Fall 2023 Uncg Calendar

Fall 2023 Uncg Calendar – All students living on campus in the spring must move out completely before the SOAR session begins. All freshmen should take advantage of Stop Drop and Roll – learn more here!

The cost of a SOAR reservation for one (1) parent or family member is included in the new student fee. The new student fee is a separate fee that covers all SOAR student program costs, accommodation and materials. The new student fee also covers NAV1GATE New Student Convocation, Rawkin’ Welcome Weeks and many other first-year programs. Students do not pay their new student fee to SOAR. The new student fee is applied directly to the student’s account and cannot be waived.

Fall 2023 Uncg Calendar

Fall 2023 Uncg Calendar

The new student rate still applies if you are not attending SOAR but will be attending UNCG for the relevant semester.

The University Of North Carolina At Greensboro

For more information on the types of accounts required and other IT information, visit the Information Technology and Services (ITS) website.

Fall 2023 Uncg Calendar

Apply for financial aid by filing your FAFSA. Our Financial Aid Office can provide more information about our process.

The UNCG Immunizations Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The office is located on the second floor of the Anna M. Gove Student Health Center. Find immunization forms on the Student Health Center website.

Fall 2023 Uncg Calendar

Longwood Men’s Tennis Battles, Falls In Opener At Unc Greensboro

Please check with your current high school and/or college to confirm that an official copy of your academic transcripts has been sent to the UNCG Office of the Registrar.

If you are taking 6 or more credit hours on campus, you must submit proof of creditable health insurance at: http://www.uncg.edu/shs/student-insurance.

Fall 2023 Uncg Calendar

Spartan Directions is designed to provide quick driving and walking directions to all buildings on the UNCG campus. Parking offices also provide a map that can help you navigate around campus.

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As over 300 other students and their families will be joining you during your SOAR session, check-in may be busy and you should arrive on time to avoid missing our welcome session. It is very important to allow plenty of time for campus traffic and check-in.

Fall 2023 Uncg Calendar

In the event of inclement weather around the January SOAR program, the following plans will be activated and posted on the SOAR website, SpartanLink, All YFY Social Media, and Families of Future Spartans Facebook for students to access /family.

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If you studied French, German or Spanish in high school, please register and complete the additional language placement diagnosis before your SOAR session.

Fall 2023 Uncg Calendar

Unc Greensboro Fall 2020 Dates To Know For Students And Parents

The diagnostic is completely online, takes 15-30 minutes to complete and is multiple choice (no listening or speaking).

Your advisor will help you understand what your score means and how to use this information to shape your fall 2023 schedule. To learn more about the importance of learning a language and the purpose of the diagnostic, visit of Languages, Literature and Culture.

Fall 2023 Uncg Calendar

Depending on your specialization, you may be required to take the UNCG calculus preparation diagnostic. You have two attempts to complete the diagnosis. You should make the first attempt as soon as possible (preferably before the SOAR session).

Nc Colleges And Universities Face Financial Challenges

Once you’re signed in to Canvas, click on the Calculus Readiness Diagnostic, where you’ll find resources to help you prepare, as well as a link to take the diagnostic.

Fall 2023 Uncg Calendar

UNCG is committed to student success and offers programs and services that will support students as they grow personally and academically. It is important for students to learn about and take advantage of the services offered by UNCG. Below are some of the programs and services designed to help students.

Few experiences in students’ academic careers have as much potential to influence their development as academic advising. Advisors help students understand how to develop strong academic and career goals, become successful students, and understand their role in the academic community. Advising at UNCG can be very different from advising in high school. In comparison, choosing classes in high school is relatively simple because there are fewer options. At UNCG, there are over 100 different majors, giving students a variety of options when choosing courses.

Fall 2023 Uncg Calendar

Professions In Deafness 100 Series

In the New Student Portal, students will complete the Class Time Interest Survey (CSI). Students’ academic advisors will use this information to register students for classes and will have the opportunity to finalize their schedule before the start of the spring semester. Students must complete this survey in order to register for an orientation session, so they should complete the survey as soon as possible.

