Berkeley Summer 2023

Berkeley Summer 2023 – • Visit some of the most dynamic and innovative companies and organizations in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, such as Apple, Stanford University, and other companies. • Explore some of the most famous landmarks in San Francisco: Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39, Ghirardelli Square, Fisherman’s Wharf, and more! • Cheer on the San Francisco Giants baseball team and enjoy America’s favorite summer sport. • Enjoy California’s largest amusement park including Gold Striker, a roller coaster.

At Summer Springboard we believe that learning should be inspiring and interactive. We have worked hard to develop courses, field trips and guest lectures that highlight the resources of the Berkeley community. Whenever possible, classes should be held outdoors, on-site or in a laboratory-type setting to give students as many ‘hands-on’ opportunities as possible. Field trips and guest speakers take the learning experience beyond the classroom and capture all that the Bay Area has to offer.

Berkeley Summer 2023

Berkeley Summer 2023

In addition to our academic morning courses, students spend the afternoon either in electives (ie public speaking, creative writing, athletics, college prep, and photography) or our reality program that explores the real personality factors that It includes strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Christopher Nolan’s ‘oppenheimer’ Brings Wwii History To Uc Berkeley Campus

Every “thing” around us is getting smarter because of the explosive field of Internet of Things, also known as IoT. This technology brings together people, processes, data and objects to form networked connections. Sea heaters, door locks, refrigerators, cars, and more are connecting to the Internet and expanding the industry at a rapid pace. In this course, students will experience learning and working with various projects and IoT devices. Students will gain exposure to various applications for IoT and the technologies involved in developing products using IoT. They will learn about sensors, wireless communication, scripting, and security. Go beyond the basics of technology and work on real-world projects in this amazing site.

Berkeley Summer 2023

Are you considering a career in architecture or design? Are you working on your college application and portfolio? Or are you just curious about what it’s like to be an architect? The spring-summer architecture course introduces undergraduate students to architectural concepts, design principles, and methods for exploring community issues in a collaborative studio setting. While working on a project you will learn about the educational path to an architecture degree, the day-to-day work of an architect, and career opportunities.

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Tours at UC Berkeley – Students can visit Stantec, one of the world’s top design technology companies. In Mission Bay, Stantec is helping the University of California, San Francisco transform cancer care. In Golden Gate Park, they collaborated to design the University of California, one of the greenest museums in the world.

Berkeley Summer 2023

How Generations Of Berkeley High Students Forced A Reckoning About Sexual Abuse

Are you interested in medicine, science and technology? Is your goal to create life-saving medicine? This is a unique opportunity for graduate students to gain real-world exposure and experience using state-of-the-art equipment in a science laboratory. The goal of this program is to give students an intensive clinical experience related to the field of engineering, and to understand basic chemical processes common in prokaryotic and eukaryotic biology, as well as classical and genetics.

Your lab time will be spent in a new science center equipped with the latest technology and equipment, so you’ll be among the first to experience working with these cutting-edge tools in the field. A bedroom.

Berkeley Summer 2023

Students will learn first-hand from business experts about starting and running a business. During the program, they will develop a plan for a new business and pitch their plan to real-world investors. Along the way, meet leaders from various areas of business and finance.

Asu–berkeley Lab Stem Pathways (absp) Program

Trip to UC Berkeley – Students visit the stadium of the San Francisco Giants baseball team to learn about activities in the sports business. In addition, students will visit another important company in the region. Over the years, students have visited Facebook, the Better Business Bureau and other companies.

Berkeley Summer 2023

This program challenges students to think critically and creatively about today’s most pressing technology-related questions. Students will be exposed to every cycle of product development from data architecture and APIs to debugging. The curriculum is tailored to each student’s abilities, so beginner, intermediate, and advanced students are all welcome.

