Arizona Spring Training 2023

Arizona Spring Training 2023 – The White Sox will close out 2023 against the San Diego Padres, and today we learned that these Friars simply cannot be upset—the White Sox are starting to play them, too.

The White Sox open the 2023 Cactus League season with their traditional Saturday game, this time hosting the Padres on Feb. 25 at Camelback Ranch.

Arizona Spring Training 2023

Arizona Spring Training 2023

There will be 15 home games for a total of 31, which includes a game hosting a World Baseball Classic team (currently unknown origin, could be any country!) and a home-and-away split where hosts K.C. and Texas at Surprise on March 22.

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The White Sox also play the crosstown rival Cubs four times: March 17 at Camelback Ranch and March 10 and 27-28. March down the road at Sloan Park in Mesa. These games on March 27-28 represent the Cactus League finale for the White Sox.

Arizona Spring Training 2023

After two games in Mesa, the White Sox head to Houston to begin a four-game season opener at the Houston Astros before returning home to face the San Francisco Giants in a home opener at Sox Park.

For 2023 Spring Training ticket information, fans can join Camelback Insider at to receive updated ticket news as it becomes available. All White Sox spring training information is available at The schedule may change. Experience all the fun and excitement of spring training in Tempe, Arizona. Tempe is the perfect home base for spring baseball training. From late February to late March, Cactus League Spring Training brings 15 MLB teams to 10 stadiums to play more than 200 games.

Arizona Spring Training 2023

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Located in the heart of the Phoenix metropolitan area, Tempe is close to 10 stadiums. Make Tempe your home base for spring training so you can easily get to the stadiums and play a lot.

Enjoy sunny skies and plenty of outdoor activities this spring in Tempe, Arizona. Take to the water on Tempe Town Lake with a kayak or stand-up paddleboard, or explore the shops and restaurants of downtown Tempe.

Arizona Spring Training 2023

Playing at Tempe Diablo Stadium? Stay close to all the action at a nearby Tempe hotel.

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Families and Kids Alicia Griffith Bring your pet to these dog-friendly places in Tempe. Fortunately for those visiting or living in Tempe, Arizona, there are many restaurants, bars, and even malls that are dog-friendly. Below is a list of just a few of our favorites that welcome our furry friends. Families & Kids Alicia Griffith Top Sunset Spots in Tempe, AZ Is there anything better than a beautiful Arizona sunset? Maybe a few things, but a great sunset is always the cherry on top. Now that the temperature is cooler, we encourage you to check out the best places in Tempe to see the most spectacular sunsets.

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Arizona Spring Training 2023

Get an inner loop! Stay informed about the best parts of Tempe – straight to your inbox. We’ll send you a list of local offers and activities when you do. Here is the tentative Cactus League 2023 schedule, subject to additions and changes. We’ll start the posts with the main plans for the Grapefruit and Cactus League, followed by individual team plans and fact-checking along the way.

