Baruch Final Exam Schedule Spring 2023

Baruch Final Exam Schedule Spring 2023 – Final Examination Details: One internal departmental examination. It is conducted online simultaneously for all sections of CIS 2200. In any case, the exam is face-to-face.

This course introduces students to the use of computers and other information technologies in organizations. Topics covered include IT strategy, IT infrastructure and emerging technologies, telecommunications, security, privacy and ethics, analytics and the current use of technology in the organizational environment. The course provides students with exposure to computational thinking in problem solving, a fundamental skill for all students, through hands-on experience in basic programming structures such as management reports. Working individually and in groups, students will apply their knowledge, where appropriate, by developing applications using widely used spreadsheet and data management software. CIS 1357 may not be used in place of CIS 2200 to satisfy any intermediate or advanced CIS course prerequisite. Students may receive credit for both CIS 1357 and CIS 2200.

Baruch Final Exam Schedule Spring 2023

Baruch Final Exam Schedule Spring 2023

 Explain the basics of information systems and how information systems are used in business.  Explain the role that business information systems play in various organizations.  Demonstrate literacy in information, technology and business.  Using computational thinking to solve problems.  Identify business problems and opportunities that can benefit from information system support.  Informing people about social and ethical issues related to the use of information systems and technologies in organizations.  Discuss the important role that information systems play in your work, business and society in the 21st century.

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 Analytical skills  Technological skills  Communication skills: speaking and writing  Public awareness and formal decision making.

Baruch Final Exam Schedule Spring 2023

Prerequisite: one mathematics course: FSPM 1023; MTH 1023; MTH 1030; MTH 2000; MTH 2001; MTH 2003; MTH 2009; MTH 2140; MTH 2160; MTH 2205; MTH 2206; MTH 2207; MTH 2610; or any MTH course at the 3000 level or above; or placement in pre-calculus or calculus. and pre- or co-requisite: BUS 1000, BUS 1011, or BUS 2000.

SAM – Cengage Learning (Excel/Access Individual Projects) 8% MS Excel Group Project 7% MS Access Group Project 9% SONA Research Requirement (Learning Package) 2% Total 100%

Baruch Final Exam Schedule Spring 2023

Olmsted: Bicentennial Perspectives

Letter grades are calculated according to the official Baruch College grading system. The instructor reserves the right to adjust the scale in calculating final grades, if necessary.

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(%) to (%) Letter Class 0 59 F 60 67 D 67 69 D+ 70 72 C- 73 77 C 77 79 C+ 80 82 B- 83 87 B 87 89 B+ 90 92 A- 93 100 A

Baruch Final Exam Schedule Spring 2023

 A & A – : 35% or less  B+, B & B- : 40% or less  C+, C & C- : 25% or less  D(s) & F(s): For any student who received these classes.

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CLASS ATTENDANCE AND ASSIGNMENTS  During class, students must refrain from any disruptive behavior such as talking, arriving late, and leaving the room during class. Disruptive behavior can negatively impact the classroom environment and the educational experience of other students. Any disruptive behavior will be dealt with in accordance with the classroom management guidelines established by Baruch College.  Going to class is an important part of this course. Missing class may adversely affect your progress in this course. If you miss any lessons, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed.  You should not go to class late and leave class early. If you do so, questions that may affect the smooth flow of the class meeting (due to your late arrival) will not be answered by the professor or other students.  Late assignments are not allowed. Late assignments are not acceptable in business and are not acceptable in this course. Late assignments will not be accepted and zero marks will be recorded for any work not submitted on time.  If you need an extension of time, you must request it in writing or by email before the scheduled date of work.  Extensions will not be issued for problems related to the use of home or work computer systems (please use BCTC resources to avoid such problems).  Feel free to ask why you got a certain grade on an assignment/exam/project a week after the grade was posted. If you get a rating by mistake, I will correct it. If not, you cannot repeat the assignment for credit. After one week, your points will be suspended.  Notify me of any problems or issues (such as missing class, prolonged illness, work-related issues, etc.) as soon as possible and before you miss a week or two of classes. If you come to me at the end of the semester with a problem you had at the beginning of the semester, I can’t help you.

