Fall 2023 Gmu

Fall 2023 Gmu – After several decades of efforts to slow the perceived expansion of intellectual property rights (IPR) around the world, politicians and courts in a number of countries have responded by imposing more restrictions on IPR. Now that such limits have been in place for several years, researchers have been able to begin measuring the impact on innovators, creators and the economy as a whole. C-IP you

The annual fall conference brought together leading researchers, policymakers, developers and innovators to share their experiences and findings.

Fall 2023 Gmu

Fall 2023 Gmu

The conference featured a keynote luncheon with virtual remarks by Senator Tom Tillis of North Carolina and featured 7 expert panels covering various types of IP, as well as antitrust and national security. C-IP you

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The conference was closed by the Honorable John F. With a Witherspoon special closing. Professor Witherspoon is a member of the C-IP2 Advisory Board, Professor, and Director Emeritus of Scalia Law’s Intellectual Property Program, which he directed for many years. John has been involved with Mason for 30 years, first joining the faculty as adjunct faculty in 1992. Thank you to those who attended to thank Professor Witherspoon for his work for our school!

Fall 2023 Gmu

Was pleased to announce the seventh annual Law on the Rocks Washington DC official conference program! Law Rocks DC was held at the 9:30 Club on September 22, 2022, and featured eight groups of legal professionals campaigning for local nonprofits. Conference registrants could receive a discount on conference tickets.

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Many pharmacological, sui generis legislative and regulatory regimes already exist, but many more have been proposed in the last two years to facilitate the market entry of further therapeutics. Several of these proposals clearly classify certain practices involving pharmaceutical patents and other exclusivities as antitrust violations. Almost all of the remaining proposals rely explicitly or implicitly on antitrust law and theory to support the idea that limiting patent and regulatory exclusivity is necessary to lower drug prices. All these proposals are clearly based on the assumption that in the absence of this exclusivity there will be more “competition” in the pharmaceutical market.

Fall 2023 Gmu

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Standard Substantial Patent (SEP) policy continues to have a major impact on innovation and growth. This panel explores some of the active issues facing IP owners today. The first is China’s use of anti-class injunctions and the subsequent response by the US and European courts. The second is the difference between the expected change in the FTC/DOJ policy on SEPs, the EU’s WTO complaint against China’s SEP policy, and potential movement in the EU’s SEP policy. The third is the extension of the SSO/FRAND licensing model to the automotive sector (which has led to antitrust issues in US courts and among EU regulators).

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In anticipation of the implementation of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in the EU, regulatory instruments for interoperability, data exchange and product design control have moved to the forefront of both antitrust and IP debates. Following the EU’s lead, the US Congress is poised to pass similar legislation that will have far-reaching implications for the stimulation of innovation and fundamental intellectual rights. Now more than ever, political discussions are needed about how to have government as a gateway to digital markets and whether innovation can thrive under such a heavy-handed, regulatory approach.

Fall 2023 Gmu

For more than a decade and a half, the US patent system has been weakened by a succession of judicial and legislative actions. Economic theory and history predict that this policy trajectory will distort the innovation economy by diverting R&D dollars away from patent-dependent technology sectors. Our panelists will present data showing how VCs and technology markets have responded as expected, moving venture capital away from expensive and long-term R&D projects and into the life sciences and IT tech sectors that offer the greatest social returns.

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This session examines copyright and the pressures it has faced in recent years to assess how copyright looks from different perspectives and jurisdictions. We will examine both judicial decisions and attempts at law reform, and we will also ask related questions such as whether we adequately address moral rights and the right to publicity; And whether efforts that were once promoted as profitable creators like NFT are fulfilling their potential.

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Fall 2023 Gmu

Bucking the trend to restrict intellectual property rights, many countries have strengthened trade secret laws, and this panel examines the causes and effects of stronger trade secret laws. The discussion will bring together researchers, leading lawyers, and industry representatives to discuss the reasons why businesses and legislators are interested in protecting trade secrets, the impact of these changes on the business and economic environment, and how they promote innovation, collaboration and affect employee. Mobility.

15:20 – 16:50: Panel 7: China-U.S. Competition in the 21st Century: Innovation, Intellectual Property, and Its Impact on National Security

Fall 2023 Gmu

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Economic success is a key element in the growing national security competition between the US and China, and many have predicted that innovation will be at the heart of US efforts to overcome China. There is no doubt that the protection of intellectual property and its stimulating effect on the creation and expansion of the innovation economy will be critical to these efforts. This panel will discuss key aspects of these efforts.

5:00 – 6:30 p.m.: Special closing reception with the Honorable John F. Witherspoon, Emeritus Professor and Director, Program on Intellectual Property, in collaboration with LAW GEOREGE MASON.

Fall 2023 Gmu

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