Cse 142 Winter 2023

Cse 142 Winter 2023 – Beginning in the fall of 2022, the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering will replace the current introductory series CSE 142 and CSE 143 with three new courses, the annual series: CSE 121, CSE 122, CSE 123;

“This will be our biggest change in two decades,” said Dan Grossman, Allen School’s vice principal and person in charge of the renovation.

Cse 142 Winter 2023

Cse 142 Winter 2023

The introductory computer science series, according to the writers’ website, “serves as a starting point for students across campus to explore the world of computing,” and aims to help all students “develop computational thinking and programming skills.”

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“Many other students come to UW who have already taken a programming course,” Grossman said. “We currently do not serve these students because CSE 142 can be over-reviewed and CSE 143 is often too advanced and generally requires students to have taken CSE 142. As a result, many students experience CSE 142 despite our best efforts – CSE 142 is less desirable students without prior experience.”

Cse 142 Winter 2023

In the new series, students can choose which course best suits their experience. To make this easier, the computer science department will create a self-placement system with resources to help students make their choices, unlike other UW departments, such as chemistry, where placement tests are required.

“CSE 121 is for those with no prior experience, CSE 122 is for students with prior programming experience, and CSE 123 is for students with significant prior experience,” Grossman said. “We believe that this will improve our course in everything.”

Cse 142 Winter 2023

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The change also brings the UW series in line with most other universities, which teach introductory programming throughout the entire academic year.

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“It’s time to cut it in two,” Grossman said. “We get praise from many students that CSE 142 and CSE 143 are very fast and difficult.”

Cse 142 Winter 2023

According to DawgPath, 28.4% of students will earn a grade of 2.5 or below in CSE 142, and 8.61% of students will fail outright.

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“It’s less stressful for students if the class is a little slower,” said Alex Fernandez, a third-year computer science major. “I personally thought that the pace was not bad… but if they want it to be kind of nice and slow so it’s really good for the students, I think it’s good too.”

Cse 142 Winter 2023

The new series is 12 credits – each course is four credits, with two weekly lectures and two smaller quiz sections.

“We don’t have plans to add significant new products, so the overall pace will be slower,” Grossman said. “We look forward to using approaches such as frequent submissions, specific assessment based on determinations and active learning methods, as well as creating space for students to pursue their interests in certain courses.”

Cse 142 Winter 2023

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“If they did a whole series of the year, even if they reduce the matter, I still expect them to introduce new materials because they have so much extra time … 20 weeks between two courses with nine credits for 31 weeks. with 12 credits,” said Fernandez.

In addition to speed, this series emphasizes testing and debugging skills and recent applications of computer science. Recognizing the value of testing and proving skills in class, these skills will be clearly taught. In addition, programs and examples in class and for homework have been updated to emphasize the application of programming to current social and scientific issues.

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Cse 142 Winter 2023

Fernandez’s one concern, however, was how testing would work under the new structure. In CSE 142 and 143, the tests consisted of a bunch of midterm and final material, although after the transition to online, more flexibility was required and professors switched to easier “mock” midterms and book problem solving.

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“For a lot of people, the tests were kind of scary – they scared me too… so I usually spend a lot of time preparing for the test,” said Fernandez. “Maybe they can meet more in the rehearsal sessions.”

Cse 142 Winter 2023

For students admitted to computer science and operating majors, no major changes are required in the application.

“I can’t think of anything that directly affects major and other UW students in a different way,” Grossman said. “For current UW students applying to major, I expect we will require CSE 123.”

Cse 142 Winter 2023

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“For people who don’t get in through direct admission … There’s more investment you have to apply to all categories,” Fernandez said. “Before going into CS, if you already had AP CS credit, there was one class that you had to worry about before applying.”

The UW’s computer science major, which is extremely limited in capacity and admits an average of 20 to 25% of students, leads many to hope that their computer science courses will meet the grant requirements of the major’s enrollment selection.

Cse 142 Winter 2023

“For people who take these classes for sports, they don’t have to go high, they can stop after one or two sessions,” Fernandez said. “And he believes it’s going to be less work overall than both parts that you had to do before.”

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Other majors, such as computer science and electrical engineering, also require courses in the introductory science series for admission and part-time requirements.

Cse 142 Winter 2023

After meeting and discussing the changes with program leaders from various departments — including the College of Engineering and the School of Information — “each program will decide how to adjust course requirements and grade requirements,” Grossman said, but added that he “does not anticipate significant disruptions.”

Some programs and courses only require CSE 122, while others require CSE 123 and require students to take additional coursework to increase their credit requirements.

Cse 142 Winter 2023

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For first year and transfer students, this change will have minimal impact on them. Students with AP Computer Science credits will receive 121 credits for CSE. Initiation and transfer students enrolled in Washington State’s community and technical colleges are currently listed as receiving equivalent course credit. The community college course will be the equivalent of the old series in the near future.

CSE 142 will be offered last term in Summer 2022, while CSE 143 will be offered once or twice in the 2022-2023 academic year with Fall 2022 as the approved quarter. For students taking the new series, they will take CSE 121 and CSE 122 in the fall, and they will take CSE 123 in the winter.

Cse 142 Winter 2023

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