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Baruch Final Exam Schedule Spring 2023

Exams  Appear for exams on time. Make-up was not done on missed exams.  In the event of an emergency, students who are unable to attend an exam must contact the instructor in advance and provide a written statement justifying their absence.  Laptops, mobile phones and tablets should be switched off.  The final examination must be written at the time published in the College Bulletin.  The instructor reserves the right to withhold all exams, but students have the opportunity to review the exams after the grades are posted.  Exams include material from both readings and topics covered in lectures. Some study materials may not be available in the book. Therefore, it is very important to go to class regularly.  Exams consist of a combination of true/false, multiple choice, short essays, and problem solving questions.

Academic penalties in this class are at my discretion and range from zero or an F grade on an assignment to an F course. A report of suspected academic misconduct will be forwarded to the Office of the Dean of Students.

Baruch Final Exam Schedule Spring 2023

New York City Latin American History Workshop (co Sponsored By Dept., Hosted By Baruch College)

The Newman Library at Baruch College has prepared a very short lesson on what plagiarism is. I encourage you to take this baruch.cuny/tutorials/plagiarism/default.htm

Definition of Plagiarism: Plagiarism means presenting someone else’s work as your own. “Other people’s work” means other people’s words and/or ideas. “Contribute.. yours” means to include this work in your assignment without adequate citation. Therefore, a slightly longer definition would be “plagiarism means including people’s names and/or ideas in your work without properly citing them.” Here are some tips about citations: When you incorporate the original words of others, whether from a print source, the Internet, or the living word, they must appear in quotation marks and you must indicate where and by whom. The words came. Besides, he cheats. When you incorporate someone else’s ideas, you need to show where you got those ideas from, even if you sometimes explain them away. Following someone else’s opinion, even if you express it differently, is plagiarism. (An example would be paraphrasing a paragraph from someone else’s work, sentence by sentence, even including a quote from that author.) If you have any questions about these definitions, please discuss them with me. Either visit Baruch’s online plagiarism guide at newman.baruch.cuny/help/plagiarism/default.html or go to Baruch’s Academic Honesty website: baruch.cuny/academic/academic_honesty.html. In addition, the Baruch Writing Center offers workshops that focus on the proper use of sources and discipline.

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Baruch Final Exam Schedule Spring 2023

Counseling and Student Health: At Baruch, we recognize that as a student, you juggle many demands. During the semester, if you begin to experience personal difficulties or stress that interfere with your academic performance or daily functioning, please seek free and confidential support from the Baruch College Counseling Center. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please visit their website at studentaffairs.baruch.cuny/counseling/ or call 646-312-2155. If it is outside business hours (Monday-Friday 9-5) and you need emergency assistance, please call 1-888-NYC-WELL (888-692-9355). If you have any concerns about one of your classmates, please share those concerns by completing the Campus Intervention Team form at studentaffairs.baruch.cuny/campus-intervention-team.

What All Students Should Know

Students with Disabilities: Baruch is always committed to providing appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities. As with many things this fall, the need for shelters and the process of preparing them has changed with COVID-19 and current safety regulations. Students with disabilities who may require accommodations to fully participate in this class should immediately contact Student Disability Services at [email protected].

Baruch Final Exam Schedule Spring 2023

The Student Academic Advising Center (SACC) will offer Excel and Access workshops throughout the semester. In addition to CIS2200 instructors, there will be peer mentors in Excel. NVC 2-116 | Phone: (646) 312-4830 | Web: baruch.cuny/sacc.

There is a mandatory 1 hour research participation requirement for all students enrolled in CIS2200. Students must register for 1 hour of research participation (or complete another assignment). This requirement is 2% of the final grade, students must earn 2 points in SONA (1 point = ½ hour). Instructions to students about research requirements (how to participate in research studies, how to do it

Baruch Final Exam Schedule Spring 2023

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