Bmcc Academic Calendar Spring 2023

Bmcc Academic Calendar Spring 2023 – Borough of Manhattan Community College/CUNY kicked off its annual Pride Month on October 11 on Richard Harris Terrace with a brunch and presentation by author and LGBTQI advocate Cindy Rizzo, who will share her thoughts on writing and publishing with students, faculty and staff. President Anthony E. Munro attended the event along with other cabinet members.

The first of several Pride events planned for October, the Pride 2022 brunch featured a full buffet of eggs, bacon and pancakes. Due to previous Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, this will be the first on-campus Pride inaugural event in three years.

Bmcc Academic Calendar Spring 2023

Bmcc Academic Calendar Spring 2023

Although New Yorkers typically celebrate Pride Month in June, Pride was moved to October a decade ago so more students could take advantage of campus events.

Bmcc Celebrates Pride Month With In Person Opening Brunch And Presentation

In his welcome speech, Dean of Student Affairs Michael Huttmaker encouraged students to attend this year’s Pride events and take this opportunity to not only learn about the LGBTQI community, but also meet other students.

Bmcc Academic Calendar Spring 2023

“Celebrating PRIDE Month is a great way to bring the community together. We are proud to welcome and celebrate the various members of our family. The events planned by faculty, staff and students are an example of how we join together to celebrate as a community,” said Huttmaker.

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Rizzo shares insights into the creative process of his latest book, “The Papercutter.” Chapter I of The Split Series is a crossover, young adult speculative fiction novel published by Bella Books in June 2021.

Bmcc Academic Calendar Spring 2023

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After Rizzo’s presentation, Rainbow Panthers Club President, Gender Studies Department Ashley Monegro shared information about the LGBTQI Student and Allies Club that meets every Wednesday from 14:00 to 16:00.

“We want to involve the whole community and maybe beyond,” Monegro said. “We hope to create a more inclusive and friendly LGBTQI environment.”

Bmcc Academic Calendar Spring 2023

For example, Monegro hopes to see the return of the Lavender Graduation to celebrate LGBTQI alumni and their allies in the coming years, including when it graduates in spring 2023. Growing up in Harlem, Monegro says she has always been an advocate for LGBTQI social justice issues. He says we live in an excellent time to raise awareness and lead on issues affecting the LGBTQI community.

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“People are more open about other people’s sexuality,” Monegro said. “I believe it’s also important for students to read the news or listen to podcasts and inform themselves about current events and other issues that affect the LGBTQI community.”

Bmcc Academic Calendar Spring 2023

After graduation, Monegro plans to continue his education at either New York University or a four-year CUNY college. After that, she plans to go to medical school and pursue a career as an obstetrician or plastic surgeon.

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(Pilot Program) As part of the Center for Social Justice and Equity, the College hosts a Pride Center that fosters a supportive environment for all students, faculty and staff focused on experiences and identities within the LGBTQI community. The Pride Center hosts events, programs and services that support and celebrate the LGBTQI community and the role of its allies.

Bmcc Academic Calendar Spring 2023

October Cuj By Confederated Umatilla Journal

The Pride Center also oversees SafeZone training, which explores how to be better allies and create a safe and inclusive space for the queer community and beyond.

Pride Month and the Honor Center support the strategic plan that includes Strategic Goal 5 to strengthen our culture of interest for students, faculty and staff.

Bmcc Academic Calendar Spring 2023

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Bmcc Academic Calendar Spring 2023

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