Cuny Calendar Fall 2023

Cuny Calendar Fall 2023 – We know you want a college experience that is academically stimulating, financially affordable, and personally rewarding. Before submitting an application, learn about our campus and how your application will be considered.

Thank you for your interest in the City University of New York. Below is a list of application postmark closing dates and admission notification dates. The following deadline dates do not apply to the School of Professional Studies.

Cuny Calendar Fall 2023

Cuny Calendar Fall 2023

1) Beginning in mid-February, applicants will be notified of their admission decision as a general freshman from all college options listed on their application.

Queens College Of Cuny

Macaulay applicants’ admissions decisions to the Macaulay Honors College will be informed by the Macaulay College choice listed on their application.

Cuny Calendar Fall 2023

***Queens College Aaron Copland School of Music (ACSM) admission review is a two-step process: admission to Queen’s College and admission to ACSM after audition.

All applicants must submit a non-refundable application fee to be considered for admission. The freshman application fee is $65. The transfer application fee is $70.

Cuny Calendar Fall 2023

This Week In The Psc (10/12/2022): Mass Meeting

Send a money order payable to “” to the address listed below. Enter the first number of your ID on your money order. You can find your first ID number (an 8-digit number) in your application summary.

Required Supporting Documentation: Supporting documentation will be required with your hardship fee waiver request (Important: -Please remove any personal data such as DOB and Social Security Number to ensure applicant privacy):

Cuny Calendar Fall 2023

Applicants requesting a waiver of the application fee must submit their application prior to requesting the waiver. Applicants should select “Pay Later” in the Fee Payment section of the Admission Application and submit their application. Applicants are then required to submit a brief request via email with required supporting documentation and their first ID: feewaiver@. Important: Please remove any personal data such as DOB and Social Security Number from the documentation to ensure applicant privacy. Hardship claims will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis and the applicant will be notified of a decision by e-mail within 5-7 business days.

Search Underway In Nyc For Missing Cuny Law 1l

Be sure to review your application before clicking the submit button. After submission, you will be able to access a copy of your application summary. We recommend you download a copy. We will generate the first ID number only after you submit your application. This unique 8-digit number helps us quickly identify your application and compare any documents you send.

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Cuny Calendar Fall 2023

You can return to your application after submission to upload supporting materials, add a request for recommendation, and make payment. Check out our tutorial for a step-by-step guide.

All applicants are encouraged to provide supporting documents as part of their application – such as essays and letters of recommendation. Be sure to review the entry requirements of your intended program to see if any supporting documents are required.

Cuny Calendar Fall 2023

Faculty Graduate Seminar:

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, SAT and ACT test scores are not required or considered in application review until the Spring 2023 admissions cycle. For more information on deferring SAT/ACT test scores, click here.

After submitting your application, be sure to send all required documents for review. You only need to submit one set of documents even if you are applying to more than one college in your application.

Cuny Calendar Fall 2023

As a first-year applicant, you must provide us with your official high school transcript(s). Your transcript(s) must include all courses and grades you have completed up to this point.

Athletics Department Announces 2022 23 Tryout Dates

If you entered your OSIS number on the application, we will receive an electronic copy of your high school record. If you have not provided your OSIS number, please contact our Student Help Desk. If you currently attend a NYC charter school, please request an official transcript to be sent to /UAPC.

Cuny Calendar Fall 2023

/Request an official transcript from your high school to send to UAPC. Your school can email us an official transcript or if your school uses Naviance, you can request your transcript by adding “The City University of New York ()” to the list of schools you applied to. Read more

If you are currently attending or have graduated from an American, International, or Department of Defense regulated school, you may request an official transcript from your high school to be sent to /UAPC.

Cuny Calendar Fall 2023

Call For Papers: Movement & Activation: Social Sculpture In The Global Middle Ages (deadline: 15 September 2022)

If you are currently attending or have graduated from a missionary school or other American private school, your school must meet the school’s accreditation standards. If your high school does not meet the acceptance standards, you must take the high school equivalency test. See the High School Equivalency section below.

