Csuf Spring Concert 2023

Csuf Spring Concert 2023 – Cal State Fullerton’s Associated Students Inc. Survey students about Spring Festival while planning a virtual Spring Festival on May 8. (Cristina Zapata/Daily Titan

Cal State Fullerton’s Associated Students Inc. Survey students about Spring Festival while planning a virtual Spring Festival on May 8. (Cristina Zapata/Daily Titan) Christina Zapata

Csuf Spring Concert 2023

Csuf Spring Concert 2023

The pandemic may have derailed last year’s Spring Festival plans, but this year, the Cal State Fullerton Affiliated Student Program team is planning an authentic atmosphere filled with music, song and community.

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On March 16, students received an email with questions about the upcoming May 8 concert, which, according to ASI Vice President Skyler Surya, is the biggest event of the year. The survey asked students to respond using their favorite music genres, favorite artists and past spring festival events. Soria said about 1,200 people responded to the survey with varying opinions about the performing arts and expressed satisfaction with the break during the semester.

Csuf Spring Concert 2023

With COVID-19 regulations and protocols constantly changing, Surya said his team had to adapt and adapt. Planning for the spring festival began early in the fall semester when a private event seemed right, Surya said. However, at the end of the fall semester, the team decided that an online alternative would be more realistic to keep everyone safe.

Soraya said that looking at the plans of the previous years, there are many new things that should have been taken into consideration. He said getting the right software to ensure everyone could access the festival was something the team hadn’t thought of worrying about until now.

Csuf Spring Concert 2023

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Soria said: “The team has done a good job of adapting and trying to make sure that it’s still an exciting experience for the students, that they can still feel like they’re at an event, even if they’re on Be at home.”

Once it was official that the event would be online, ASI decided to make attendance free, unlike previous spring festivals. By registering using their school email and university ID, students will be able to access the full live stream.

Csuf Spring Concert 2023

“It wasn’t really right, taking people’s money for an online concert and everything going on,” Surya said. “We made that decision. Once we found out it was online, the whole team was like, ‘We can’t charge for this. It’s so unfair.'”

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Surya said the planning team includes small groups dedicated to marketing, booking and operations, as well as two creative directors responsible for overseeing the entire event. Kira Dawson is one of ASI’s program coordinators in the operations group, and her role puts her in charge of event production and live streaming.

Csuf Spring Concert 2023

Dawson said he’s excited for students to experience the “fun and exciting” aspects of live broadcasting. Not only is this his first year organizing the Spring Festival, Dawson also said it will be his first time adapting an event of this size to a virtual format.

“It’s been a roller coaster trying to learn how to produce virtual programs and how to do it to better engage with students,” Dawson said. “We had a full year to prepare this way, after doing several different programs.”

Csuf Spring Concert 2023

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Surya also said that he hopes the online show will replicate the traditional concert experience by creating an intentional environment for the audience. He said students can expect the event to feel like a community, especially freshmen or sophomores who are having their first Spring Festival experience.

“We’re trying to make it as inclusive as possible while making sure people are safe,” Surya said. “Now you will experience the spring festival in a different environment, where now your family can see it.”

Csuf Spring Concert 2023

Soria said the official booking of the artist or artists remains top secret, but as the event draws closer, students can expect to know who will be performing by early April.

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Psychology major Michael Nishimura transferred to CSUF in fall 2019, when the pandemic forced ASI to cancel what would have been its first spring festival. He said he had filled the survey and shared his suggestions with the ASI who was keen to witness the incident. He said, for him, any artist would be enough for him to participate in the Spring Festival.

Csuf Spring Concert 2023

“I’m really excited to see how the students can put together an event of this magnitude,” Nishimura said. “It should be a lot of fun. I’ll be playing in the living room with my dog.”