Tours at UC Berkeley – Last year, students had the opportunity to visit technology companies such as Thunkable and Google Geo-Education. Eligible staff members describe their academic and professional journeys and the various responsibilities they have with the team. Almost all employees are graduate and undergraduate students at MIT and have worked on the original MIT App Inventor project. Students also visited Google events, where they heard words of wisdom from the Google Earth Education team.

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Berkeley Summer 2023

Campus College Of Letters And Science Plans To Limit High Demand Majors

Engineering is one of the most in-demand jobs in many industries. These businesses often need creative minds who can solve a problem on their feet and help the company save money, solve problems, and expand their reach. If you are considering a career in engineering, this course will help you discover what it takes to become an engineer. We will explore aspects of mechanical, structural, civil, and electrical engineering in a hands-on, one-dimensional approach.

Field Trips at UC Berkeley – Students visit Stantec, a global technology company where they spend time reviewing “pull schedules” that allow orchestration of locations to create a prototype: the new UCSF Cancer Center.

Berkeley Summer 2023

Our summer medical program for undergraduates gives you a 360-degree view of the medical and healthcare field, as well as immersive learning through projects and performances.

Summer Springboard @ Uc Berkeley

Trips to UC Berkeley – In past years, students have visited the Canberra Center, which helps UCSF participate in the process of improving teaching, learning and assessment activities. And in complex situations. In addition, students received a post-event tour of the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center, a regional hospital and Level 1 trauma center dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the community.

Berkeley Summer 2023

Are you interested in “green work”? Our program offers an interdisciplinary perspective in issues related to ecology and sustainability, without focusing on the scientific side in environmental studies. By focusing on how people affect the environment, this course gives students the tools to gain a broader understanding of the growing number of issues affecting our environment. Blessed with miles of shoreline, students will also have a unique opportunity to study the diverse ecosystems of the Bay Area. Introducing a variety of career paths, from environmental science to environmental agriculture, this course gives students a better understanding of where green careers can lead.

This new college-level course in partnership with iXperience is perfectly designed to help high school students gain knowledge and real-world experience before embarking on the eSports path in college. You will have the opportunity to apply your newly acquired skills to a project for a good cause. While the specific briefs vary, all projects are chosen to complement the skills covered in class and enable students to make real-world impact.

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Berkeley Summer 2023

Berkeley’s Irish Summers

● Week 1: Focus on acquiring new industry-relevant skills at high speed. ● Week 2: Collaborate on a social impact project that you can include in your resume and discuss in job interviews.

Technology is so integrated into our daily lives that learning to code can be beneficial for college, future careers, and beyond. This is a great time to start learning and building coding skills. Whether students are interested in 3D modeling, gameplay programming or stage design, they can expand their project portfolio, gain exposure to critical experts in the game industry, and connect with peers and mentors.

Berkeley Summer 2023

In this course, students will explore professional video game design using popular industry tools. They will start by learning about creating 3D objects and then use their new skills to design their own world. Students will have the opportunity to design new worlds of their own creation and they will leave the course with a comprehensive view of how to design a game professionally and the skills to showcase in their portfolio. No prior coding knowledge is required.

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This program provides middle school students interested in pursuing medicine with real hands-on experience where they can learn a set of medical skills at an early age.

Berkeley Summer 2023

Imagine being able to set up a splint, stop the bleeding, and perform CPR as a middle schooler! Students will learn medical procedures through age-appropriate modeling and guided lessons. In addition, they will work with small groups to investigate the patient’s history and symptoms, make a diagnosis based on the findings, and develop a treatment plan.

Field Trips at UC Berkeley – All students visit a simulation center for hands-on practice in sewing, suturing, intubation, and BLS skills led by medical instructors. Past visits include the Yale Center for Medical Simulation, the UCSF Canberra Simulation Center, the Straits Center (affiliated with Harvard Medical School) and the UC San Diego SIM Center. Tours provide first-hand observation of high stress/life saving opportunities

Berkeley Summer 2023

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