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If you received a NY High School Equivalency Diploma (also known as TASC), submit a copy of your diploma and scores. If you qualify for the HSE Regents Waiver, be sure to submit your high school transcript along with your HSE diploma. If you received an equivalent diploma outside of NYS, contact the appropriate state education department for your records. Visit to learn more.

Cuny Calendar Fall 2023

Generally, your home school curriculum should comply with your school district’s elementary education requirements for obtaining a high school diploma. This will allow us to review your entire record as a home-schooled student in terms of the academic requirements outlined above. Read more

Suny & Cuny Students May Need To Be Vaccinated To Attend In Person This Fall

If you are a New York State resident receiving home schooling, a transcript describing all courses completed with grades earned is required. You must submit a letter from your school district’s superintendent or comparable school principal administrator that you have completed the equivalent of a four-year New York State high school program through home schooling.

Cuny Calendar Fall 2023

If you are a senior currently completing a home school program, you must submit a letter from your school district superintendent stating that you are currently completing a program equivalent to a four-year NYS high school program. Upon completion, send a letter verifying that you have successfully completed the program.

If you cannot obtain the letter from the high school district, you must obtain a high school equivalency diploma. See the High School Equivalency section below.

Cuny Calendar Fall 2023

Rethinking The Goals Of Nyc High Schools And Cuny’s Community Colleges

If you are an out-of-state resident who received home schooling, a state-issued diploma is required. If you do not have a state-issued diploma, you must obtain your high school equivalency diploma. (For more information on how to get a high school equivalency score)

Does not accept a diploma from a non-public correspondence, online or virtual high school. Students at these schools must successfully complete a high school equivalency test to be considered for college admission.

Cuny Calendar Fall 2023

Applicants must have earned a high school equivalency diploma with a CDOS (Career Development and Occupational Studies) entry credential or IEP diploma.

Comments On New York City’s Preliminary Budget For Fiscal Year 2023 And Financial Plan For Fiscal Years 2022 2026

All applicants are encouraged to provide supporting documents as part of their application, and certain majors/programs may require the submission of supporting documents.

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Cuny Calendar Fall 2023

If you are applying to Baruch College, Hunter College, or Queen’s College, use the essay topics below. Baruch College recommends that all freshman applicants submit an essay. Hunter College and Queen’s College require an essay.

As a transfer applicant, you must provide us with official transcripts from the school you attended. You may request that your transcripts be sent electronically or by mail to /UAPC. Below is a list of documents that applicants must provide:

Cuny Calendar Fall 2023

Frequently Asked Questions — York College / Cuny

Transcripts If you are currently enrolled, your transcripts will be automatically retrieved if you apply using your first account. If you participated more than ten years ago, you may need to request a paper record.

If you were educated outside the United States, you may need to submit additional documentation to complete your application

Cuny Calendar Fall 2023

You must submit a copy of your full academic record (all years), as well as any national or government certificates obtained. Please review the list of required high school credentials for more information.

Office Of The Registrar

If you attend universities, you must request an official transcript from each university to be considered for admission.

Cuny Calendar Fall 2023

Applicants educated outside the United States may choose to have their records evaluated by one of the approved evaluation services listed below or by the University’s Application Processing Center.

If you use one of the above services, you must request: An official course-by-course evaluation report that includes a GPA based on all high school coursework and external test certificates received. Ensure the request includes certified copies of all documentation used for the appraisal in the appraisal service.

Cuny Calendar Fall 2023

Cunyac Townhall State Of Cuny Athletics

If you choose to have your records evaluated by UAPC, you must provide the following documents, including word-for-word translations for all documents not issued in English.

If you are on a temporary visa and educated in a non-English speaking environment, you must submit official test scores for one of the following:

Cuny Calendar Fall 2023

In order for your scores to be considered official, request that your university code 2950 be sent to us when you register for the exam and/or by the issuing agency. Copies of scores uploaded to the application are considered unofficial.

Fall 2022, Winter, Spring, Summer 2023 Semester

For more information on submitting scores visit the TOEFL, IELTS, PTE or Duolingo websites. Please review our ToeFL/IELTS/PTE/Duolingo score comparison chart for this

Cuny Calendar Fall 2023

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