Cornell Class Roster Spring 2023

Cornell Class Roster Spring 2023 – We no longer include email addresses in Class Notes columns; feel free to use the directory to keep in touch with your classmates. You will need a Cornell NetID to access the directory. Please visit the IT Service Desk for assistance.

I contacted Joan Waite Martens! He still lives in his New York City apartment and has help with daily chores. It was nice talking to him after so many months. We dated for a long time and often talked about our days at Cornell.

Cornell Class Roster Spring 2023

Cornell Class Roster Spring 2023

Call and communicate with your friends. It really makes the day. ❖ Dorothy Taylor Prey (Dorothy’s email), 1 Baldwin Ave., #501, San Mateo, CA 94401; telephone, (650) 342-1196. class site. Informant. Share your stories here.

Wrestling Falls To #13 Cornell

Who from 1947 is going to the reunion in June? Answer: Class President Peter Schwarz, BEE ’46, and I, Treasurer Israel “Jay” Milner. Those of us who were able to attend the Reunion proudly represented our great class of 1947. Pete, his alumnus Mary ’81, MAT ’95, her husband Brian and grandson Joseph Vinegrad ’15 warmly welcomed me and wife Edith, son Joseph ’89 and son-in-law Barry. During our happy meals together, sometimes with other schoolmates, we shared our current affairs, experiences and memories of the “old days”.

Cornell Class Roster Spring 2023

The days of good weather were filled with casual activities on and off campus, including: visiting the current electrical engineering college, participating in teacher training, visiting Beebe Lake, joining the Cornell Piano Choir, and a trip back to beautiful Buttermilk Falls (PS, no swimming allowed).

Some of us attended the traditional (slightly beer-soaked) tent party held on Friday night Arts Quad with pop music and “Re-uners” dancing and very friendly young and old students. As we were walking, a nice young student brought me an old wall calendar from 1947 that had kept it all these years. What a reminder!

Cornell Class Roster Spring 2023

Lions Welcome Eight For Class Of 2023

On Saturday, Cornell alumnus Bill Nye ’77 “The Science Guy” entertained us with many funny, informative and timely topics. Later, Cornelliana Night was held at the packed Schoellkopf Stadium. Thanks to enhanced sound and a large video screen, we were able to enjoy the musical and comic entertainment offered by groups of elementary school students. In addition, each Reunion class has received cheers, whistles, and whistles, starting with the new returning class in 2017. When our class of 1947 arrived, we waved our hands at the crowd, who turned to us in unison. the best place with smiles from ear to ear and deafening roars.

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Throughout the reunion, we were warmly greeted by Cornell employees, volunteers, freshmen, and college visitors who recognized us and recognized our class badges. Speaking for Pete and I, we have fond memories of the Cornell reunion. ❖ Class of 1947 (email c/o Alexandra Bond ’12). Informant. Share your stories here.

Cornell Class Roster Spring 2023

In my last column, I wrote that the typical family of our generation consisted of a working man and a stay-at-home wife who ran the home and raised the children, a conclusion I came to because my wife’s sisters couldn’t find paid work and only one of them. many couples our age that we have met over the years had a working wife. However, I heard a different opinion from my classmate Barbara Cole Feiden: “I am writing to disagree (albeit kindly and politely) with our class writer’s finding that most of the women in Class 48 were not working.” I do, as do most of my friends and colleagues. Actually, I was also in the Canadian Army for two years. Many returned to work when our children went to school (or before) and were hired as social workers, teachers, lawyers, writers and more. I believe The Greatest Generation set a good example for our children and those who follow us.”

Pelio Invited To Team Usa Training Camp

Richard Landsman says: “I am 96 years old and still live in my house. My time is filled with reading books, playing online games, and visiting daughter Betsy ’76, nieces Jennifer Landsman Chobor ’85 and Deborah Landsman Parker ’84, and son Sam. I like to cook and bake apple pie. I’m in love with Marlene Medjuck Green ’55 who lives nearby. Life is quiet but sweet. I’d love to hear from my friends and colleagues at Cornell.”

Cornell Class Roster Spring 2023

Dating a nearby cornelian! As for me, I have three children: one with a BA from Cornell and a PhD from the University of Colorado, and one with a PhD from Northwestern. My work has taken me everywhere: Pennsylvania, Illinois, Florida, California, Massachusetts. And my son refused to go to Cornell, not wanting to be accepted instead of going his own way. But he was brought alone, loved it when he got there, and has maintained a close relationship with his fraternity ever since.

