Chanel Spring 2023

Chanel Spring 2023 – If there’s one thing Chanel’s Virginie Viard wants to make clear, it’s that she’s not interested in looking at trends. For the Chanel Spring Summer 2023 show, it was all about the ease of home, the true meaning of what it means to be a Chanel woman. Throughout history, and even in recent seasons, we have seen the house of Chanel with fun and theatrical themes. There was Karl Lagerfeld’s FW14 show where the models browsed the aisles of a store at the Grand Palais, and the time he built a beach for one of his last collections before passing. Viard carried the torch, with moments of punk-inspired, energetic track and last year’s nod to the 90s – to name but a few. This season, we expect to see more of this kind of energy. Instead, we saw something much quieter.

Time and time again, Viard proves its dedication to the legacy of Gabrielle Chanel, and today was one of the purest expressions of this we’ve seen from the brand for some time. It started with a short film by Tŷ’s long-time collaborators, Inez and Vinoodh, as a kind of ode to Alain Resnais.

Chanel Spring 2023

Chanel Spring 2023

Where Viard’s muse, Kristen Stewart, leaves the Le Champo theater to wander the streets of Paris, daydreams on the steps of Rue Cambon Chanel, and takes the subway, which is equipped at SS23.

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Chanel Spring 2023 Ready To Wear Fashion Show

“It’s no longer important to know who you are or what you want. It’s important to burn your best yesterday, every day, so you can start again.”

Chanel Spring 2023

From there, the set opens to Rianne Van Rompaey’s Caped. It is made of transparent black chiffon and trails behind her like a plume of smoke, which sets the tone for a collection that felt almost weightless in its execution, even the tweed. Transcending the past and the future, Spring Summer 2023 felt like a walk through the past, back to old Paris and the Chanel that Gabrielle built, while using modern technique, silhouettes and , more importantly, attitude.

It was fuss free and light. Where the jackets hung from the shoulders and moved around the torso as they moved, deep pockets revealed plenty. There were cute halter neck dresses with ruffled hems and cotton skirts printed with pale white Camellia flowers. Tweed was being modernized, pencil skirts were being cinched at the waist and jackets were being cut at the navel, while carpet shorts were being offered next to huge, billowing tweed dresses. The kid’s classic pumps were on full display, with crystal crew socks and repaired white fishnet socks. As for the clothes, there was not too much licking. Sheer chiffon skirts clashed with silver sequin dresses trimmed with ostrich feathers, and everything was matched by strings of silver beads and silver earrings, trailing down the body like loose threads.

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Chanel Spring 2023

Chanel’s Spring 2023 Collection At Paris Fashion Week: Virginie Viard Pays Homage To Gabrielle Chanel By Turning To Cinematic Glamour

The collection is said to play on themes of glamour, and the idea could not be denied as models moved on the runway with ease and even the best, including different body types doing so. While Viard leans more in his reign at Chanel, it’s the idea of ​​mixing it up that keeps us guessing, and coming back for more.

We’re rounding up the New Year’s Eve outfits we’ve been waiting for for our year-end celebrations. May the next one feel less scary!

Chanel Spring 2023

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