Feb 19 Feb 20 Feb 21 Feb 22 Feb 23 Feb 24 TEX at KC SEA SDFeb. 25 COL at AZ SF at CHC CLE CIN SD at CWS LAD at MIL AZ at OAK LAA at SEA KC at TEX 26 TEX at CLE MIL at COL CWS at LAA CHC at LAD SEA at KC OAK at MIL AZ at SD CIN is SFFeb. 27 CHC at AZ W.VA at AZ* CLE at CHC TEX at CIN SEA at CWS MIL at KC SF LAA COL at OAK LAD at SD 28 CWS at AZ KC at CLE CHC at MIL CIN at LAD LAA at OAK CLE at. SEA SD at SF COL at TEX. Mar 1 SEA at CHC OAK at CIN KC at COL CLE at CWS MIL at LAA TEX at SD AZ at SF LAD at TEX. March 2 OAK at CHC SF at CLE CWS at COL LAA at KC AZ at LAD TEX at MIL SD at SEAMarch 3 SEA at AZ MIL at CLE CIN at CWS LAD at LAA KC at OAK CHC at SD* COL at SF SF at TEX March 4 SD at AZ LAA at CHC KC at CIN TEX at CWS LAD at KC SF at MIL CLE at OAK COL at SEA AZ at SF March 5 AZ at CLE CHC at COL CIN at LAA CWS at LAD SEA at MIL OAK at SD KC at SF LAA at TEX.March COL at CIN* TEX at COL AZ at KC CLE at LAA SD at LAD CHC at SEAMarch 7 OAK at AZ SF at CIN MIL at CWS LAA at SD CHC at TEX.March 8 at SFMarch 9 CIN at CHC SD at CLE WBC at COL WBC at CWS WBC at KC WBC at LAA LAD at OAK WBC at SEA MIL at SF 10 C WS at CHC AZ at CIN* SF at COL SD at KC LAA at LAD CLE at MIL TEX at OAK CIN at SEA March 11 OAK at CLE SEA at COL KC at MIL AZ at LAA CHC at LAD CWS at SD LAD at SF CIN at. TEX Mar 12 COL at AZ MIL at CHC LAD at CIN LAA at CWS CLE at KC SD at OAK TEX at SEA OAK at SF 13 MIL at CIN OAK at COL SEA at LAA SF at SD AZ at TEX. Mar 14 SF at AZ COL at CHC* LAA at CLE OAK at CWS CIN at KC KC SEAM Mar 15 SF at AZ MIL at AZ* CHC at CIN* COL at LAD SEA at OAK CLE at SD* CWS at SF KC at TEX. Mar 16 AZ at CHC CWS at CLE SD at COL OAK at KC TEX at LAD LAA at MIL SF at SEA Mar 17 LAD at CHC CLE at CIN* AZ at COL CHC at CWS KC at LAA SF at OAK SEA at SD* MIL is TEX. Mar 18 CLE at AZ SEA at CLE* LAD at CWS COL at KC TEX at LAA CIN at OAK MIL at SD CHC at SF Mar 19 KC at AZ SD at CHC COL at CLE OAK at LAD CIN at MIL CWS at SEA LAA at SF SEA TEX. Mar 20 LAA on CIN* LAD on COL AZ on CWS CLE on TEX MIL on SEAM. Mar 21 LAA at AZ LAD at CLE CHC at KC OAK at LAA SF at LAD CWS at MIL COL at SD * Mar 22 SD at CIN* LAA at COL KC at CWS CHC at OAK LAD at SEA* TEX at SF CWS at TEX March 23 LAD at AZ AZ CHC SEA at CIN* SF at CWS SD at MIL KC at SD CLE at SF OAK at TEX March 24 CIN at AZ TEX at CHC CHC at CLE* SFat KC COL at MIL SD at LAA MIL at LAD CWS at OAK OAK at SEA* Mar 25 CWS at CIN* CLE at COL CHC at LAA KC at LAD MIL at OAK AZ at SEA SEA at SF SD at TEX Mar 26 KC at CHC CIN at CLE CIN at COL COL at CWS LAA at LAD (Dodger Stadium) AZ MIL at SF at OAK (Oakland Coliseum) SEA at SD KC at TEX (Globe Life Field) Mar 27 CLE at AZ* (Chase Field) CWS at CHC LAD at LAA (Angel Stadium) COL at MIL SD at SEA OAK at SF (Oracle Park) March 28 CLE at AZ (Chase Field) CWS at CHC LAD at LAA (Angel) Stadium) MIL at COLM March 29 TOMORROW March 30 REGULAR SEASON START SMART March 31 April 1

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Arizona Spring Training 2023

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The modern Cactus League is now centered in the greater Phoenix area, making it easier for fans to hit multiple ballparks on multiple days and take in two games in one day as a day-night doubleheader at two parks. Add in the Arizona State University Sun Devils’ entire schedule at Phoenix Municipal Stadium — the former spring home of the Oakland Athletics — plus games at GCU Ballpark at Grand Canyon University, and you might find yourself in a situation where you could have three or four consecutive days of day-night doubleheaders.

AZ = Arizona Diamondbacks CHC = Chicago Cubs CWS = Chicago White Sox CIN = Cincinnati Reds CLE = Cleveland Guardians COL = Colorado Rockies

Arizona Spring Training 2023

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