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At 99, I can also say that friendships are very important, and having been widowed for twelve years by Cornelian, whom I married, I have a female relationship with a 97-year-old neighbor who graduated from Northwestern. I have lived in the house I built here on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina for 35 years and I expect my daughter to move in here at some point. In a previous issue, I described my enjoyment of seeing wildlife—birds, squirrels, rabbits, and deer—visit my property as a welcome break from the much reading I do, like Richard. ❖ Ray Tuttle (email Ray), 65 Oyster Reef Dr., Hilton Head Island, SC 29926. Catalog. Share your stories here.

Cornell Class Roster Spring 2023

Syracuse Orange Men’s Basketball 22 23 Roster Preview: John Bol Ajak

Hello fellow students! How nice to be with you all again. Please send me all your stories! Refer to it

, 312 College Ave. Suite B, Ithaca, NY 14850 or by email to Alexandra Bond ’12. We will celebrate the audition of each of you!

Cornell Class Roster Spring 2023

My computer finally took a nap, so my daughter and I bought a brand new one.

Key Academic Dates

We moved our home from the “city” in our small town of Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, out of town and into the countryside. Yes, it’s a beautiful country, but now we’re hauling garbage downtown, we’ve got water from a well, and when it snows, a lucky boy will come to vacuum our acre-long driveway! No, I’m really not complaining!

Cornell Class Roster Spring 2023

Folks, we should all enjoy hearing about your daily life these days. Has much changed recently? My morning usually starts with taking my daughter’s three children to school. This is usually fun. Later in the day I pick them up! They are 13, 14 and 16 years old! These days, everyone seems to surpass me in the growth department. My afternoons usually consist of walks from home to the grocery store and school trips.

We had a great trip to Puerto Rico last summer for my grandson’s wedding. So far, no one in the family is getting married this summer.

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Cornell Class Roster Spring 2023

Grading Every Team’s 2022 Nhl Draft Class

We visited the west coast of Florida for ten days in May. I wanted to bring our dog and cat, but after a 20 hour tour (split into a hotel night) I realized they probably wouldn’t enjoy the trip much.

And now, dear students, it’s definitely your turn! Write! What do you mean? How’s your day? Please send me your stories! ❖ Dorothy Mulhoffer Solow (Dorothy’s email), 484 Fischler St. Ext., Wellsboro, PA 16901. List. Share your stories here.

Cornell Class Roster Spring 2023

Class Reunion: On June 9-12, 2022, seven tireless classmates walked out of the 70th official class reunion of the century. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a Zoom Reunion meeting was held in June 2020, attended by a then-record 32 classmates. Later, the class authorities decided that we should hold an official face-to-face meeting.

Championship Aspirations Continue To Be Driving Force For Raiders

His classmates were President James Brandt and Gordon Dibble (engineering); Dick Silver, M.D. ’53 (Arts and Sciences); treasurers Ben Williams, Al Mitchell and John Mellor, PhD ’54 (agriculture); and Walt Spalding (industrial and labor relations). Guests included Jim Brandt’s son Doug, Ben Williams’ friend Marlene, and Mellor’s wives Dibble and Spalding. All were accommodated at the four-star Statler Hotel in Cornell.

Cornell Class Roster Spring 2023

Reunion Activities: Thursday: Welcome and reception by President Martha Pollack and a great lunch with the ’47 and ’52 classes followed by the usual Savage Club show. Friday: Remembrance and Thanksgiving Service at the Anabel Taylor Chapel; an interview with President Pollack and three students who talk about their experiences at Cornell; and a lavish dinner followed by the Bailey Hall Centenary Concert featuring the Glee Club and the Choir, with former members of the Choir honored on the occasion of the group’s 100th anniversary. Saturday: “Science Guy” Bill Nye ’77 gave a witty, humorous speech at Schoellkopf Stadium (Bill attended his 45th convention); Corey Earle ’07 and Evan Earle ’02, MS ’14, gave a presentation on Cornell’s history; the Olin Lecture by the world-famous architect Diébédo Francis Kéré; annual reunion banquet; and the eclectic Cornelliana Night at Schoellkopf.

A quick note from John “Jack” Rose, MD ’54 (Lancaster, Pennsylvania), class fund representative: “Looking back, it’s hard to remember and talk about it over the years.

Cornell Class Roster Spring 2023

Cornell Big Red Men’s Ice Hockey

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