2023 Baseball Winter Meetings

2023 Baseball Winter Meetings – Speaking to reporters last week in 2022. at the winter meetings in San Diego, California, Washington Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo reiterated what he said in October when it comes to the Nats’ needs this offseason.

“It hasn’t changed,” Rizzo explained. “We still think we’re looking to start the outfield and maybe another infielder would be nice.”

2023 Baseball Winter Meetings

2023 Baseball Winter Meetings

Rizzo and Joe in the Nats’ front office have signed two boots they believe can help, with infielder Jeimer Candelario and outfielder Stone Garrett joining the organization, but the GM says they are unlikely to graduate this winter.

Baseball Winter Meetings Set To Open With Uncertainty And Intrigue

“We’ve added some offensive players to the roster, so we’re excited to see what they can do for us,” Rizzo said, “and we don’t think we’re really done with the two additions.”

2023 Baseball Winter Meetings

“We already have some starters in our rotation,” manager Davey Martinez told reporters at the Winter Meetings last week when asked about his press availability, “…but we don’t think we have enough.

“Everything happens as the season progresses. We need that, especially if we can get another veteran that would be great. One or two.”

2023 Baseball Winter Meetings

Important Dates On The Mlb 2022 23 Offseason Calendar

Patrick Corbin, Josiah Gray, MacKenzie Gore and Cade Cavalli are expected to be in the rotation.

), but the CEO and DC head still agreed that more delivery needed to be added.

2023 Baseball Winter Meetings

“I talked to [Rizzo] about it, and as you know, I really believe going into practice and that’s what we want to do right now,” Martinez said.

Mlb 2022 2023 Offseason Calendar: Key Dates To Know

“Right now we’re looking at a lot of different options, a lot of different guys,” the manager said.

2023 Baseball Winter Meetings

“I really want a guy that we know can help us. We need a guy who can turn away 160-180 shots, and we’re looking at those guys right now.

The Nationals signed veteran shortstop Trevor Williams to a 2-year contract on Friday. Will he be in the 2023 rotation? Pull the man out of the barn? It should still help. But they still need more work, don’t they?

2023 Baseball Winter Meetings

Mlb’s Winter Meetings Return After Two Years Away

Stephen Strasburg is still rehabbing after returning from thoracic outlet syndrome surgery (

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After helping the Nats win their first World Series over the last three seasons and briefly experimenting with free agency, signing a 7-year/245 million contract. USD free agent contract, 2009 number 1 was the overall pick. has made just eight starts and thrown just 31 1⁄3 innings in the majors, and he’s still back on the mound, and the club doesn’t want to add any pressure to the now-34-year-old starter.

2023 Baseball Winter Meetings

“I know he’s in rehab right now. He moves forward. When he’s ready, and when we think he’s ready, it’s going to be a lot of fun to see him on this mound. I promise the fans that when he takes the mound, he will be at home. Once we do that, we’ll run it at home.”

Hot Stove Ignites With Return Of Mlb Winter Meetings; Cardinals Seek Their First Spark

Strasburg made one road start in Miami last season, but he had a break between starts and hasn’t pitched since.

2023 Baseball Winter Meetings

But right now, the Nationals want Strasburg healthy before they have to worry about anything other than the team or the starter.

“He has to challenge. He has to climb the mountain every five days in a row before we think he can help us. Honestly, it’s more for him than anything else,” the Nats manager said.

2023 Baseball Winter Meetings

Tigers Move Up To No. 3 Spot In 2023 Mlb Draft

“We want him to be successful no matter what — you have to remember this guy has been one of the best players in baseball for years and he’s had some injury issues.

“When he comes back, I want him to come back completely healthy. I want him to come down and help as much as he needs to get back here. I’m not saying he’s going to be what he was six, seven years ago, but Stephen Strasburg is a competitor. He will compete. And he’s really good at it.

2023 Baseball Winter Meetings

“When we get him back, it’s going to be like signing a free agent that we want to sign, and we’re all going to be happy when he’s back.”

Mlb Schedule Change To Impact Tv Ratings, Attendance And Revenue

“I think Davey filled you in the last time you talked to him,” Rizzo said when asked to update the right-hander. “He’s not doing anything over the hill yet, but he’s making strides to get to that point.”

