City Tech Winter Session 2023

City Tech Winter Session 2023 – TMG organizes ‘City-Tech.Tokyo’ in February 2023: an event to achieve a sustainable society and startups through open innovation. Registration for the contest and exhibit booth is open today!

The goal of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is to achieve a sustainable society through cooperation with startups. As part of this initiative, our City-Tech.Tokyo event will take place in a hybrid format in February next year.

City Tech Winter Session 2023

City Tech Winter Session 2023

The event creates a window for start-ups to collaborate with other cities and large companies as well as create investment opportunities with the goal of creating a new sustainable city through technology.

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The inaugural event will feature booths from 300 startups and is expected to attract 10,000 attendees from 100 different cities in 30 countries. In addition to the competition, with a cash prize of 10 million yen, we will have business meetings between decision makers from Japanese companies and domestic and international startups.

City Tech Winter Session 2023

We are happy to announce that from today applications are open for startups who want to participate in the pitch or register a booth at the exhibition. Program details are as follows.

Principle: Internationally renowned speakers will share their views on the role of cities and how it will look, as well as the potential impact of innovation in startups in the future.

City Tech Winter Session 2023

This Is What The World’s First Floating City Will Look Like

Sessions: We plan to hold about 20 different panel sessions. Here, startups, large companies, government agencies and members of the media will discuss four main themes and related areas of focus, which will be at the forefront of City-Tech. You can find information about the terms below.

Pitch Contest: Startups from Japan and abroad take the stage to present their business plans for solutions to urban challenges facing Japan and the world. The winning startup will receive a cash prize of 10 million yen.

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City Tech Winter Session 2023

Exhibition booths: The booths provide a space to meet and create opportunities for government personnel (both city and state), start-ups and large companies, etc. to collaborate to create business and open innovation opportunities with great social and economic impact. . on their respective communities

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Business meetings: Business meetings will be held with the participation of high-level players from Japanese companies and Japanese and international start-ups, providing adaptive opportunities to promote open innovation.

City Tech Winter Session 2023

Other events allowed: We also host secondary events during the week before and after the main 2-day event (February 27-28).

*Prize money: The winning company will receive 10 million yen. Other awards to be determined.

City Tech Winter Session 2023

Massachusetts Bay Community College (massbay) |

City-Tech.Tokyo’s official website and social media accounts were launched today. We will continuously update information about the speakers and the event schedule.

Please sign up for our e-newsletter to receive the latest information as well as ticket discount code information.

City Tech Winter Session 2023

In February 2023, we will hold a large-scale global event with the theme “Tech City”, which aims to create a sustainable society through open innovation and startups.

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Various actors such as cities, companies, universities, startups, VCs/investors and members of the press from all over the world will gather in Tokyo, aiming to be “the world’s biggest city for startups”.

City Tech Winter Session 2023

All cities around the world face common problems such as climate crisis, natural disasters, infectious diseases and aging infrastructure. Open innovation between startups and original ideas and technology and institutions such as businesses and cities will be the key to opening a path to the future.

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The event provides an important opportunity to share cutting-edge case studies, promote specific collaborative efforts among participants, and find startups to invest in. Intelligent traffic system, is it a solution to traffic accidents? How about the integration of crime detection system and CCTV system? Is this a cyberpunk dystopian vision or a future solution to criminal behavior? The urban areas of the future will become more and more complex. With the Smart Cities Startup course, you can learn more about future trends and issues in urban areas and how to create business opportunities and develop solutions for future smart cities.

City Tech Winter Session 2023

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During this session, we will go over the foundation and basic systems and platforms for you to integrate into your technology startup process.

During this session, we will explore tech startup ideas for you to implement and integrate into your tech startup or use as a source of inspiration to develop your own tech startup product, project, prototype, or service. .

City Tech Winter Session 2023

During this session, we will explore the research process, how to research a specific industry, market, and technology trends.

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In this session, we will explore the creative process, how to increase your creative intelligence and apply quality technical ideas to your technology startup process.

City Tech Winter Session 2023

During this session, we’ll explore the capital and funding process for your tech startup. How to attract capital and systematically try to enter the market

In this session, we will review the customer acquisition process. Find your first customers and clients for your technology startup and apply the right tools, methods and strategies to create a successful sales system for your specific industry/technology.

City Tech Winter Session 2023

Tech Knowledge College Sessions

In this meeting, we will discuss the business organization process. How to implement an organized and professional platform for your technology startup to create an efficient workflow.

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In this session, we will discuss the process of business formation. What platforms, models, and tools to integrate into your tech startup’s organization to create a successful onboarding process.

City Tech Winter Session 2023

During this session, we will review the hardware and prototyping process of your technology startup. Use different tools and platforms to innovate and integrate your own startup technology projects.

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During this session, we will review your technology startup’s IT infrastructure process. Which platform to use to set up an organized database system, cloud system and other technical solutions to make your technology configuration efficient.

City Tech Winter Session 2023

In this session, we’ll explore the consulting process for your tech startup. A strategic approach, where you can gain more experience before launching your own products/projects.

In this session, we’ll explore the process of managing your technology deployment. How to manage your internal and external environment to increase your tech startup’s chances of success.

City Tech Winter Session 2023

Liberal Arts And Sciences

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About Host: Startup Courses in FinTech, VR/AR, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Unmanned Technology, Wearables, Healthcare Tech, EcoTech, Food Tech, etc.

City Tech Winter Session 2023

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