2023 Winter Olympic Mascot

2023 Winter Olympic Mascot – Anything related to Beijing’s 2022 Olympic mascot, Bing Dwayne Dwayne — a panda wearing an ice shell on his body — sells like crazy in China. Photo: International Olympic Committee

What happened: A star was born at the Beijing Winter Olympics. However, we are not talking about athletes. The official mascot of the Beijing 2022 Games, Bing Dwayne Dwayne — a panda wearing an ice shell with a body similar to an astronaut — has gone viral in China since the Olympic opening ceremony on Friday.

2023 Winter Olympic Mascot

2023 Winter Olympic Mascot

Online, mascot-themed items sold out immediately after the release at Tmall and JD.com official Olympic flagship stores. Offline, a 900-foot line slowly moved in front of the licensed flagship store on Beijing’s Wangfujing pedestrian street on Sunday. In fact, hundreds of people lined up for four to five hours to buy panda souvenirs. And on the local microblogging site Weibo, Bing Dwen Dwen has gathered more than 20 relevant trending hashtags in hot searches on the platform, including the hashtag #BingDwenDwen, which has so far received 2.8 billion views. – well.

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Jing Tech: Local netizens are calling on the organizers of the Games to meet this growing demand so that they can achieve their goal of “a Dwayne in every family” (another trending hashtag on Weibo). Shanxi Securities analysts estimate that total revenue from sales of Beijing Olympic-licensed products could reach $394.8 million (2.5 billion yuan) during the Games. The great popularity of the mascot undoubtedly reflects the success of the Winter Olympics in China.

2023 Winter Olympic Mascot

Additionally, Bing Dwen Dwen isn’t the only thing that’s sold out: Arc’teryx, Canada Goose and Lululemon’s opening ceremony national team down jackets have all sold out. Meanwhile, Anta, the official domestic partner of the Winter Olympics, saw a 203 percent increase in sales of its puffer coats on JD.com from Friday evening to noon. Consequently, industries and products related to winter sports are expected to benefit in the coming years. Luxury brands also do not miss this opportunity because Prada, Dior and Moncler have recently launched capsules for winter sports activities.

The development behind this adorable panda mascot is no accident. In fact, it only confirms the popularity of “meng” 萌 culture — a term for local favorites — in China. Online netizens shared that Bing Dwayne Dwayne’s beautiful aspect is the main reason for their purchase. Clearly, cuteness has become the key to marketing to local Gen Xers and millennials. Thus, luxury brands should further explore the potential of Cartoon IP collaboration in the country.

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2023 Winter Olympic Mascot

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2023 Winter Olympic Mascot

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2023 Winter Olympic Mascot

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2023 Winter Olympic Mascot

Bing Dwendwen Winter ❄️ Olympic Mascots 20cm, Hobbies & Toys, Toys & Games On Carousell

“Rather than an animal, our mascot represents an ideal,” said Tony Estanguet, president of Paris 2024. also represents the French identity and spirit.”

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In a symbol of inclusion, one of the two mascots, called Fryges (free-jays, like freeze with a “j”), wears artificial running blades to promote Paralympic athletes.

2023 Winter Olympic Mascot

Most Olympic and Paralympic mascots are animals. The organizers of Paris 2024 compared fries to Minions or The Smurfs.

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Each frigate is given a personality. Olympic Fries is “smart” with a “methodical mind and charming charm”.

2023 Winter Olympic Mascot

Friges will attend major sporting and cultural events in France prior to the Games starting on 26 July 2024.

France had its first unofficial Olympic mascot for the 1968 Grenoble Winter Games – a man on skis called Schuss.

2023 Winter Olympic Mascot

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Follow @nbcolympictalk Olympic Phrygians and Paralympic Phrygians lead a gang that is always coached 👟 what better than the little Phrygian caps to change through sport and join us at the #Paris2024 Games! pic.twitter.com/hUjFI09zZM — Paris 2024 (@Paris2024) November 14, 2022

Austrian Johannes Strollz crashed out of the World Cup slalom in Italy on Thursday night when he skied the front post of the gate going down the course.

2023 Winter Olympic Mascot

Strollz, who won the combined gold and slalom silver, made his second run in Madonna di Campiglio. He tied for sixth in the first run.

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Austrian media reported that the gates were torn 11 times by all racers due to faulty screws. Strollz said he was upset he couldn’t return, but accepted the decision based on the rules.

2023 Winter Olympic Mascot

The incident is reminiscent of a night slalom at the same venue in 2015, when Austrian superstar Marcel Hirscher was nearly hit by a falling drone on his second run en route to finishing second in the race.

Liu Xiaojun, a two-time Olympic champion weightlifter from China, tested positive for the banned blood booster EPO and was temporarily suspended pending the outcome of his case.

2023 Winter Olympic Mascot

Bing Dwen Dwen Olympic Games Mascot Plush Doll Bingdundun Doll 20cm/30cm

The 38-year-old Liu, who won gold medals in the London and Tokyo Games and silver in Rio, tested positive in the sample on October 30, according to the International Testing Agency. Lew can request a backup B sample to test.

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The lifter said in a statement that he was “very shocked” by the positive test, according to Xinhua News Agency.

2023 Winter Olympic Mascot

“During my 24-year weightlifting career, I have competed in many major competitions and tested hundreds of times without any ADRV (anti-doping rule violations),” Liu said, according to Xinhua. “I have no intention or reason to use any illegal substance or illegal method in the final stages of my beloved weightlifting career. I will cooperate with the relevant authorities for the investigation, to find out the true cause of this matter and to prove my innocence.

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“As a senior athlete, I always follow the anti-doping policies and regulations of the International Weightlifting Federation, the World Anti-Doping Agency and the China Anti-Doping Agency. I believe that the value of sport lies in fair play and strong I oppose the use of any illegal substance or illegal method and any kind of fraud, which I always determine for myself. The use of an illegal substance or illegal method is completely against my values ​​and against the anti-doping education I received.”

2023 Winter Olympic Mascot

Lue won gold in seven of 10 events from 2009 to 2021, competing in the 77 kg or 81 kg weight category. He was the most decorated weightlifter in the world in all categories at that time.

In the off years, he won silver at the 2010 world championships, led the 2015 world championships after a snatch before failing all three clean and jerk attempts, and won silver at the 2016 Rio Games further down the stretch. of Nijat Rahimov of Kazakhstan, who replaced him at the end of March. The gold medal was stripped for the urine exchange. The IOC has not yet rescheduled the medals for the 2016 Olympic Games, but it still could.

2023 Winter Olympic Mascot

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In Tokyo, he became the oldest Olympic weightlifting champion in history, according to Olympedia.org. American Harrison Morris finished fourth in the event Lew won, not becoming the first American to win an Olympic weightlifting medal since 1984. Since the Grenoble Games in 1968, every Olympic sport has had its own mascot. Mascots are fictional characters that represent the heritage of the place where the Games are taking place. Their role is to embody the spirit of the Olympic Games and educate them

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