Fairfield University Final Exam Schedule Fall 2023

Fairfield University Final Exam Schedule Fall 2023 – There has been an increase in cases of COVID-19 on campus. In the week ending December 17, 93 out of 941 tests came back positive, since the previous week ending December 10 I can no longer get the university’s COVID-19 test. Before updating the dashboard on December 17th, three emails were sent to the Fairfield community to prepare for the increased numbers. It should be noted that the students who participated in the test held at the recreation center on Friday, December 17, have not yet received their results.

Provost Christine Siegel sent an email to faculty on the afternoon of Dec. 16. Students were notified by Donoghue on the evening of December 16.

Fairfield University Final Exam Schedule Fall 2023

Fairfield University Final Exam Schedule Fall 2023

“Today’s COVID-19 data shows an increase in the number of new cases from our weekly screening program and among members of the Student Health Center campus population,” Siegel said.

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“The reported increase in cases is not cause for alarm, but it deserves special attention as we near the end of the semester and the holidays are approaching,” Siegel added.

Fairfield University Final Exam Schedule Fall 2023

She continued that she understands if some exams need to be taken in person, but if the final “could be more conveniently administered online or in other formats, I encourage you to schedule this change.” Starting with tests done.

She continued that the decision should be made and delivered to the Provost’s office and students by the afternoon of December 17.

Fairfield University Final Exam Schedule Fall 2023

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“Beginning Saturday, students who do not have final individual evaluations will be asked to leave campus,” Siegel added.

In his email to the Fairfield University community, Salt announced the university’s plans to implement mitigation strategies for the remainder of the semester.

Fairfield University Final Exam Schedule Fall 2023

“As we have since the beginning of the global pandemic of Covid-19, we continue to closely monitor data from our testing program, as well as that of the surrounding community.” Nemec said, continuing, “As we are in the last days of the semester, and to ensure our community’s ability to have a safe medical vacation for family and friends, we have decided to implement several reductions. ” Strategies for responding to the recent increase in cases on campus and in the community. “

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Nemec added the same statement Siegel made in his email, noting that the recent increase is “not dangerous, it deserves our attention to make sure all students are able to complete final course requirements and go home safely.” Go.”

Fairfield University Final Exam Schedule Fall 2023

The president also added that all meetings and non-essential activities at the center will be canceled or postponed, and that all employees who can will work remotely.

“We take these steps with great caution. We have been successful as a university in navigating these mixed waters thus far, and if we do so now, we will be better off for the health and well-being of our students.” We can serve. The entire Fairfield community. He said, adding that the university will continue to monitor public health guidelines as well as state and local guidelines, and expects to be back in person for the spring semester.

Fairfield University Final Exam Schedule Fall 2023

Fairfield University 2022 2023 Student Handbook By Fairfield University

Mitigation strategies, according to Dongo’s email, will begin on Friday, December 5:00. 17. Students using campus housing must vacate campus 24 hours after the last individual final.

Any student planning to be on campus past Saturday, December 18 should fill out a form by Saturday. December 18 to 9:00 a.m. to notify the school of their extended stay.

Fairfield University Final Exam Schedule Fall 2023

Donoghue also added that seating in the Daniel and Grace Tully Dining Commons will be reduced, with additional seating available in the Oak Room until Dec. 20. Until December 20, all meals will be “grab and go”. In addition, the recreation complex will be closed and the Dimenna-Nyselius Library will be reduced.

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Junior Alyssa O’Keefe said, “My professor told us that the university announced that they were moving their finals online, and I’m really happy that they’re considering it because of the huge increase in cases that I’m only going to be able to take.” want to To go home and know that I can celebrate Christmas with my family.

Fairfield University Final Exam Schedule Fall 2023

Senior Olivia Burke commented on a Mirror article about the spike in COVID-19 cases in December. 8 and reiterated that she believes cases have increased even after several people she knows have received emails from Student Health saying they have been contacted.

