Chabot Spring 2023

Chabot Spring 2023 – Sports Chabot Baseball’s “Field of Dreams” is scheduled to be completed in the spring. A new facility or renovated Wellman Field is shaping up nicely for the series.

Chabot head coach Will Tavis and his players are counting down the days until they can christen their own “Field of Dreams” with the shiny grass baseball field that will open in early spring.

Chabot Spring 2023

Chabot Spring 2023

“It’s an exciting time,” Tevis said this week. “I know the guys we have this year are really excited, I think we’re all just excited to get out there.”

Prospective Students Enrollment — Chabot Elementary

The $9 million baseball field project includes renovating and replacing the existing baseball field, bleachers, field lighting, trash cans, batting cages, tents and scoreboards, as well as adjacent restrooms and accessible sidewalks.

Chabot Spring 2023

Bowman Construction is currently working on the rope and field foundation and plans to complete the renovations in time for the April 10 baseball season, which has been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Funding for the project comes from the Chaba Las Positas District Measure A bond program approved by voters in 2016.

Chabot Spring 2023

Lake Chabot Park Offers Peaceful Springtime Retreats

“It means very little,” Tevye said of the new facility. “This is our program for a long time.”

Over the past 60 years, Chabault baseball has featured four great players and four major coaches in Gene Wellman, Don Christensen, Steve Friend and Tevis, the program’s 19th year and fourth in head coaching history.

Chabot Spring 2023

“It’s really special,” Tevis said. “It will have new pro-style dugouts, new fences, new supports, a new scoreboard, a player’s house, three new covered bang cakes, a play area, a new press box and stadium seating.”

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Chabot Baseball ‘field Of Dreams’ Set For Spring Completion

“When players and recruits come out to the facility and see the facility, they say, ‘Wow, this is something I really need to use and we want to create a facility where I can use it to improve my skills.’ It’s put in.'” Tevis said. “That was one of the big statements we made in deciding what would be put in the facility.”

Chabot Spring 2023

Again, the essence of Chabot baseball is more than gear and equipment. It’s about player development and competition.

“The rich culture of Chabo baseball has always been about the players, but I’m excited for all of the student-athletes who join our program and have a field that they can use,” Tevis said.

Chabot Spring 2023

Sunday Getaway To Lake Chabot In Castro Valley

Larry Covalition (Tigers); Steve Lubratic (Padres); George Mitterwald (Twins, Cubs, A’s); Dick Tedrow (Indians, Yankees, Cubs); Chris Gilbert Ward (Cubs, White Sox); Eric Hendricks (Royals); Rick Rodriguez (A, Indians, Giants); Jeff Carsley (Blue Jays, Torino-Italy); Jim Englehardt (Angels); Doc A. Jones (A); Aaron Ledesma (Mets, Angels, Orioles, Tampa Bay, Rockies); Darren Lewis (A’s, Giants, Red Sox); Mike Anton (Gemini); Steve Goodell (Marlins, Braves, Mariners, Rockies, Orioles, Twins); Brady Raggio (Cardinals, Diamondbacks); Ken Rodriguez (A); Brian Thompson (Astros); Ryan Sandoval (Mets); Nate Schierholz (Giants, Phillies, Cubs, Washington Nationals, Hiroshima Toyo Corp.); Ned Yost (Beers, Rangers, Expos, Brewers manager, Royals) and Beep Roberts (Padres, Reds, Royals, Indians, Tigers, A’s). A beautiful spring day on the edge of the valley near the Bort Meadow site in Anthony Chubb Regional Park on Redwood Road across from the Oakland Hills region, to Grass Valley Tom Stiansta

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What you’ll see: Everyone needs a paradise like Bort Meadow and Grass Valley. From the end of March to the middle of April, you can enjoy the quiet valley, with the green color of the wild grass and the flowers of golden poppies shining, little blue-eyed grass and wild radish. Turn off your cell phone and enjoy a picnic, hike, or easy mountain bike ride.

Chabot Spring 2023

Location: The Bort Field site for Grass Valley is located off Redwood Road (mile marker 4.2) in Anthony Chubb Regional Park. It is just above the ridge to the west of Oakland and to the east above the restricted Upper San Leandro Reservoir.

Chabot College All Comer Meets For All Ages

On arrival: There are two options from the parking lot. 1. At the north end, look for the start of the McDonald Trail, which heads north through the ridge. 2. At the south end, follow Grass Valley Road, a service road, a short distance to a picnic area under oak trees, and when you reach the valley floor, look for Grass Valley Road on the left.

Chabot Spring 2023

Illustrations: The valley floor feels isolated, quiet and beautiful. Picnic tables are located at the top of the grass valley in the shade of the oak trees.

Grass Valley Loop: At the picnic area, head south on the Grass Valley Trail for 1.5 miles. Take your time and enjoy the peak of spring. At Stonebridge, turn right onto Brandon Road, which heads north toward Grass Valley and back to the picnic area. 2.8 miles, easy.

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Chabot Spring 2023

Balsam Of Gilead Tree, Commiphora Gileadensis. Handcoloured Zincograph By C. Chabot Drawn By Miss M. A. Burnett From Her

MacDonald Trail: From the north end of the parking lot, head north on the old ranch trail. You’ll climb to an overlook south of Grass Valley. The trail heads north through the ridge and eventually descends into Redwood Regional Park (it’s very winding at this point). Secret: Look for a small bump on the right that leads a short distance to a small bench with a great view to the east. Most people scan the site.

Getting there: From San Francisco, go 6.4 miles east (keep right) to the intersection and take Interstate 580 East over the Bay Bridge. Turn right onto I-580 (turn right) and travel 0.9 miles to the intersection with I-580 East, then continue 5.4 miles to the 35th Avenue exit. Take this exit for 0.2 miles to 35th Ave (at stop sign). Turn left and drive uphill 0.8 miles to the intersection with Skyline Blvd (where it will be 35 Redwood Rd). Continue straight through Skyline on Redwood Road and travel 4.3 miles (past the Redwood and Pinehurst Regional Park entrances) to the signposted parking area (near milepost 4.2) on the right side of the boardwalk and trails.

Chabot Spring 2023

Distances: 13 miles from Berkeley, 16 miles from Dublin, 20 miles from downtown San Francisco, 22 miles from Walnut Creek, 28 miles from San Mayo, 31 miles from San Rafael, 38 miles from Half Moon Bay.

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