Fall City 2023

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A “dramatic increase” in civil marriages by the City of Niagara Falls prompted the council to approve $72,000 in its 2023 capital budget to beautify the pre-City Hall area for services.

Fall City 2023

Fall City 2023

“There is space near the waterfall/fountain (feature) to place the portable arch for the ceremony to be performed and by beautifying the environment we can provide a backdrop for the photos,” a spreadsheet included in the $61.4 million approved by the board on Tuesday.

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Landscaping is expected to cost about $10,000, $7,000 for a fixture, programming, wireless transmitter, and labor costs.

Fall City 2023

“We bought the lights and with the above equipment we can synchronize our lighting in the town hall with the lighting on the falls and the casino at the touch of a button,” the board said.

Expected costs of approximately $45,000 (with a $5,000 contingency cost) to protect the rocks around the falls/fountains, signage reminding customers not to step on the structure, repainting the handrails, and repair work to plumbing below the building.

Fall City 2023

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The arch (2.1 meters high x 1.8 meters wide) is expected to cost $5,000, can be dismantled in less than 10 minutes and stored indoors during the winter months and inclement weather and assembled in-house.

Earlier this year, Secretary Bill Matson said there was “huge” demand for civil weddings at City Hall, with his office doing about eight or 10 sessions a week.

Fall City 2023

Demand picked up this year, starting in April, after many couples canceled their wedding plans with gathering restrictions and restrictions in 2020 and 2021.

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“We do about 10 sessions a week and that’s the same numbers all summer,” he said, adding that each ceremony costs $200, possibly more if the couple wants more services available.

Fall City 2023

“Ironically, at the December meeting, on December 13, there will be an updated statutory fee schedule (and will be submitted to the board for approval) and in that update we will be increasing our expenses for the ceremonies and that would be up to $300, which is about the same as other municipalities in the area and as far away as Hamilton charge.

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The city council passed a pre-pandemic law authorizing the secretary, or authorized employee, to conduct civil marriages. The ordinance ended the city’s longstanding decision not to provide such services.

Fall City 2023

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“Most of our ceremonies take place in the council chamber, and even if they are held outside, we still need to reserve the council chamber as a backup in case of inclement weather,” said Matson.

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Fall City 2023

Mayor Jim Diodati said Niagara Falls was “the most natural place” for civil ceremonies and that it was “so popular because it is called the honeymoon capital of the world by many and is a popular destination.”

Niagara Falls’ Capital Budget Sets Aside $72k To Create Outdoor Destination For Wedding Services At City Hall

“Don’t get distracted from the usual business of running a city, but these don’t take much time and can prove to be an important source of income,” he said.

Fall City 2023

“I see people well dressed – families, children, grandparents. They are small, for those who wouldn’t rent a large hall because it was just a small civil ceremony and the beautiful setting with our waterfall and the front of the town hall looked fantastic.”

“This could become one of those very popular places that everyone is talking about, one of the great places to get married. Why not use our name and reputation and turn it into a revenue stream for the city so we can invest it back into the city.”

Fall City 2023

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You can visit Park City when the leaves begin to change color in late September. The fall season only lasts a few weeks and ends in early October. So you may want to plan your fall trip in advance.

Fall City 2023

There are some great places in Park City to visit. The area has many hiking, driving and other fun places to enjoy an autumn fairytale. Let’s explore them.

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The Guardsman Pass Byway is a two-hour drive from Park City’s interior. However, if you stop along the way, it may take longer. The route offers beautiful views of the autumn flora. You will be able to see red, orange and yellow trees against a beautiful mountain backdrop. This scenic drive is the perfect leisure activity for a weekend. Be sure to visit the Guardsman Pass lookout and take some Pinterest-like photos there.

Fall City 2023

This canyon is one of the best places for a leafing tour. Big Cottonwood Canyon is only a 30 minute drive from Park City. Both the road to the campsite and the gorge itself are extremely picturesque. You’ll enjoy great views of the golden hills, the reds and oranges of early fall, and even the breathtaking Lake Blanche (but you’ll have to drive another 10 minutes to get there). So don’t forget to grab your camera because you want to capture that golden scene. Also, don’t forget to book your accommodations in advance as Park City is very busy this time of year. This copy is for personal, non-commercial use only. Visit www.TorontoStarReprints.com to order show-ready copies of Toronto Star content for distribution to colleagues, clients, or customers, or to inquire about rights/licenses.

The Niagara Falls City Council approved a $61.4 million capital budget for 2023 on Tuesday night during the first meeting of the new term.

Fall City 2023

City Seminar Series

In a presentation to the council, James Dowling, the city’s director of capital accounting, said the budget includes 112 projects, 78% of which are focused on good recovery and growth-related investments.

For example, he said the budget would allow for the replacement of 45 vehicles/equipment, the replacement of 3 miles of water pipes and the rehabilitation of 13.2 miles of roads and sidewalks.

Fall City 2023

Among the new service improvements in the budget, Dowling said, are a handball facility, renovations to the MacBain Community Center senior citizen area and the implementation of additional navigation systems in parks and priority trails.

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In a report, staff said the 2023 expenditures “represent many months of effort and attention by staff across the city to finalize and recommend a fully funded, fair and reasonable budget.”

Fall City 2023

More than half of the budget — nearly $35 million — is allocated to roads, bridges, sewers ($17.3 million), stormwater management ($3.3 million), and water and wastewater systems ($14.1 million).

The largest source of funding is bonds, which will be partly recouped through development costs at $14.7 million. Revenue from the Ontario Lottery and Games, which the city receives as a percentage of gaming revenue to host the two casinos, represents $6.3 million in funding.

Fall City 2023

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“The city’s capital budgets for 2021 and 2022 are particularly challenging for the city due to the lack of OLG funding, the largest source of non-tax support for the capital budget,” the report said.

“OLG funding was reliable until the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrating the importance of sustainable funding sources. Employees are satisfied with the annual OLG income received and have therefore begun to allocate a portion of the new OLG grants received so far in the city’s 2023 capital budget.”

Fall City 2023

In the 2022 capital budget, employees advised debt financing to “turn the needle” on infrastructure investments, but because of the “strong” upward trend in interest rates, employees are trying to focus accumulated debt on investments that take longer to realize benefits.

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“The investment in services for the (new) hospital sector is a good example, where the city intends to recoup most of the costs in a short period of time through future development costs,” the report said. report said.

Fall City 2023

In June, the council approved the city’s asset management plan for core assets, focusing on roads, bridges, sewers, stormwater, water and wastewater, as required by the county. The plan estimates the annual well-repair funding gap for tax-assisted properties to be about $7.8 million.

The staff proposed a final budget approval on Tuesday to “enable employees, where possible, to set prices and commitments earlier and lock prices at 2022 prices relative to 2023 rates.”

Fall City 2023

Board And Commission Positions Open For 2023

Dowling said the city’s current debt is 8.65% of equity.

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