Cs61c Spring 2023

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Cs61c Spring 2023

Cs61c Spring 2023

Who I am? (Biography, Curriculum Vitae) I am a Teaching Professor (aka SOE Senior Lecturer) in the Computer Science Division of the EECS Department at the University of California, Berkeley. I have a doctorate. from the same department in May 2000, where I worked on an OPTICAL project related to computer graphics and scientific imaging. Personally, I am married to the beautiful, talented Tao Ye and have two lovely children. Teach

Hokeun Kim’s Home

In the fall of 2022, I will be teaching CS10, The Beauty and Joy of Computing, and teaching (along with my wonderful colleague Lisa Yan) our second year Computer Architecture course: CS61C: Great ideas in computer architecture (formerly Machine Architecture). We (Co-PIs Emeritus Teaching Professor Brian Harvey and Professor Tiffany Barnes of NC State) have over 1,000 high school teachers on the AP CS Principles version of the Beauty and Joy of Computing course using the awesome Snap. great! (Build Your Own Blocks) graphical programming environment and Blown to Bits book.

Cs61c Spring 2023

I am very interested in computer science education and active because I have presented at the SIGCSE Annual Conference every year since 2001 and have been honored to be named ACM Distinguished Educator, Outstanding Speaker ACM 2019-2025, SIGCSE Vice-President in 2012 elected 2019-2022 and SIGCSE Secretary 2022-2025. I am honored to have been chosen to be the Program Co-Chair for SIGCSE 2017 and the Co-Chair of the SIGCSE Symposium 2018 in Baltimore, MD (along with my friend, Professor Tiffany Barnes). I am a guest co-editor (with Moti Ben-Ari and Tom Murphy) of TOCE magazine Special Issue on Concurrent, Parallel, and Distributed Computing, serving on the GRE Computer Science Committee and a member of the Ensemble NSF project to build a website for the Educator computer. I recently served on the CRA Task Force on Faculty Follow-up Teaching, ACM Board of Education, College Board AP Computer Science: Principles Development Committee, TEALS Advisory Board, Advisory Board SRI’s PACT Advisory Board, SMASH Advisory Board and CS PCK Advisory Board. Locally, I am the dean of our 11 summer courses and have been tasked with hiring and promoting the best faculty for our summer courses. Finally, I am the Co-Chair of Higher Education of CSforCA (CA Committee for Computer Science) from 2019-2022 and I will do whatever it takes to help the CSTA (CA-Golden Gate) chapter at Our local thrives through the monthly(ish) meetings I help with on campus (and hosting CS4HS workshops in the summer).

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Active RAD (Research, Art & Development) student groups and projects I’m quite excited about the RAD (Research, Art & Development) groups I mentor. If you’d like to join one of these groups (see below), check their schedule for times and locations.

Cs61c Spring 2023

Does The

2019 In SIGCSE’s 50-year history, announced as the most written author at the age of 61 (2nd place is 42) (20 years after first joining SIGCSE)

2018 My CS10 Spring 2018 course had 63% women (out of 155 students), breaking its own record for diversity (2 years after my URM award)

Cs61c Spring 2023

2017 My CS10 Spring Course is 60% women (out of 150 students), breaking my own record for diversity (2 years after being voted Tech Diversity Champion)

Homework 10 Solutions Cs 61a Spring 2018

2016 NCWIT Undergraduate Research Mentorship (URM) Award (12+2 years after I started the UCBUGG, GamesCrafters and iOS teams)

Cs61c Spring 2023

2016 NCWIT Extended Service Transformation Award (Honorary Award) (12+2 years after I started my UCBUGG, GamesCrafters, and iOS teams)

2015 Selected to Receive LPFI’s Lux Award as a “Technology Diversity Champion” (2 years after we envision bringing BJC to SMASH Scholars)

Cs61c Spring 2023

Guide For Prospective Gsis, Readers, And Tutors

Top 10 Most Popular MOOCs of 2015 Starting September 2015 and January 2016, Class Central (two years after we started this)

2013 My CS10 course had 106 women and 104 men, the first time more women than men took a computer science fundamentals course at UC Berkeley (since they started digitizing records. in 1993, and most believe that even if the numbers are dire years ago). (2 years after our NSF CE21 certification)

Cs61c Spring 2023

2013 Selected as Top 5 Professors for Courses at UC Berkeley (2 years after our NSF CE21 award)

Dr. Dan Garcia

2011 CS10 : The Beauty and Joy of Computing was selected as the winner of the NSF CE21 grant (2 years after we started offering it)

Cs61c Spring 2023

2011 CS10: The Beauty and Joy of Computing selected as UC Online’s pilot (2 years after we started offering this service)

2010 CS10: The Beauty and Joy of Computing, selected by the College Board as one of five national pilots for the course AP CS: Sub-Principles in New Computing (2 years after we decided to create it)

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Cs61c Spring 2023

Cs162操作系统课程第二课 4个核心os概念_干货满满张哈希的博客 Csdn博客

Highest HKN Teaching Effectiveness Rating 2006 (6.7) of any EECS LowerDiv Instructor ever (2 years after previous highest rating)

CS Department IT Faculty Award 2005 for Outstanding University Teaching (2 years after I was promoted to PSOE)

Cs61c Spring 2023

Highest HKN Teaching Performance Rating 2004 (6.6) of any LowerDiv CS Instructor ever (shared with 1 other) (2 years after McEntyre Award)

Computer Information Systems

2002 CS Department Diane S. McEntyre Award for Teaching Excellence (2 years after my CS UCB PhD)

Cs61c Spring 2023

1997 UC Berkeley GSI for most classes in UC Berkeley history (16 classes in 6 years is considered a record — because the law is that no one can GSI for more than 5 years — but staff didn’t realize it until I GSI 6 ) (2 years after my UCB CS M.S.)