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Burke added, “I think Santa Claus may have contributed to this. It was a big gathering where a lot of people weren’t wearing masks.”

Fairfield University Final Exam Schedule Fall 2023

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SantaCon was a university-sponsored event held on Saturday. Dec. 11 at Fairfield Beach where students dressed in Christmas-themed costumes and participated in the Lantern Point Festival.

“I definitely think Santa Con has a lot to do with the high numbers, I just didn’t expect the results to come out so quickly. I am still waiting to hear from one of my teachers if they are going to get it. Online Final.”

Fairfield University Final Exam Schedule Fall 2023

Sophomore Brenna Kennedy was not happy that the emails were sent before updated results were posted on the campus testing and reports dashboard. I think it’s unfair that the school is sending out emails talking about how most teachers will need to submit their finals online because of the [rise] of covid cases but they’re telling us the actual number of covid cases on campus. The numbers are waiting to be announced. “I feel that it increases the students’ anxiety and makes them feel afraid to leave when the technicians still have the option of doing individual tests,” he said.

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Sophomore Nick Calabrese added, “I think the mitigation strategies that have been implemented are appropriate measures to try and reduce the spread of Covid on campus. I’m very disappointed to be.”

Fairfield University Final Exam Schedule Fall 2023

On December 8, The Mirror reported that cases of COVID-19 were increasing across the university, causing some students and teachers to worry about the upcoming finals. A faculty member emailed The Mirror after they sent faculty on Dec. 9 to College of Arts and Sciences Dean Richard Greenwald, Ph.D.

“Many concerns have been raised over the end of the season and this week the Mirror ran an article speculating about the final Test season moving to video mode because of the rise in Covid cases in the past week. Greenwald said in an email last week, continuing that teachers should inform their students that final exams will be conducted in person and that all students are expected to be present.

Fairfield University Final Exam Schedule Fall 2023

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Greenwald added, “Please tell your students that final exams will be in person, and that students are expected to be present for these exams.” He continued, “Also, please know that you will see an increased presence of Public Safety officers in various academic buildings, specifically to help enforce our mask policy.” We welcome you back to our community for Ground Camp, and we look forward to seeing you in a few weeks. With recent updates to CDC guidelines regarding Covid-19, the communication is intended to provide updated information on your return. Please feel free to contact the Student Health Center or our office with any questions or concerns.

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The University is encouraging all faculty, staff and students to continue their Covid-19 vaccinations. Visit the CDC website for more information.

Fairfield University Final Exam Schedule Fall 2023

In accordance with CDC guidance on 8/11/22, it will not conduct attendance testing for asymptomatic students. The university also does not require unvaccinated, asymptomatic, uninfected students to be tested before arriving on campus, or on a weekly basis.

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If you are experiencing symptoms, we ask that you do not come to camp. Please contact the Student Health Center to discuss next steps and the Office of Residence Life at studentmove@ to make alternative arrangements for check-in.

Fairfield University Final Exam Schedule Fall 2023

Students diagnosed with COVID-19 should notify the Student Health Center at 203-254-4000, Ext. 2241. A nurse reviews a university’s isolation protocol. The radiology nurse coordinator will interview students who test positive to identify close contacts.

According to the CDC’s latest guidelines, regardless of vaccination status, all people diagnosed with Covid-19 must still stay away from others for five days. After the five-day quarantine period, re-entry into the university community is permitted if certain conditions are met, including wearing a mask for an additional five days. Isolated students need to be cleared by a student health center nurse to return to the campus community. Students should plan to self-quarantine at home or in a designated area.

Fairfield University Final Exam Schedule Fall 2023

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All students, regardless of vaccination status, who have been exposed to Covid-19 must wear a mask ten days after last exposure, be monitored for symptoms, and tested 5 days after last exposure. should According to CDC guidance on 8/11/22, university requirements for unvaccinated students in quarantine

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