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2023 Baseball Winter Meetings

Rizzo also emphasized that he will wait until the 2019 World Series MVP is healthy and ready to return to the mound, and he had no idea when Strasburg would return to the mound.

“We’ll be very careful with him and make sure he’s comfortable when he comes back, and until then we’ll rehabilitate him and monitor his progress.”

2023 Baseball Winter Meetings

Five Things We Learned From The Orioles’ Trip To The Winter Meetings

“He’s coming,” Martinez said. “He’s moving on. It still doesn’t shoot, but it’s definitely gaining more power. So, that’s a good sign for me.” The world of baseball descends on San Diego next week, and the 2022 winter meetings begin on Sunday.

Some of the biggest trades involving prospects have been made in previous Winter Meeting trades, and as we line up to watch this year’s action, Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo get together on the Pupeline Podcast to take a look at some of the most notable. (and for some organizations the infamous) successful deals that occurred at the winter meetings and identify the winners and losers of those deals.

2023 Baseball Winter Meetings

Here are six of the most famous Winter Meetings (or “Winter Meetings Near”) that featured the best prospects during that era and which side won them.

Mlb Winter Meetings Tracker: All The News, Rumors, Signings And Trades For 2022 Free Agency

In 1989 December 6: Cleveland acquires Sandy Alomar, Carlos Baerga and Chris James from the Padres for Joe Carter.

2023 Baseball Winter Meetings

Callis: Sandy Alomar was the best player in MLB in 1989, but he was blocked by Benito Santiago, and Baerga was considered a prospect, but he wasn’t your classic second baseman. And then RBI was king and Joe Carter was Mr. RBI. It was a huge hit, and Cleveland won the trade by getting several years of cost control and quality play from Alomar and Baerga.

Mayo: No one would look at Baerga playing second base these days, especially with all the changes, but not without him. He could certainly hit, and Alomar and Baerga were keys to the team’s postseason success in later years.

2023 Baseball Winter Meetings

Mlb Winter Meetings 2022: Dates, Storylines And Everything Else To Know About Busiest Week Of The Offseason

In 2012 December 9: The Rays acquired Wil Myers, Jake Odorizzi, Mike Montgomery and Patrick Leonard from the Royals for James Shields and Wade Davis

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Myers was the No. 3 overall prospect on the Pupeline list, but this trade was also interesting because Montgomery was our No. 31 pick in 2012 and Odorizzi was No. 47 that year.

2023 Baseball Winter Meetings

Kallis: I think the Rays have a decent package of talent, but I don’t think any of those individual guys lived up to what they thought they would, and then (Royals GM) Dayton Moore got killed in that trade. . James Shields helped the Royals win in 2014. AL pennant…and they got not only Big Game James, but Wade Davis, one of the best players in baseball and a key player in 2015. world series player. championship and two pennants.

Washington Nationals News & Updates

Mayo: I’d go Royals too. Neither of these guys was a strong player with the Rays, so I’m picking the Royals to get Big Game James.

2023 Baseball Winter Meetings

In 2015 December 9: The Braves acquired Dansby Swanson, Aaron Blair and Ender Inciarte from the D-backs for Shelby Miller and Gabe Speier.

Kallis: At that point we were all confused. But John Coppolella did a very good job in Atlanta, and I know it didn’t end well, but he did some good jobs in Atlanta that led to a World Series championship.

2023 Baseball Winter Meetings

Free Agent Frenzy Heats Up Mlb Winter Meetings

In 2016 December 6: The White Sox acquired Yoán Moncada, Michael Kopech, Luis Alexander Basabe and Victor Diaz from the Red Sox for Chris Sale

At the time, Moncada was the No. 1 prospect in baseball, marking the first time in 25 years that a No. 1 pick had been traded. The flame-throwing Kopech also made it into the Top 100 potential.

2023 Baseball Winter Meetings

Callis: I don’t think Moncada and Kopech have really turned out the way the White Sox hoped, other than flashes. So I think it’s a clear win for the Red Sox with a chance to win more, but the Red Sox do it every time.

Aaron Judge To Giants? Speculation Ramps Up At Winter Meetings

Mayo: I think you argue both ways, but the fact that the Red Sox won the World Series in 2018 and what Chris Sale did.

2023 Baseball Winter Meetings

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