At UNCG, academic programs are organized into seven areas: College of Arts and Sciences, Lloyd International Honors College, Bryan School of Business and Economics, School of Education, School of Health and Human Sciences, College of Visual and Performing Arts and School of Nursing and, for exploratory students, the Student Office will serve as your advising location first. Each academic department offers academic advising to meet the needs of its students. First-year advising is very different from the SOAR advising experience. Students are assigned to advisors or advising centers based on their major during the first semester because advising models vary by department.

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Fall 2023 Uncg Calendar

The College of Arts and Sciences Advising Center (CASA) advises most first-year majors in the College of Arts and Sciences. Only the Biochemistry, Interior Architecture, Mathematics, Philosophy and Physics majors are assigned faculty advisors in the first year, instead of CASA. When CASA advisors earn at least 24 credit hours, they are assigned to faculty advisors in their majors.

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The Lloyd International Honors College (LIHC) advises incoming freshmen about SOAR and a dedicated Honors College orientation before classes begin in August for the International Honors Program. After SOAR, LIHC has two full-time academic advisors available to assist students in completing the international and disciplinary honors program. In addition, LIHC advises on major national and international scholarships and fellowships, including Fulbright, Rhodes, Marshall, Truman and Goldwater.

Fall 2023 Uncg Calendar

The Office of Undergraduate Student Services coordinates advising for all Bryan School business majors. All Bryan School programs are advised by advisors in Bryan’s Office of Undergraduate Student Services

The Office of Student Services in the School of Education advises all students majoring in deaf professions, elementary, middle grade, special education, and combined elementary and special education dual courses during SOAR. Students who are education majors in specific content areas (such as English, biology, music, etc.) are advised in that content area during SOAR.

Fall 2023 Uncg Calendar

Pow Wows In North Carolina

After SOAR, each student will be assigned an SOE advisor based on their last name. Students work with their advisor each semester to meet degree and licensure requirements, understand academic options and available resources, and create educational plans to meet their goals and interests.

A team of faculty and professional advisors from the School of Health and Human Sciences (HHS) advise undergraduate students during SOAR. Once registered, students are assigned to a teacher, career advisor, or counseling center based on their major.

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Fall 2023 Uncg Calendar

Application procedures for high school admission are required for the Departments of (1) Communication Sciences and Disorders, (2) Human Development and Family Studies, (3) Kinesiology, (4) Education for Public Health and (5) Social Work. In these respective departments, students may not progress in their advanced study plans until formal acceptance into the department occurs.

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All first-year students in the College of Visual and Performing Arts are advised by the CVPA Student Success Team. Once students have completed the first semester and earned at least 30 hours, professors will advise them in their area.

Fall 2023 Uncg Calendar

The School of Nursing’s Office of Undergraduate Advising offers academic advising to all first-year pre-nursing students. In the second year, students are assigned a dedicated faculty advisor.

Admission to the upper division Bachelor of Science in Nursing is by application only (near the end of the second year). Students must meet the minimum academic requirements to progress to that particular major. Admission to the program is academically competitive and students are encouraged to understand the academic requirements to be competitive for admission to the program. For more information, visit

Fall 2023 Uncg Calendar

Head Coach Sharif Saber Announces The Spartans’ 2022 Fall Schedule

The Student First office offers academic advising for all exploratory (undecided) majors until they declare and are officially accepted as a major. At SFO, academic advising is an educational process in which you and your advisor work together to address established learning outcomes, work toward your academic success, and outline the steps you will take to achieve your personal goals, educational and professional. Students meet with their SFO advisor twice per semester, once during the first 6-8 weeks of the term and then again during traditional advising and registration. For more information about academic advising for exploratory majors, visit the “Exploratory Degrees” information page on the Students First website or call (336) 334-5730.

The First Student Office coordinates intervention processes across various academic and administrative units to determine the best possible success strategies for students facing academic, social or financial challenges. In collaboration with other support services across campus, the office functions as a

Fall 2023 Uncg Calendar

To assist students with academic advising, academic appeals, course load requests, and graduation plan completion. In addition, the OFS also serves as a centralized academic advising center for all exploratory (indeterminate) majors.

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