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© Copyright 2023 Daily Titan, 2600 E. Nutwood Ave., Suite 660 Fullerton, CA| Terms of Use | Privacy Policy After a two-year absence due to the pandemic, the Spring Festival returned to the Cal State Fullerton campus and boasted a student population of more than 5,000 to the multi-talented singer/songwriter MAX, and headliner, award-winning Grammy look at Miguel, May 7 at home.

Csuf Spring Concert 2023

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“It was very special to finally be able to personally return to the festival and give our students a sense of pride and reward their perseverance after two such difficult years,” said Austin Yasis, director of student planning.

The annual Spring Festival has become a part of the CSUF campus experience and has grown over the years. The music festival-style event typically features live performances, food trucks, photo booths, carnival rides, and more.

Csuf Spring Concert 2023

Past Spring Arrow Festival performers have included such notable artists as Kanye West, Roy Simmered, Dominique Fike, Waka Flocka Flame, Ludacris, Zhou, and Porter Robinson. This year’s festival saw a bar set by these old artists.

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Opening the 2022 show was MAX, who is best known for his platinum single “Ta Chini Chini”, which is available on Spotify, Amazon Music, and YouTube. More than half a billion have been published on platforms like com. MAX’s popularity is growing internationally, and he released his latest single “Gucci Bag” before his Spring Festival appearance.

Csuf Spring Concert 2023

On May 28, R&B star Miguel’s stage and performance lit up the night sky and energized the Titan student body into a spring evening.

“It was a very happy time for my first Spring Festival experience,” said fourth-year communications major Gwen Vere de la Cruz.

Csuf Spring Concert 2023

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Miguel may be one of the most decorated guests of the Spring Festival during their performances. He is a 12-time Grammy Award nominee, winning in 2013 for his best R&B single, “Adorn.” It has also won BET Awards and four Soul Train Music Awards since its release in 2011.

“This year they showed the students that their university and fellow Titans can put on a big show with top talent,” Yesis said. “We will continue to do so and provide another memorable experience for our students next year.” Miguel made his personal return to the 2022 Spring Festival at Cal State Fullerton on Saturday, May 7. (Affiliated Students / CSUF)

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Csuf Spring Concert 2023

Miguel performed his hits “Skywalker”, “Sore Thing” and “Adorn” at the spring concert. (Affiliated Students / CSUF)

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Max came down from the stage to interact with the crowd during Miguel’s opening performance. (Affiliated Students / CSUF)

Csuf Spring Concert 2023

The warmth and music of spring wafting through the air at Cal State Fullerton’s 2022 Spring Festival was a wonderful change of pace from the icy river of the library.

The event returns in person after a 2018 concert with headliner Metro Bowman. This year’s headliner was R&B artist Miguel, who was opened by pop singer Max.

Csuf Spring Concert 2023

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Miguel took the stage at the end of the night with his trademark bright and smooth voice. He started his show with his song “Dad Thing” which became popular on TikTok. Miguel played many of his best known songs such as “Banana Clip” and “Adorn”. However, his closing song, “Skywalker,” had the crowd at the end of the night.

Prior to his performance, singer and songwriter Max, best known for his hit “Ta Chaney”, opened with the headliner. He brought an infectious upbeat spirit to the stage and connected with the crowd.

Csuf Spring Concert 2023

“I think Max was great, Miguel was great too, but Max brought the energy, I loved how he connected with the crowd. He came off the stage a lot, which we didn’t know he would do.” Sophomore communications major and co-executive producer of the festival.

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The event was scheduled from 4 am. By 9:30 p.m., Miguel enters the stage and begins his show around 8:30 p.m.

Csuf Spring Concert 2023

The ASI Planning Board, which executed the event, had about seven months to plan for the 2022 private festival.

Student programs are important to the campus community and provide a break from the pressures of school, said Sammy Tullbing, a third-year communications major and co-executive producer.

Csuf Spring Concert 2023

Cal State Fullerton

“Just seeing people get excited about personal events again, it’s really amazing to see, and it’s a nice break from reality. The finals are coming up soon, so I think events like the Spring Festival are for everyone. are really good for.”

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