November 8, 2021 Exchange: Prof. Dan Garcia and National Forum Research Fellow Dr. Brett Becker, Ireland National Forum on Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Cs61c Spring 2023

Memory Allocation I Cse 351 Spring Ppt Download

2017-03-24 And then suddenly women stopped programming. What Happened in 1984?, ITSP Magazine, At the intersection of Technology, Cybersecurity and Society.

2016-11-04 Melinda Gates and Regina Dugan on how to attract (and retain) more women in tech, Fast Company

Cs61c Spring 2023

2016-04-30 Industry needs more women: ICT will create 100,000 more jobs by 2020, news.com.au

Memory Allocation I Cse 351 Winter Ppt Download

2015-09-16 CS for All: Fundamentals for Our Future, NYC Mayor’s Office (introductory video to BJC teachers and curriculum)

Cs61c Spring 2023

2015-09-01 LPFI and UC Berkeley’s “Beauty and Joy of Computing” Collaborate to Bring CS Principles to SMASH, LPFI Grantees

26-02-2015 City receives $5.5 million in grants for STEM-focused AP Computer Science courses, New York Daily News

Cs61c Spring 2023

Save The Gpa: Top 10 Hardest Classes At Uc Berkeley

2014-07-10 While Silicon Valley is changing its image to a boys’ club from Tech Bros

2014-05-07 State Senate passes legislation allowing high school computer science classes to meet college admissions requirements, The Daily Californian

Cs61c Spring 2023

2014-03-03 One small change made a big difference in this computer science class, NationSwell (SF Chronicle Article remix)

High St (red Lion House)

2014-03-01 We need a breakthrough to propel women into computer science careers, San Jose Mercury News (front page)

Cs61c Spring 2023

2014-03-01 CS KickStart gives novice computer scientists a window into the world of programming, San Jose Mercury News (photos only)

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February 26, 2014 Women in Engineering: For the first time, more women in UC Berkeley’s computer class, Bustle (Remix of the SF Chronicle article)

Cs61c Spring 2023

Cs 2021 2022 Draft Schedule Is Out!

24-02-2014 There’s been a big step forward for women and technology at Berkeley, Identities.Mic (SF Chronicle article remix)

2014-02-24 For the first time ever, more women than men enroll at UC Berkeley Introduction to CS, women2.0 (TechCrunch remix article)

Cs61c Spring 2023

22-02-2014 Women Overwhelm Men for the First Time in Berkeley’s Introduction to Computer Science, Hacker News Complex (Remix of the TechCrunch article)

University Of California, Berkeley

21-02-2014 Women Dominate in UC-Berkeley Computer Science Course, Slate for the first time (Remix of the SF Chronicle article)

Cs61c Spring 2023

21-02-2014 Women Outnumber Men for the first time in Berkeley Computer Science Course, Wired (SF Chronicle article remix)

2013-08-20 How to Win at Connect Four Everytime! Link to a game solver to use on your smartphone or computer, Mind your decision (blog)

Cs61c Spring 2023

Is Advanced Maths Hard?

Golf! (low: 93, medium: 100) My 1, 2, 3 swings have changed!! I’ve hit two birdies once!

Hoops My high school Hoops team placed fourth in the state and was inducted into the School’s Athletics Hall of Fame!

Cs61c Spring 2023

Softball. My old teams: Badness 10000 and NP Complete Idiots (won 8-0 in a tournament match!). I hit pretty well

Familiarize The Simulator Environment

Be a great father to my two children, a great husband to my wife Tao and a great son to my parents (in capitals).

Cs61c Spring 2023

This is the icon representing this page. If you’ve ever seen it on other sites, clicking on it will bring you back here. He was named ACM Distinguished Educator in 2012 and ACM Distinguished Speaker in 2019, has won all four departmental computer science teaching awards and holds the record for highest teaching effectiveness ratings. in the history of many of the faculty’s courses.

He is a national leader in the CSforALL and A’s for All movements (when time and interest permit), bringing exciting computer science to students who are often underrepresented in the field, and help them gain skills. Thanks to four grants from the National Science Foundation, the mini-course on the Beauty and Joy of Computing (BJC) he helped develop has been shared with more than 1,000 high school students.

Cs61c Spring 2023

Computer Architecture I/o 计算机体系结构课程_哔哩哔哩(゜ ゜)つロ干杯~ Bilibili

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