Cal Poly Fall 2023

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Transfers must meet California State University’s minimum eligibility requirements listed below as the first step to be considered for admission. In addition to these requirements, Cal Poly Pomona () has implemented a multi-factor admissions (MFA) process to evaluate transfer applicants. Fall applicants must have requirements completed by the end of the spring semester and spring applicants must have requirements completed by the end of the summer semester.

Cal Poly Fall 2023

Cal Poly Fall 2023

Fall applicants must have requirements completed by the end of the spring semester and spring applicants must have requirements completed by the end of the summer semester.

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Please note that Cal Poly Pomona does not accept applicants seeking a second bachelor’s degree. We encourage applicants to consider postgraduate study.

Cal Poly Fall 2023

All applicants must meet CSU’s minimum requirements to be reviewed for admission. Non-local applicants applying to majors and effectives will have a higher admissions standard that allows applicants based on space available in each major and therefore should maintain a high GPA and complete all required, recommended, and/or required courses. or preferred.

Note that an applicant is considered local if the majority of their credits come from one of our local schools or if their AD-T is awarded by one of our local schools.

Cal Poly Fall 2023

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An English composition course that emphasizes essay writing or parallel reading and writing. Must be completed with a “C-” or better.

A second semester of composition or writing, or effective reasoning and debate courses. Must be completed with a “C-” or better.

Cal Poly Fall 2023

Please note that all engineering degrees are exempt from completing critical thinking as part of the entry requirements.

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Cal Poly Pomona’s MFA model for transfer applicants consists of both academic and non-academic components, with most of the weight coming from academic criteria.

Cal Poly Fall 2023

To be considered for admission to Cal Poly Pomona, all applicants must meet CSU’s minimum requirements. Once an applicant’s CSU eligibility is determined, they will be evaluated based on a combination of GPA in all transferable courses and additional selection criteria that Cal Poly Pomona creates and the eligibility index for each applicant.

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Please note that although local applicants will have an eligibility index, they will be able to participate in a non-impact program if they meet all of CSU’s minimum requirements.

Cal Poly Fall 2023

Cal Poly Announces Changes To 2022, 2023 Football Schedules

Although not affected, the coveted championships below are highly sought after and therefore more competitive. To aid in academic preparation, Cal Poly Pomona has identified preferred courses that prospective applicants can take to help further their studies in their chosen major. The MS in Quantitative Economics offers structured thinking about empirical problems and motivations. The program integrates econometrics, machine learning, experiments and applied analysis of real data, guided by economic theory. Our robust MS in Quantitative Economics is ideal for those who wish to acquire advanced skills for careers in the public and private sectors, or improve quantitative skills for doctoral studies.

Our ten-month, full-time MS in Quantitative Economics prepares students for careers working in big data environments. Students enjoy small class sizes, with courses taught by nationally recognized academics dedicated to student success. Learning by doing Our culture fosters close relationships with faculty and provides the guidance needed to master economics-based quantitative and consulting tools and understand the role of economic analysis in a technology-driven environment in public and private organizations. Our graduates go on to jobs as economists, analytics consultants, data scientists and data scientists in consulting, finance, banking, technology, government agencies and academia.

Cal Poly Fall 2023

The MS in Quantitative Economics is a STEM-certified program (CIP Code 45.0603: Economics and Quantitative Economics), and students in this program can apply for a two-year extension of their work authorization for optional practical training (OPT), giving them a total of three years of work authorization.

Cal Poly Slo 1901 Marketplace Dining Complex To Open In 2023

The MS in Quantitative Economics curriculum places special emphasis on providing students with a comprehensive analytical tool based on economic theory, emphasizing: (1) identifying cause and effect relationships in real data, (2) carefully evaluating the economic impact of decisions that organizations make, and (3) the risk-adjusted cost-effectiveness of the decision that is finally made.

Cal Poly Fall 2023

We developed and refined our curriculum in consultation with leading economists, consultants, and data scientists from Amazon, Google, OnPoint Analytics, Spotify, DevTech, Streamlit, and Zillow.

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Students have the opportunity to work with professors on empirical research projects very early in their studies. This is a unique experience that allows students to see the immediate practical power of the training they are receiving.

Cal Poly Fall 2023

Cal Poly Humboldt

In addition, thanks to the unique partnership we have established with the Cal Poly Digital Transformation Hub, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), students can work with the public sector and international organizations such as the World Bank on some of their most pressing challenges. For example, students will have the opportunity to work with specific datasets and develop their skills, while providing some value to the global development community while working on mission-critical projects.

PayScale analyzed 134,309 salary profiles of workers with master’s degrees collected between August 2015 and August 2017 from 1,691 different majors and concluded that a bachelor’s degree in economics is among the five highest-paying graduate degrees available.

Cal Poly Fall 2023

All of this means excellent placement for our MS Economics students in the market for quantitative professionals in both the private and public sectors, by Booz Allen Hamilton, J.P. Morgan, Hulu, Oracle, Uber and Visa to the US Army Corps of Engineers, California Air Resources Board, Senior Ph.D. programs offered by universities such as the University of Minnesota, UC Santa Barbara, and Arizona State University.

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Advanced economic theory, experimentation, econometrics, machine learning, and programming skills are core skills that all modern economists must master, regardless of whether they want to work in the private sector, the public sector, or…

Cal Poly Fall 2023

The MS in Quantitative Economics offers structured thinking about empirical problems and motivations. The overall objective of the program is to teach students to work with data in an innovative and unstructured environment, under conditions of ambiguity and with economics as a guide. During the course, students master the latest quantitative economics… We use cookies to improve your website experience. To learn how we protect your information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Cal Poly Pomona wants to make the application process as easy as possible, so we’ve put together an application checklist that lets you know what you need and best practices when applying. You can apply through Cal State Apply.

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Cal Poly Fall 2023

Cal Poly Dining Hall Gets New Name, Teases School’s Founding Year

Before applying, we encourage you to carefully review Cal Poly Pomona’s admissions requirements for consideration. Cal Poly Pomona has an impact on campus and in several of our majors. Selection into all programs at Cal Poly Pomona is competitive as we have more qualified applicants than we can admit. Cal Poly Pomona will consider you for admission to your alternate department if space is available. However, we cannot guarantee consideration of your alternative subject/course. We prioritize candidates within the same university. Students who have been admitted should review the checklist for the following steps.

Cal Poly Pomona will accept applications for all degree programs for the fall admission cycle of 2023. All admission requirements must be completed prior to high school graduation.

Cal Poly Fall 2023

All undergraduate programs are open during the application period. See available majors by visiting Cal State Apply.

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Have an unofficial transcript(s) handy when you fill out the application where you will be asked to enter all courses you have completed, courses you are currently taking, and courses you plan to take.

Cal Poly Fall 2023

Most students can obtain their unofficial transcripts through their student portal from the high school they attended or currently attend.

Cal Poly Pomona makes admissions decisions based on self-reported information on the application, so please ensure that all information entered is correct.

Cal Poly Fall 2023

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Provisionally admitted students who intend to enroll at Cal Poly Pomona must submit official transcripts from all institutions attended when requested by the Office of Admissions.

A non-refundable application fee of $70 (or fee waiver) is required at the time of application. Payment instructions can be found at Cal State Apply.

Cal Poly Fall 2023

The Office of Admissions will notify you of your next steps in the admissions process through Bronco Direct, your student account. Please note that admissions decisions will be made between February and April for Fall 2023 applicants.

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For technical issues with your application,  contact Cal State Apply Customer Service by email at [email protected]  or by phone at (857) 304-2087.

Cal Poly Fall 2023

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