it’s too late? (official example)

Give Your Crush Free! Boys In Wet, White Shirts With Funimation’s Valentine’s Cards

The dust-filled wasteland of post-apocalyptic Japan can only be saved by one thing – mushrooms. Bisco Akaboshi, a criminal and skilled archer, searches for a legendary mushroom, known as Sabikui, said to destroy any and all rust. Joining him in this legendary epic to save the country is a giant crab and a young doctor. Couldn’t the three of them find the cult fungus and save the land?

Funimation Winter 2023

Once upon a time in that distant land there was a prince, a wise prince. A wise prince fought alongside his people and led them to a great victory. However, the truth is, he just wants to let it all go and live in peace. (official example)

Kagami Sakimori plays the great magician Danblf in his favorite MMO. He fell asleep after a night of testing new characters, but instead of waking up in a suspended game, he’s in Arch Earth Online like a girl! Now named Mira, she must convince the game people that Mira is Danblf’s student, who disappeared without a trace 30 years ago…and find out how she got here. (official example)

Funimation Winter 2023

Attack On Titan Oad Get English Dub Release Date On Crunchyroll

Transported to another world and left behind by his old friends, Hajime must climb out from under the rock. It was in the labyrinth where he strengthened his weak magic and found many wonderful allies. Now, after helping her classmates, she entered Erisen to protect Myu and her mother. He will fight and defeat anyone he has to find a way home, including God! (official example)

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It is in the 19th century Paris, and the young vampire Noé hunts for the Book of Vanitas. Attacked by a vampire driven mad, a human doctor named Vanitas tempts Noah with an angry crusade to “cure” the entire vampire race. While the alliance with him may be dangerous, news reaches Vanitas that the Gévaudan beast has returned, and Noah has been brought in to investigate the ghost of the past.

Funimation Winter 2023

A long time ago, this land was home to an animal as big as a mountain. People came to worship these mana-producing animals, which they called “Primitive Animals”. Time still flows, until now… a war broke out between the Jerle Federation, an alliance of nations that worshiped Primordial Beasts, and the Gildlan Empire, which had developed strongly due to advanced technology. The fire of war is fueled with each passing day. (official example)

Sony’s Funimation Completes Acquisition Of Crunchyroll, Services To Become ‘unified’

April 2095. A century has passed since magic was established as an actual technology. The two siblings were enrolled in a famous school for magicians called the National School of Magic. Associated with the first high school, well known as “Magic High School”. Tatsuya, the older brother, is an “irregular” with a serious flaw in his magic powers. The younger sister, Miyuki, is a star student with unparalleled magical talent. Although they are now close enough to be mistaken for a couple, a few years ago, the two had an unusual relationship, where they were nothing more than master and servant. However, one incident changed their relationship forever. Three years ago in Okinawa, an unforgettable experience turned their souls and fates upside down.

Funimation Winter 2023

A new TV special arrives in the TYPE-MOON series described at the beginning: Years after the Fourth Fateful Grail/Holy Center War, Waver Velvet—the boy who fought alongside Iskandar, the Conqueror—is named Lord El Melloi II. . In this position, he takes on various magical and mystical mysteries for the Clock Tower, the Mecca of the world of magecraft.

Long-lost twins Towa and Setsuna are reunited after ten years to discover that they are the half-demon daughters of the great demon Sesshomaru. (official example)

Funimation Winter 2023

Sony’s Funimation Acquires U.k. Anime Distributor Manga Entertainment

“I will give hope to live.” Kakehashi Mirai lost his parents in an accident and lived in poverty with the family that took him in. Losing hope in everything, he jumps off the roof of a building on the day of his middle school graduation. But then met the angel… (Official trailer)

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Prince Bojji could not hear, speak, or wield a sword, he was not like a common heir to the throne, and his kingdom fell. But his fateful meeting with the Kage, a shadow on earth, makes him his first true friend. The two embark on a great adventure and, together, form a bond that can overcome any obstacle…even being a king. (official example)

Funimation Winter 2023

After visiting Rengoku’s residence, Tanjiro and his friends volunteer for a mission in Entertainment City, a place where desires are sold and evil spirits live. They travel together with Hashira’s brilliant voice, Tengen Uzui, to find the city’s worst terrorist enemy. Swearing to kill the animal at night, the hunt continues. (official example)

The 25 Best Anime On Funimation To Watch In 2022

Monkey D. Luffy refuses to let anyone or anything stand in his way to become the king of all pirates. With a course drawn to the treacherous waters of the Grand Line, this is one captain who will have no stop until he claims the world’s greatest treasure – the legend of One Piece! (official example)

Funimation Winter 2023

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Why are these three doctors kissing “weird”? Did the 13-year-old son of a BBC technician take to the keyboard while dad was at an office party?

Funimation Winter 2023

Dark Action Ashen Knights: Foreshadow Will Be Released In The Winter Of 2023

We’ve got a lot to unpack in the David Tennant and Catherine Tate Starring Doctor Who 60th Anniversary trailer… starting with Beep the Meep!

Lucy Prebble’s I Hate Suzie Too is the last big TV show of 2022, an uncompromising feminist comedy directed by Billie Piper.

Funimation Winter 2023

This is why Netflix’s Sandman S01E06 & Neil Gaiman’s “The Sound of Her Wings” is one of the best TV episodes of 2022.

The Genius Prince’s Guide To Raising A Nation Out Of Debt’ New Key Visual ( Funimation

Here’s a look at the Doctor Who Christmas special and all the ways Steven Moffat can do it

Funimation Winter 2023

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